Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The boys are back: "nip/tuck" the recap

photo from Orlando Sentinel.com

"Tell me what you don't like about yourself."

And that's the signature line of this gem of a show "nip/tuck' and after umpteen months away it's back! Last season, our boys Christian and Sean moved from Miami to Los Angeles. So far, they've hooked up with a publicist whose's a shark and she's landed them a hot new gig on a show called "Hearts & Scapels"

Christian is still up to his old tricks of being a ladies' man and Sean's still the moral compass of this show, but at the end of the episode, it looks as if the compass is off center.

Episode grade: A+

All you need to do to lose weight is to eat right, exercise and shut up and listen to me: "The Biggest Loser" recap

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The aftermath of Neil's decision to waterload before the last weigh-in made the TBL camp a not so fun place to be. Everyone pretty much snubbed Neil but the direction of the game got changed a bit when Bryan, Ryan and Nicole all got a vote.

In the end, the cowboy David was sent packing. It's not a surprise because we knew early on by the face time he was getting that it was going to come down between him and Kae. (Note to the editors of reality shows, let's NOT telegraph what's going to happen.)

Episode grade: A+

Don't forget to watch!

Screencap from "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"

It's the great pumpkin everyone! Well SOME of it anyway.

If you have kids, share this with them. If not, watch it by yourself! Whatever the case, enjoy!

Tonight at 8 on your local ABC station!

Help! My show is broken!:" Heroes": the recap

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OK, I'm calling it: "Heroes" has jump the shark. Not even Kristen Bell can save it and she's a good actress! I was soo bored at Hiro's, Peter's and Claire's storylines that it wasn't even funny.

I'd write a recap but I can sum it up in bor-ring. The big reveal at the end about a virus wiping out New York screams legacy virus. and Marvel Comics did that years ago.

The big reveals from last night: Claire makes the cheerleading squad after she and West cares the bejubus out of some actress that was totally trying to rip off the head cheerleader from this movie.

"Nikki" teams up with Mohinder to look for new mutants. I put "Nikki" in quotes because I suspect it's actually Jessica and that the Company brought the Jessica personality back.

Monica gets a shiny new Ipod from Bob full of abilities she can copy while in Ireland, Peter and his new girlfriend (I wish I could care enough to remember her name) go over to Canada to find a room full of stuff.

Maya activates her Wonder Twin power to get Sylar, Alejandro and herself across the border much to the deaths of some Minute Men. (I'm guessing New York is hit by a Maya/Legacy Virus combo)

And badass H.R.G is back!

Episode grade: C-

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bossy women run this street

photo from ABC.com

Best episode of the season! This episode was the perfect storm of funny, sad, serious and side-splitting.

Loved that Bob and Lee are fitting into the neighborhood. We start out with Bob and Lee's new (hideous) fountain proving the wrath of the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Bree sums it up best with this quote "With all the gay men in the world, we get the two with no taste." But not to be outdone Mrs. McClusky asks Bree to talk to the gays with this line.

"Bree you should go talk to them you can relate to them. You had a son that came flying out of the closet and a husband that was looking for a doorknob."

We also had Bob telling an old neighbor "If you ever want to talk fashion, we're here for you."

Each of the ladies had her hands full as Bree had to deal with the ramifications of Danielle fleeing the convent, Lynette trying to save her kids' treehouse, Susan dealing with Bob and Lee's fountain and Gaby trying to juggle an affair with Carlos.

The best scene in the whole episode is when Lynette and Katherine campaigning for the office of the neighborhood association.

Episode: A

What the hell is going on here?: "Heroes" the very late recap

Photo from NBC.com

Because of the fires in San Diego, a lot of the regular programming was pre-empted because of the fire coverage. As a result, a lot of the shows were aired over the weekend. That being said, here's a quick and dirty "Heroes" recap.

When we last left off poor Molly was trapped in her nightmares and Matt and Mohinder were both lost about what to do. Molly before she conked out tracked down Matt's dad who apparently had connections to the old heroes. Matt hooks up with Nathan and they fly to Philadelphia to confront him. It turns out that Matt's dad is a louse and he's the one stalking the old heroes. We also learn he has abilities similar to this DC Comics character.
We also see that his dad his headed to get Bob who runs The Company.

