Sunday, August 31, 2008

Has "Dancing With the Stars" jumped the shark?

Ted McGinley is one of the "stars" that will be featured this season. Photo by

A disclaimer: I've never seen a single episode of this show. That being said, I might have to watch this season. Seriously. I want to see how far down the D-list this show can go.

Personally, I think it's finally jumped the shark with the inclusion of Ted McGinely. If you don't know who he is, trust me, you've seen him repeatedly. For some reason, this man has made a career of joining shows that are on their last legs and I think this show might be on it.

This season's "stars" include: Lance Bass (who I used to like but now, not so much), Kim Kardashian (who is famous for no reason except for a skanky sex tape with Brandy's brother) and Cloris Leachman who I was shocked to find was still alive. (Any guess on whether Mary Tyler Moore or Valarie Harper might be on next season?) And of course, my fave: Susan Lucci. I was so wondering why Toni Braxton was on the list since she has a well-known heart disease problem. If she keels over, would that make good TV? I don't know???
I also have issue of WHY Lance is with a female partner. He's gay people! Couldn't America handle seeing him dance with a dude? I think so. Plus it's a DANCE competition! I'm surprised that GLAAD hasn't jumped all over this one.

Keeping an eye on Gustav

Gustav is going to be bad unless a miracle happens. Video by

This week, my life got thrown for a loop again as changes were announced at my day job. I'm wondering when this is going to end so I can go back to life as I know it and I'm also wondering how much longer can I continue. That being said, depending on what happens, this blog *might* have to go on hiatus. (I pray not, but we'll see). Meanwhile, I'll continue as long as I can.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are you ready to move into "90210"?

The cast of "90210" is ready for you. But the question is? Are we ready for them?
Photo by the

I'm going to admit it. I'm going to check into "90210." After all they've been bombarding us with commericials for weeks now. Curiously, they haven't sent out tapes to TV critics which makes me nervous because that says to me that the show either a) stinks or b) stinks.

However, I thought the first show a) stank and b) stank but there was a trainwreck-y quality about it. Plus add the back stage drama of Shannen Doherty and that made me watch more. Both Shannen and Jennie Garth are cameo-ing in this version but alas, Tori Spelling is not.

The new premise has a new family moving in and trying to fit in with the Snobs of Beverly Hills and because this is the 2008, they have a black adoptive son. While I find this wrinkle interesting, couldn't they have, oh, I don't know, a sucessful black family LIVE in Beverly Hills? Black people along with Asians and Latinos DO have rich people in their race so it wouldn't have been so much of a stretch.

Of course it would have been cliched to have the black family a) a rapper's family, b) a former athlete's family c) an actor's family so I guess this is the best they could do.

I also think the CW is making a BIIIG mistake by not putting this show immediately after "Gossip Girl" because it's the SAME audience. (Which if you're not watching GG you are sooooo two years ago.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's time for the "Amazing Race"!!!!

Can Anita and Arthur survive "The Amazing Race"? We'll see. Photo by

Toda the cast of the latest installment of "The Amazing Race" was revealed. On first glance, this looks to be a good crew. I'm so glad CBS didn't give up on this show. For me, it's like traveling but in the comfort of your own home.

The race is grueling and stressful and I'm always amazed at the people who do this. My partner (and soon to be husband) tried out with our nephew last year but alas, no call back.

My partner would be great at it because he's good at solving problems and has an analytical mind. I wouldn't be because I tend to fall apart at stress and have to much of a fear gene.

But trust me when I say, I won't miss an episode!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

War is hell...

Thank you Kathy Griffin for lifting the spirits of our brave men and women in the military. Photo by

This week, "My Life on the D-List" took a serous turn as Kathy took time out of her quest for the A-list to bring a little joy to our injured men and women.

Think what you will about Kathy, at least she took the time to care. That's more than a lot of celebrities do living their lives. I was shocked to learn, however, the length of time the men and women have to spend at the hospital. Can you imagine having a body part blown off and having to spend days, weeks and even months in the hospital while the rest of America is at Starbucks having a latte?

I'm not a flag waver but I am so proud of America and how these people put themselves on the line so I don't have to worry about being bombed at Ralphs or having to wake up to screams as my village is being decimated by enemy soldiers.

I know a few people in the military including Mr. Wong and I have to say the next time I see him, I'm just going to hug him and thank him for all he's done for me and for our country.

But back to "MLOTDL," Kathy spend the day at Walter Reed Hospital and while the hospital has had it's share of problems the side we saw were people being well care for and being nurtured back to health.

