Friday, November 30, 2007

The plan to save "Journeyman"

Here's looking at you McKidd. I hope we'll see you after the strike. Photo by

On another message board, my secret identity is SDpaperboy. I've been on a one man crusade to get people to save this show. So here's the plan: Monday night, 10 p.m. download the last episode aired called "Blowback" on Itunes. It'll cost you $1.99 but it's worth it.

Get your friends to do the same and then get them to watch on Dec. 10 so we can see those numbers rise!

He dug his own grave: Survivor the recap

In the words of Florida Evans "Damn, Damn, DAYUM! Photo by

OK. Confession time: I haven't recapped "Survivor" in a while because I got bored and it had gotten lame. But after last night's surprise boot, it's suddenly veerrry interesting!

I have to admit, I had hoped that James the gravedigger, would go farther along in the game than this. One, because I thought he was a cool dude and two, I had him in my company's office pool!

Boyfriend got PLAYED y'all. Amanda the pixelated booty shaker came up with the plan to blindside him by voting him out. But first, Pee Gee, some dude I can't and don't care about and Denise the lunch lady all got to go to a Chinese temple and eat, rest and watch Kung Fu. Denise hauled out her moves and, and, (yeah, I'm going to say it) everybody was Kung Fu fighting! (Well, not really but they were showing off their moves).

Back at camp James, Todd, Amanda and Courtney were all thrilled saying that in a few days it could be them in the Final Four. Amanda, though, said she had to shake up the game and came up with the perfect plan to get James out.

And just like that, James, after losing immunity, got played. He had TWO hidden immunity idols and decided not to play them and he was voted out. You could see in his face before the voting that he was tempted to play one of them but trusted his teammates, thereby ignorning the cardinal rule of "Survivor" Don't TRUST ANYBODY.

(Sigh) there goes my $200.

Episode grade: B+