Sunday, August 10, 2008

Really Rick Sanchez?

Some people, love him, others hate him. Me? I'm on the fence. Photo from

On the weekends, I usually have CNN on in the background but lately, one journalist has had me sitting up and taking notice: No, it's not Anderson Cooper but it's Rick Sanchez. He's brash and some may find him boorish but I like his style.

He's been running these reports called the League of First Time Voters which he talks to people who are just deciding to vote for the first time. Today he had journalists from the Unity 08 convention (unfortunatly we have NO idea who these people were or how they were selected) and they pretty much said next to nothing about how they were voting or why they were voting.

Oh and if you're interested, Sanchez is on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (for real!)

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Jumpthesnark said...

Sanchez used to be on this terrible hysterical station in Miami. I hate him forever because of the bombastic self-important BS I used to watch him spew.