Thursday, October 26, 2006

You take the good, you take the bad...

And no, that's not a plea to buy this DVD. Unless, of course you want to. =-)

This week was pretty bad in TV land.

Let's start with my favorite "America's Next Top Model." If you haven't been watching, the girl who SHOULD have won this season was booted. And mean, OLD, Tyra was the one that helped her go. It was a kick to see Fabio on the show but he's looking a little long in the tooth. (GREAT body though).
With Brooke gone, I'm throwing my support behine CariDee.

I'm still in shock about Jeffery winning over on "Project Runway" and there still are NO WORDS.

The three bright spots of the week: "Heroes" , "Veronica Mars" and "The Amazing Race!"
"Heroes" keeps getting better and I'm telling everyone I know to watch this show. Hiro is my favorite character and Claire aka cheerleader lass aka OMG, she healed from THAT???!!

The writing is crisp, cool and fantastic. They need to up the ante on the special effects though.

As far as VM, I think I need to write a note to Rob Thomas.

Dear Rob,
I am one of Veronica's biggest fans. Could you bring my show all the way back please and not give me glimmers here and there? Tuesday's episode was closer to the Veronica I know and love. Last week's episode I'm going to put under the "one bad episode per season" file. You've used up your bad episode early but that's OK. The rest HAVE to be good.


P.S. More Wallace. More Weevil (but keep him away from the crafts table because boyfriend is F-A-T but still kinda sexy). More Mac. Less LoVe and Less MOTW. More progress on the rape mystery is needed.


And the Amazing Race got sooo good in the last five minutes. THANK GOD Sarah dumped Peter!!!!

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