My heart broke when one guy who had both of his lower limbs blown off after decades in the military said he had a bad day the day before the visit and didn't sleep well because he had phantom pains in his limbs.

You could tell that Kathy was barely keeping to together and finally broke down out of sight of the guys. I think it's at this moment we've seen her at her most human. Most people see KG as this shrill attention starved harpy but for me, I saw her fighting to give the residents of Walter Reed at least one good day.

It's Bravo so "MLOTDL" will repeat so catch this one if you can.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do NOT try this at home

This made the arteries to my heart hurt. Paula Deen should be stopped.

Worst. Elimination. Ever.

Kelly. I can't believe they chose you to leave the runway. Photo by

I'm beginning to question if the folks at "Project Runway" are making the right decisions. Tonight they sent one of the best designers home because they questioned her taste.

This week's challenge design an outfit for Brooke Shield's character on "Lipstick Jungle." The designers had to pair off and Jerele and Stella IMHO had the best design of the evening. But where did they finish? Second.

And is it me or is Michael Koors being extra bitchy with a side of tool? No. Discuss.

Next week: Drag queens!

Y'all not going to believe this one....

Isis is a contestant on Cycle 11 of "America's Next Top Model." Photo by

Us Weekly revealed that one of the contestants in this season of "ANTM" is transgender. I honestly don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, I'm glad Tyra is giving people an opportunity to model but on the other, I wonder if this will open doors for others really, or will this be just "great TV."

America, while progressing, still isn't the great melting pot that it claims to be and I wonder if this poor girl's dreams will be crushed on national TV just for the sake of good TV.

I don't know but it's another reason to watch.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where's Vic?.... coming soon to my TV

My friend Jump the Snark has been after me to watch this show. I tried and couldn't get into it. Of course, now that we're about to hit the final season on Sept. 2. I'm interested. Everyone I know who watches the show raves on it. Of course, I'm going to give it a try and if I like it, I know he probably owns every season so I can catch up that way. With the day job getting more demanding and the second job to start any second, my time is going to be limited but I will give it a shot because a) I trust him and b) it looks like great TV

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hear that?

That sound is me sqeeeing over the addition of "The Whit Shadow" to

I used to love watching this show on Monday nights. I even thought I could play basketball for a time. What's also interesting about this show is that Kevin Hooks and Thomas Carter are now some of the most sought out directors on TV shows today.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Really Rick Sanchez?

Some people, love him, others hate him. Me? I'm on the fence. Photo from

On the weekends, I usually have CNN on in the background but lately, one journalist has had me sitting up and taking notice: No, it's not Anderson Cooper but it's Rick Sanchez. He's brash and some may find him boorish but I like his style.

He's been running these reports called the League of First Time Voters which he talks to people who are just deciding to vote for the first time. Today he had journalists from the Unity 08 convention (unfortunatly we have NO idea who these people were or how they were selected) and they pretty much said next to nothing about how they were voting or why they were voting.

Oh and if you're interested, Sanchez is on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (for real!)

Another legend gone: Issac Hayes is dead

It makes me sad to annouce that Issac Hayes, (Shaft, Chef) is gone. Cycle images.

Today the second job kept me pretty busy and so I didn't have time today to really watch the news. I had the Olympics on in the background and so imagine my shock when I heard that Issac Hayes had died.

The irony, Bernie Mac and Issac had JUST finished this movie which is scheduled to be released later on this year.

Again, both will be missed.

America: Bernie Mac is dead

Gone too soon. Photo by Getty images.

Saturday brought some sad news. Bernie Mac died at the 50 years old! I wasn't a fan but loved the first couple of seasons of "The Bernie Mac Show." I loved the way he addressed the camera with "America, blah, blah blah...." and it was so entertaining.

The show used to be in syndication and I caught a few episodes but it was never appointment TV. He's going to live a hole that can never be filled.

Going for the Gold!

I love the Olympics. I could care less about the sports but to see the best competing in different events excites me. Screen shots from

The Olympics started on Friday and we sat and watched the Opening Ceremonies with our jaws hanging open. It was simply one of the most amazing sights we've ever seen. From synchronized drummers, to people floating through the air to people lighting up and dancers forming characters on one of the largest pieces of papers known to man.

