Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catching up with "Project Runway"

Some dresses just have winner all over them. For me this is not it but the judges from "Project Runway' disagree. Photo by

I've been way too busy the last two weeks so unfortunately, I've haven't had time to blog about "Project Runway" but now I'm all caught up.

Tonight's challenge was to be inspired by New York City and the winning designer turned in the dress above. It just screams old lady and Florida to me but I guess it's just me.

Some dresses have been stronger like this one from Episode 1.

Or this one from episode two.

The talent is pretty strong this season. Some stand outs are Kenley who dresses as if she's straight out of the '50s. Suede who refers to himself in third person and says he's bisexual. (In my house, we both agree, it's totally gay. Blayne is trying to be Christian last season but doesn't have the fierceness. I'm keeping my eye out on Daniel because he's got the talent and the class to win this thing.