We also learn that the Company has sent an agent to find Peter (Kristen Bell) and she's willing to kill to get answers. Unfortunately her first victim is the guy who owns the pub where Peter's been hiding. Peter and his new girlfriend are hiding out in an apartment and Peter accidentally taps into Issac's powers to paint where he should go next. (So I guess Peter "permanently" retains powers.)

In New Orleans, Micah helps Monica get in touch with her "copycat" powers. She apparently can do anything she sees, like muscle memory. Micah shows her a comic book that Issac did (He must have done a bunch before his death) and shows her a character called St. Joan (two guess who this is going to really turn out to be.)

In Japan, Ando gets help deciphering Hiro's writing and we see them prepare for the battle of "The White Beard." (YAWN!)

The episode ends with Mohinder showing up at Monica's door saying he needs to help her and Ellie ordered home by her Daddy.

Episode grade: B.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"I like blowing" : "Ugly Betty," the recap

Photo from ABC.com

It's the end of baseball season but "Ugly Betty" keeps hitting home runs! This week's theme: affairs of the heart.

Betty is still reeling from the shattering news that Henry's going to be a daddy. Hilda and Justin try very different ways to heal their broken hearts. Claire tries to see if there's room in Bradford's heart for her while Marc finds "like" in an unexpected place and in an unexpected package. And Christina's old issues come back to bite her.

We start off with Betty and Henry trying to avoid each other and trying to move on. After Christina tells Betty that it's time for her to move on, she dips her toe into the Internet dating pool. She goes out with a man on a bowling date and basically talks him into boredom and he ditches her as fast as he can. Henry gets wind of Betty's date, follows her to the bowling ally and swoops in to save the date. They finally, finally, FINALLY decide get together.

At Casa de Suarez, Hilda is hanging out with the Golden Girl rejects while Justin is hanging out with rough-crowd wannabees.

The both realize the need to get out their grief and move on.

At the Meade household, Willie tires to play "It's a Wonderful Christmas" much to the dismay of the whole family. Claire sees them out side and realizes that they are a family and she and Yoga head off to Italy.

At Mode, Marc meets a portly photographer and realizes that there's some there, there. And to make this episode the best it can be we end with lovebirds Betty and Henry deciding to take the plunge. Yay!!

Episode grade: A


Trust me. You'll want to click on this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm done: The last Bionic Woman recap (until it gets better)

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I wanted to like this show. The pilot was OK. The second episode sucked. The third episode was GREAT. The last episode not so good. This one just mediocre. So mediocre that I don't even want to recap it.

That being said, if it gets better I'll let you know.

Episode grade: Who cares?

The girl who wanted to be a model and then didn't: "America's Next Top Model" the recap

Photo: The CW


Not since Tyra went crazy and screamed at a model since there has been an episode this good.

The episode started when this male model stopped by and made the girls go all into a tizzy.

Then a challenge for this organization resulted in Heather being the winner and getting to meet Mary J. Blige.

We then had the ladies doing a shoot for recyling. Saleisha came out on top.

And then we had Ambreal (nOOOOOO) in the bottom two along with Ebony. And sadly Ambreal was chosen to go home (NOOOOOOOOO!!!)

And then Ebony blurts out: "I don't want to be here." Tyra looks stunned and tells her not to let the door hit her on the way out.

Ambreal is spared and ding-dong the witch is gone!

Episode grade: A+

You'll notice something different about this week's blogs....

Because of the nonstop fire coverage, I haven't seen a LOT of my favorite shows for the past few days. Since a lot of them are on NBC, they'll be re-aired over the weekend. I hope to have my thoughts then.

Stay tuned.

And PRAY for us!!

It's baaack!!!: The Amazing Race!!

photo by CBS.com

When the fall schedule was announced a few months ago, I was worried about "The Amazing Race" being left behind. I shouldn't have worried. A show this good will surface eventually.

It'll be in its usual time slot of Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS And if you've never watched, I URGE you to watch it. Seriously.

This season we have married lesbian ministers (GO girls, I mean women!), dating Goths (with pink shirts and hair!) and of course the run of the mill atheltic people. And young folks bonding with old people.

I cannot WAIT!

A word about the fires..

If you read my profile, you'll notice that I'm in San Diego.

