Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is it fall yet?

I don't know about the rest of you, but these last few weeks have been pretty busy for me. But I'm back.
The summer TV season has been D-U-L-L. I thought I'd like "Big Brother 8" but it's not been as entertaining as I thought.

I've dumped "Saving Grace," and said goodbye to "Rescue Me." I've been letting my Netflix work for me for now. But I've caught up with some great shows that I've missed over the past season.

Right now, I'm into "Weeds" but I'm a season behind because I can't afford Showtime. It's OK because it's better to watch it on Netflix because you can whiz through the episodes pretty quickly.

Today, I got my hands on "Ugly Betty" season one, the "Bettyfied" edition. I cannot WAIT until this show comes back.

CBS also unveiled the new constants for "Survivor: China". Can you believe this is the 15th edition of this show already??

Well, I'm off to another crappy night of TV viewing....