It was amazing, breathtaking and awe-inspiring all at the same time it wasn't until the Parade of Athletes until I became bored. History is going to show that this probably was one of the best opening ceremonies ever.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Close but no cigar

Jennifer (right) was a sweet girl but a horrible designer. Photo by

While this season doesn't have it's personalities it's been very entertaining. Tonight, the gang had to design a uniform to be worn during the Olympic opening ceremonies. (Hmm, the Olympics start Friday on NBC and Bravo is owned by NBC Universal.. coincidence? I think not).

While some people nailed it such as Karto and Terri others missed the mark. I felt bad for Joe because while his skort set was cute, he was outclassed.

Jerelle, Daniel and Jennifer were all horrible. And Jennifer was Auf'd after her sweater set didn't make the cut.

Anderson Cooper hates "Living Lohan"

If you didn't like Anderson Cooper before, you'll love him after this clip.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

She's back.... almost

I saw this in Entertainment Weekly and knew I had to post this.
Photo from

I am counting down the days until we see Cycle 11 of "America's Next Top Model!"

You're going to be disappointed in me...

but I love New York!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What ever happened to the sitcom?

George and Weezy, thankfully, TV Land allows me to catch up to you whenever I want. Photo by

Today I was talking on the phone to my sister and she was distracted. When I asked why, she told me that she was watching "The Jeffersons" on TV Land and it was an episode she hadn't seen before where Weezy is taken to a male strip-club and George and Tom decided to jump on the stage and take off their clothes.

I asked her how is that possible she hadn't seen it because "The Jeffersons" was MUST see TV at our house on Sunday nights. She replied it must have been when she moved to New Jersey and was working nights.

We started remembering how our father when he was alive (He died three years ago this month) would laugh hysterically at George Jefferson and his antics.

I asked her did she remember the Sunday night line up and she rattled it off like it was nothing "60 Minutes." "All in the Family," "One Day at a Time," "Alice," "The Jeffersons." and we'd turn the TV off when "Trapper John M.D." would come on.

This got me to thinking about how many sitcoms I watch and the answer is 0. Nada. El Zippo. Nothing.

The last time I remember watching sitcoms with regularity was in the '80s with "The Cosby Show" and "A Different World" (That show is special because the kids on that show were at a HBC (Historically Black College) the same time I was and so it was like we all went to college at the same time.

I also remember watching "Will & Grace" frequently during the first couple of seasons and then it got stupid and boring. Although, I did come back during the final season and even attended a taping of the show.

Now they have Monday night comedies on CBS and I have to say NONE appeal to me. ABC has a few but they do nothing for me either.

I'm a bit sad about this because I like to laugh and nothing strikes me as funny. I tried a few episodes of "The Office" that didn't do it for me after a few episodes. It's like you've seen one, you've seen them all.

Some would argue that "Desperate Housewives" is a comedy but to me it's a drama with comedic elements which isn't the same thing.

Are there any really "good" comedies that I'm missing?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I normally don't do this....

Oh Arthel, you are the best thing on Fox 5 in San Diego. I hope they are paying you for the trainwreck that was the first day. Photo from

I normally don't blog about our local broadcasts in case I might someday find a national audience, but yesterday was the first day of our new Fox 5 here in San Diego. I taped all three news broadcasts because they were promo-ing them for weeks.

To say it was bad would be an understatement. It was horrible from beginning to end. I don't pretend to understand the goings-on in broadcasting but one would assume they would have the kinks in their newsbroadcast worked out before going on air.

The 6 a.m. broadcast was worse as they kept showing the wrong tape and the tapes kept freezing. The reporting staff is horrible. It looks as if they raided and got the worst talent from all the other TV stations with the exception of Perette Godwin who looked polished.

There was this one reporter who screams gay, gay, gay and looks as if he just wandered away from Flicks/Rich's/Numbers to report the news. I was howling when he kept saying "anyways, don't this make me look tough" as he was standing by a dune buggy.

He looked as if he came straight out of J-school last week and was probably one of those kids who thought he'd look good on TV and that's why he's in it.

And whomever is dressing Chrissy Russo needs do layoff the nightclub wear. I want the weather, not to be distracted by her shinny go-go boots.

The 10 p.m. broadcast was worse. Kathleen Bade, who's a pro, was awful and Kendis Gibson (formerly of CNN and now I understand why) had NO chemistry whatsoever.

I'm disappointed because I thought Kendis was better than this. After 40 minutes of this, I couldn't stand it.
The first 40 minutes of the 5 a.m. broadcast had NO sound. And the broadcast looked squished. Arthel looked professional and appeared to be trying to save the show but it was too late.

I'm going to give it a few more tries but I might drop it like a hot potato soon.