It's pretty bad here folks. Ash and soot is everywhere. In the media locally it's been nonstop fire coverage. My heart breaks and goes out to the folks that are discovering via TV that their homes are gone. And to my colleague in the media Larry Himmel, I feel awful for you and have mad respect that you were able to do this. I wouldn't have been able to.

Even though I'm so in love with my TV set I'd like to run away with it forever, I'm not missing my favorite shows. Sure I'd like to see Tyra and Oprah and the rest but now with today's technology I can watch them later when I'm in a better place.

Plus you can to www.cbs.com; www.abc.com; www.cwtv.com and www.nbc.com to see the shows you missed.

Personally, I'm not directly affected by the fires because I'm lucky enough to live in the central area of the city. But it's sad when I see the people get to what's left of their homes. A few colleagues of mine were evacuated and some have gone back home now but what about the rest of the people in San Diego.

After this is over, we'll be seeing tons of stories about the cleanups, the startovers, the leftovers etc. The sad thing is, is that we went through this four years ago about this time.

This time, we appear to be better organized but it still is all so very sad.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A long time ago, we used to be friends: Veronica Mars Season 3

image from Amazon.com

And now it's over. I'll let you in on a secret. I still go to the CW on Tuesday nights at 9 hoping, praying I can see the show. But alas, it's not there.

The main reason to BUY the disc is not only the great episodes of this little show that should STILL be on air is seeing "Veronica Mars: FBI." Even though Kristen Bell has moved on to bigger but not necessarily better things, I hope the rumored movie will still happen. We need closure!

Did Keith win the election? Where's Wallace? Where's Mac? Where's Weevil?

And after you watch the "VM:FBI" you'll want to know more about the new cast that was introduced.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

She's a big girl now!: Gossip Girl: The recap

Photo by The CW

I've been a little behind in blogging this show. While I'm trying to give the "Bionic Woman" every possible chance to get better, the truth is, is that it isn't.

That being said, I think my Wednesday nights will belong to the CW. The truth is, I can't WAIT days later to see and blog the show. That being said, here's the recap.

This week was all about Jenny and her quest to get into Blair's good graces during a sleepover. Meanwhile Serena and Dan finally have their first date.

Jenny learns the hard way that the even though the grass appears to be greener that it was not so bad where she was. Blair drags the gang to rescue Eric who's been forced to stay at the Ostroff center and then they go clubbing. Blair makes out with an older man and then steals his phone and Jenny calls the man's fiance to let him know that he's making out with underaged girls.

Serena and Dan have a pretty pitiful date until Serena pipes up that she wanted to date Dan and not the date that Dan thinks she should have. Back at the slumber party, Blair gets Jenny in trouble with police but Jenny manages to wiggle out of it.

And Serena and Dan finally KISS! Yay!

Episode grade: A

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Even if I cared, I'm just not physically able to express sympathy: "Ugly Betty' The recap

Photo from ABC.com

I love Wilhemina Slater! I love her so much that I want to be her understudy for life.

Last night we got another spot-on, hold your sides laughing episode of "Ugly Betty."

Once again it was full of gems such as Amanda telling Alexis "Friends don't let friends wear glitter before noon. To the ladies room. NOW!"

And from Mark "I love the smell of fresh Prada in the morning..."

But my favorite of the evening.."I transformed from Wanda the assistant to Wilhemina Slater, supermodel."

This week we had Betty take a creative writing class where she had the professor from hell. (Guest star: Victor Garber). He browbeats the class and labels Betty "Clappy" after she expresses enthusiam for a classmate's paper. At home she tells Papa Suarez that she needs to be good. "Not like Jordin Sparks good but more like Kelly Clarkson good." Justin shows up trying to be badass by wearing a leather jacket and drinking milk from a carton. He wants to be more like his dad. I'll continue Justin's storyline right now because I want the producers to stop this immediately. Justin's failing algerbra and drinking beer and bringing home girls (!)

I know he's a kid and everything but let's keep him gay and not go through this "I'm confused about my sexuality thing and want to be more of a man like my dad." It's not funny and you can tell the actor himself looks BO-RED. I want my Hermes loving Justin back immediately!

At Mode, Alexis shows up to work looking like a hot mess, not wearing a bra and wearing entirely too much makeup. After a few adjustments, she's off to her first meeting and proposes the idea of using Anna Nicole Smith on the cover. (Uh-oh Shaggy!)

