Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's sew time!: Project Runway the recap

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Dear Heidi, Tim, Nina and Michael.
I've missed you.
Heidi, I've missed your attempts and trying to be funny and those weird looks you give the dresses that come shimming down the runway. Tim, I've missed your class, your style your, um, what's that? You have a show on Bravo? Hmm. I watched it but tried to pretend it didn't happen. Since you're claiming it, I'm going to repress this conversation.
Where was I, oh yeah, oh Nina. There's something we need to say to you Nina: You're a bitch. There. We've said it. We still love you. And Michael you need to know two things: Old queens are NOT funny and stay away from the spray-on tans. Orange is NOT your color.

That being said: The show is back people!

Here's who I love: Chris, Ricky, and Rami are all just adorable. Chris, Rami needs to put you on a diet quickly. I know you're thinking "This ain't Survivor, it's a sewing/design contest but if you can't run 500 feet to get some cloth, there's a problem.

Steven and Christian are battling to be this season's byotch. Although we as viewers should just raise some money to give Christian so he can have the operation because he's all woman.

Elisa, Sweet P (So not kidding here) and Kit are all trying on the "Strange but true garb."

And then there's the beefcake factor of Jack who's going to drop this bombshell : SPOILER ALERT: He's HIV+. Although I suspect someone in the editing department is in love with him because why in the world would they show him in tighty-greenie underwear unless they wanted us to see that he's got a hot bod.

There's some other folks in the contest but none of them made an impression on me yet.

The first challenge was to make a garment that defines you as a designer and our homeboy Ricky did this cute Babydoll dress
which I thought wasn't bad but Nina wasn't thrilled with it. In the end though it came down to this hideous dress from Simone and the other from Elisa and Simone was given the boot.

Episode grade: B+