Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Secrets of Isis

Last week, I bought a DVD for my birthday which brought back lots of good childhood memories. But then when you watching thing through adult eyes, it tends to be funny.

After a horrible Comic-Con experience, I took a few episodes of "Isis" and called it a day. The show is hysterically bad but I still love it. it takes me back to when I was an 8 year old and shouting out "Oh zephyr winds which blow on high, lift me now, so I can fly". Nothing ever happened although my sister and I conjured up a breeze once, that's about it.

The things I noticed about the show: To save money, they used the same scenes of Andrea changing into Isis over and over again. In episode, they obviously used an actor to portray a gorilla. Why? Because you could see his eyes through the mask. Sometimes Isis needed to do her chant to fly, other times, she just took off. Miss Thomas seemed to have two skirts (blue jean and khaki) and one pair of brown shoes. The kids never seemed to have parents because Cindy Lee was always at school and would sometimes even call the teachers by their first names. I also never seemed to be clear on what Isis and her powers were. She could stop time, had super strength and could run really fast. Othertimes she could control the forces of nature. Whatever she did, it was blast going down memory lane.