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is ready for her new position running Meade Publications and realizes that the other magazines suck and her heart is at Mode. She then launches the clever idea that if she can't have Mode no one else can.

Daniel has to deal with a client who's a homophobe (James Van Der Beek) and doesn't want his work associated with Alex. Daniel tells him to take a hike and Wilhelmina gets the idea of having her own fashion magazine.

Amanda is in Fay's secret lair and tries to find out info on her dad. She learns that Willie used to be her mom's assistant and was an Afro-wearing doudy woman who's had botox and lots of surgery. Yep, she was an "Ugly Willie." Amanda begs to find out who her dad was and Willie tells her that she was conceived during a wild party at Studio 54 and that her dad had a tattoo on his butt of Tweety bird.

Betty meanwhile is dealing with the ramifications of lying during her class. She inadvertantly read someone else's paper as her own and her teacher loved it so much he sent it to the New Yorker. She goes over to interview there and the interviewer tells her that she's carrying a boy. Back at Mode, Betty's confronted by the real author and Daniel steps in to save the day. He explains it as a mix up and saves Betty's bacon. (Nice to know that plagarism can be bought away with a few dollars).

Betty tells Daniel that she's sorry and that she values his opinion. Daniel says that he's a nobody and to do what she feels is best. This leads him to confess to Alexis that he was the cause of the accident and she forgives him.

At home, we see Henry waiting for Betty and he tells him that Justin is out of control. He also reveals inadvertantly that he IS the father of Charlie's baby and Betty tells him to leave.

Betty then faces her class and reads her real paper, much to her professor's dismay.

Episode grade: A+

Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Hi, Jamie, boy you look great! How's Becca?": Bionic Woman: The recap

photo by NBC.com

Katee Sackoff is making this show worth watching. The plots and the main actress, Michelle Ryan, however, is not.

After last week's spectacular episode this one fell flatter than the landscape in Kansas. Long dull stretches, a plot no one cared about, lame acting all filled the hour.

With the exception of Katee who chewed the scenery everytime she showed up. It would be a much more interesting show if she was a series regular. The big reveal is that Jamie can be beaten and hurt. And that she only has five years before her bionic parts fail. (Trust me, we wont' EVER get to that point with this show).

Isiah Washington is horribly bored and it shows by his acting. And it seems that the show is wandering around aimlessly.

Now the question remains: Stay or go? I'm hoping that the show gets a spark to keep me interested but I'm beginning to think that "Gossip Girl" might be on my Must See TV list and this is on my catch it if nothing else is on list.

Episode grade: D.

I'm just not seeing gargoyle here: "America's Next Top Model": The recap

photo from www.cwtv.com

Is that a bad photo? Apparently for the judges in "America's Next Top Model" is is.

This is the first week I actually felt that I knew who these girls were. There's a LOT of hatred on this cycle and it appears that my girl Bianca is always as the center of it.

The highlight of the episode for me was the Model formerly known as Danielle showed up and she was amazing! I guess speech therapy DOES work!

Lisa is doing an amazing job but that doesn't sit too well with Bianca and some of the rest of the girls.

I was worried that Ambreal would be taken out because this is NOT her best photo. She was scared of heights ( I feel ya girl) and it showed by her freakout at the photo shoot.

In the end she and Janet were in the bottom two and poor Janet was sent home.

A few random questions: Is it just me or is Tyra seem waay too removed from these girls? Usually she would have dropped by for a chat or something now.

What's going on with Miss Jay's hair?

Episode grade: B

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tie game: "The Biggest Loser" the recap

Every week I keep telling myself I'm doing to dump this show. But it keeps getting better and better. This week, people's dark side showed up. And one team member, Hollie, suffered the loss of her mom.

Jillian actually showed compassion for Hollie when she had to break the news. Kim, however, did not. When the red team lost the weigh-in she practically held up a sign that said "Dump Amy."

In the end, it was a tie and the blue team kicked Phil to the curb.

Episode grade: A+

Wonder Twin powers: Deactivate! Pretty please?: "Heroes" the recap

Image from NBC.com

Is anyone else sick of the Wonder Twins? They are getting waaay more screentime than they deserve. I'm soo tired of Maya's black eyes of death. But there's hope on the horizon as the twins encounter Sylar who somehow made it off the island and is now in the middle of the desert. He sees their powers first hand and then kills the guy who had the car in order to keep their secret safe.

