Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol: The San Diego and Charleston auditions

Bad fashions, a bad attitude and bad singing made for an awful edition of "American Idol." Photo by

There are no words as to how bad this was. We saw one performance after another. Very few good performances. And there were a couple of people who were good who didn't make it. Lord, why?? And what was up with them showing very few people from San Diego.

And as a native South Carolinian, I was embarrassed for Charleston. One tacky person after another. And this one dude with the red pants was just hor-ri-ble and tacky.

Check back on Sunday afternoons....

Hey everyone
You'll notice that the ol' blog has slowed down tremendously. Part of that is due to the old writers' strike and part of this is because I've been incredibly busy imparting knowledge to the next generation of young writers.

That being said, I've become remiss in my old TV blog duties. So I'm still blogging but not every day anymore and I'm moving back to Sunday afternoons where I'll give you my recaps of the week in TV viewing.

I thank you in advance for your patience in this and know that even though I'm not writing, I am watching!