Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They are back: "Lost" returns

Jack and the crew are back. Let's hope the magic is back with them.

I had given up on this show. It was boring. The formula was tired and I was ready to give up. Then I tuned in to the season finale and was blown. A-WAY!

Kate and Jack get off the island! More people follow! Jack's a mess and Kate actually looks good with makeup! This alone makes me want more. Tonight we get the "enhanced" version of the finale with the premiere of Season 4 tomorrow.

I'll be watching: for now.

Is it time for Hollywood week yet?

Lordy, Why do we keeping hearing one sad song after another? This one is a single-mom who wants to do better.

Last night "AI" viewers were in Omaha and tonight we were in Miami. Me, I was in hell.

One bad audition after another filled my screen. I cannot wait until some of this deadweight gets dropped. All of this screeching needs to STOP. NOW!!!