The cool thing about this episode is the introduction of Micah's cousin who apparently can copy any move she sees on TV. It comes in handy when she foils a robbert at the hamburger joint she works.

In NYC a whole lot is going on: Matt is hot on the case of "Who's stalking the Justice Society aka. the OLD Heroes." Mama Petrelli confesses in order to get police protection and she begs Matt telepathically to leave it alone. At home, Molly is still having nightmares and he and Mohinder have no clue on how to help her. (But how cute was it that Mohinder was singing her an Indian lullaby).

Back at work Matt sees an old photo of the older generation of heroes and sees his estranged dad! He asks Molly to help locate him and we learn he's the guy that's been tormenting the girl in her dreams!

In California, HRG is spooked after seeing an Isaac painting that has him dead and Claire kissing a dude. (We think it's West but who knows because the art is so bad). He forbids her to date and she totally lies to him to sneak off and fly off with West. (I'd be throwing up because I hate heights!).

Claire and West get closer and she cooks up a lie about her being part of the cheersquad. HRG agrees to let her do this if only she doesn't date. (I guess the Company folks don't go to games.)

Back in New York, Molly uses her powers to locate Matt's dad but at a cost: She lapses into a coma! Dun-Dun!!

Episode grade:B

Diamonds are two girls' best friend: Chuck the recap!

photo from NBC.com

"Chuck" keeps improving by the episode. This episode an old "friendenemy" of Sarah's drops by. She wants Sarah and Casey to help her steal a diamond. But before we get to that point, we're are at Chuck's house where Ellie, Morgan, Captain Awesome (I wonder if we'll ever learn his real name?) are playing a game.

Morgan apparently has his B.A. in Chuck because he knows things about Chuck that only a girlfriend show know. (It's obvious that he has a mancrush on old dude).

Sarah goes to her posh apartment when Katrina comes a calling and after a fight, Sarah beats her down and Katrina tells her what she wants.

Hijinks ensue after they manage to steal the diamond and leave Chuck and Sarah out to dry but not before he puts doubts in Chuck's mind about Sarah.

Katrina manages to slip Morgan the diamond and Chuck finds it. He and Katrina team up to save Sarah and all is well. But it's the last scene where we see the Chuck/Sarah magic. Chuck wants to know one thing about Sarah that's real and it's clear that it pains her not to be able to share her secrets with Chuck. After he leaves to get some napkins, she whispers that her middle name is "Lisa." AWWWWW!

Episode grade: B+

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Because this waits for no man!": Desperate Housewives, the recap

"Desperate Housewives" were on point again! It's the perfect mix of drama and humor. What I loved: Bree accidentally sending Susan to an OB-GYN in a bad neighborhood. The charades party! Gaby and Carlos!

Bree and Gaby prying into Katherine's business. Edie "accidentally" announcing their engagement. Susan confronting Bree about the the doctor.

Gabby flirting with Adam at the party. Adam apparently is a cheat and Katherine's keeping him on a short leash. Lynette stoned out of her mind.

Julie the lockpicker! Dylan and Julie sneaking into the locked room. and Carlos hiring an accountant instead of a hitman.

We start off with Bree filling the girls in on what she overheard last episode and everyone trying to avoid another one of Susan's boring parties, but when Bree says that Katherine may be there, everyone decides to go,

Lynette's mom takes things into her own hands and hires Andrew to buy pot for Bree and then makes the into brownies. (Yay for them remembering that Tom and Lynette have kids including Tom's daughter Kayla whom we haven't seen in forever).

Gaby and Carlos are still sneaking around but she's fed up and Carlos begs for a few weeks so he can dump Edie. Edie takes it upon herself to announce that she and Carlos are engaged much to Gaby's dismay.

Susan asks for Bree's OB-GYN and is sent to a seedy area. Katherine acosts Gaby when she spilled her wine on him. During the party Orson has to take a call where he learns that Danielle is having complications with her pregnancy which complicates things for him and Bree who's been faking her pregnancy.

And we get more progression on the secret that Katherine's been holding.

Episode grad: B+

Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm not a Mode girl: Ugly Betty, the recap

I love, love, love the magic that is "Ugly Betty" for the first time I chose to watch "Betty" live and DVR "Survivor." I think a lot of people are doing the same because this show is funny and on-point. It's the perfect mix of drama and humor.

The theme of last night's episode was: There's shades of grey in everything. Everyone at Mode was abuzz about the upcoming "Black and White Ball."

We start out with Betty and a drunk-on-wine-coolers Henry who talk about being together. Betty says she can wait until they find out the paternity of the baby and Henry agrees.

At Mode, Wilhemina and Marc talk about the delay of the wedding. Willie sounds defeated and Marc grabs her and tells her not to go down without a fight and to tell amnesiac Alexis what's going on.

Betty is telling Christina what happened with Henry when the sandwich guy comes by. (Note: Didn't Betty bring her lunch last season? What happened to the Mode cafe?). It turns out the sandwich guy (played by "Six Feet Under's" Freddie Rodriguez) is a sandwich maestro. He and Betty have a back and forth and then he leaves. Betty complains to Daniel who promptly gets him fired.

Marc and Amanda want to use the Black and White Ball as Amanda's big debut as Fey's daughter. Last week's plotline about Bradford maybe being her father was dropped (thankfully) because of the ick factor of Amanda and Daniel sleeping together.

Justin is dealing with his dad's death and gets the bright idea to ask Daniel (who's in a wheelchair) to help him learn.( I'm sensing a funny montage of errors at this point.)

Betty then catches up with the sandwich guy and gets him his job back. He doesn't want it and says he needs to work on his five-year plan. She hires him to go to N.J. to pick up a wheelchair that Daniel wanted. Along the way the two talk about their future and try to sing with Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart." He points out to Betty that she is wasting time and needs to focus more on her future and less on Daniel's.

Meanwhile, Claire Meade, who's on the lam since killing Fey Summers and Yoga make a plan to crash the ball. She wants Bradford back and decides this would be the perfect opportunity. Yoga obviously has a thing for Claire so she's not to happy about it.

At the hospital, Willie talks to Alexis and shows her an album that says BFF Forever. (Hy-ster-ical). It shows them marking in the gay pride parade, shopping, and sqaure dancing(???) Alexis gives her approval for the wedding and Willie is happy.

In Mexico, Papa Suarez faces off against the man he thought he killed- his wife's first husband. It turns out he survived the beating and wants flan. After the flan is made, he wants Papa Suarez killed. Thankfully, he's not.

On the basketball court, poor Justin is dribbling with two hands and playing bullets and bracelets with the basketball. Daniel get so frustrated that he gets up out the chair and makes a shot. Justin is stunned and Daniel explains he's trying to get "close" to the physical therapist. Justin agrees to keep it a secret until Hilda sees it on his phone. She tells Betty and Betty is ticked. Why? Because she had to go over to N.J. to get a wheel chair from a salesman (the actor played Edgar on "24" two seasons ago).

At the Ball, Amanda fails to make a splash until Marc steps on her gown and she's nude. Claire finds Bradford and begs him to run away with her but he refuses and wishes her well. Willie sees them and announces that the wedding is back on and Claire slinks away.

One of the things I love about this show is the fact that there's some reality basis to it. This week Kenneth Cole makes an appearance and is hysterical.

The show ends with Betty and Henry reconnecting but there might be a new guy on the horizon: The sandwich guy.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Adults are talking: Bionic Woman


I had almost given up hope but then they gave us this episode. Katee Sackoff is the best and to be honest they should have cast HER as the "Bionic Woman."

She's much better than Michelle Ryan.

This week, we had Jamie actually go out on assignment for the NOT OSI and do a pretty good job. She had to protect this spoiled Canadian girl but that part was boring.

The exciting stuff was with Sarah Corbin who's a much more interesting character and it turns out that Sarah's bionics are slowly killing her and she wants Jamie to go with her to Will's dad so he can study her and save Sarah. It also turns out that Will really wasn't interested in Jamie but was casing her as a candidate for bionics.

Sarah has the best lines in the entire episode: She tells Jamie that the NOT OSI are a bit pervy and "They don't tell you how objectifying this whole bionic woman thing is. They don't tell you anything, that's why you and me need to stick together maybe form a union."

Later when the spoiled Canadian girl says they should flee the scene, Sarah shushes her with "Adults are talking!"

It all boils down to a showdown between Jamie and Sarah and it turns out to be a draw. During the fight, when Jamie's sister Becca is in trouble, Sarah says if she kills Becca they could be more connected and even offers: "We could wear matching outfits. How do you look in capris?"

Next week: Jamie goes wild.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Believe it or not I'm walking on air: Heroes: The Recap

Shirtless Peter! Suspicious Claire. A jealous Hiro and the Wonder Twins embrace their powers all adds up to a pretty darn good episode of "Heroes."

I'll start with the plot I cared the least about: Maya and Alejandro. They're still working their way toward America when Zan er, Alejandro tries to steal a car because Maya is dehydrated and needs to rest. Here's a thought: REST! Don't be running around in broad daylight with Wanted posters everywhere! He gets arrested and Maya has to enact the "The Scary Black Eyes of Death" and take out the folks in the jail including a gringo in the cell next to Alejandro who conveniently has a car. Alejandro struggles to use his powers to stop the officers and the gringo from dying.

Anyone else thinks that Maya's going to hook up with Sylar?

And speaking of everyone's favorite bad guy, he's holed up with Candace who now goes by Michelle since the actress left the show to go to the CW's "Reaper." So we have a new actress who's pretty horrible and not as good. Sylar is ticked because NONE of his powers work due to the stab wound inflicted by Hiro in last year's finale. He looks defeated but luckily for us he decided to off Candice and we finally see her for who she is. I'm glad because this recasting thing wasn't working for me.

In Vegas, we learn that D.L. died (shock and surprise since he hasn't been seen on any of the promotional materials) and Niki and leave for a fresh start. Niki drops Micah off in New Orleans where if you're a "Star Trek" fan you see a familiar face.

In Ireland, we have Peter doing a full on Justice League of America display of his powers as he uses Matt's telepathy and telekisis to stop a bad guy. After all the build up about the box, Peter decides not to open it and appears to stay in Ireland for now.

In NYC: Mohinder moves in Issac's old digs (good recycling of a set) as his new lab for The Company. At home, Mohinder tells Molly that he's never leaving again. At the lab, Mohinder makes a startling discovery which we'll go into later.

In California, Claire is embarrassed by Stalker West in science class. She admits to him that she's different and in a Superman move he scoops her up and flies her to the beach. He confesses that when he lived in St. Louis he was captured by a man.... wait for it..... with Horned Rimmed Glasses and didn't know what happened to him.

Mohinder calls HRG and shows him a jpeg of a painting that Issac did which shows HRG dead and Claire kissing some boy. Dun-Dun!!

Episode grade: B

Sunday, October 07, 2007

They really, really hate each other: Gossip Girl: The recap

The CW has thrown a ton of money promoting this show and I had planned on skipping it, but now, it's my secret (until now) guilty pleasure. And I watch it on Sunday afternoons, so look for the recap then instead of Wednesday.

Imagine is Brenda and Kelly were constantly fighting on "90210" and you'd have the relationship betwen Serena and Blair. This week, it's college week and everyone's favorite spoiled brats are trying to get in to Brown and Yale but we all know that neither school would turn down a fat check to get a kid in the school.

At school things are still tense, so tense that Blair and Serena get into a scuffle and Blair fakes an injury in order not to look bad. She decides to take Serena down once and for all and has Jack to follow her around and follow her to the center where here little brother was taken after his suicide attempt.

Meanwhile, Blair's boyfriend aka "Torn Between Two Lovers" is having a problem telling his dad he wants to go to USC. But for some reason the dad doesn't understand the words coming out his life. At the boys' school, Dan desperately wants to go to Dartsmouth but isn't chosen to be an usher. His dad steps in and gets Dan a gig serving punch at the exclusive college party. Dan's dad plays the music while Dan's sister Jenny comes to the party wearing Blair's handmedown dress. Serena's brother tells her the sordid details of his stay and Jenny promises to keep his secret.

At the party, Blair embarrasses the heck out of Serena by outing her as a druggie in front of the whole school and the Brown representative. (I say, if you're gonna take someone down, then this is how to do it). Everyone is shocked except for Jenny who breaks her promise (she kept the secret for like all of five minutes) and tells Dan that Serena is taking the fall to protect her brother.

Serena pretends she's a druggie to save her little bro but he makes Blair feel very small when he shows here the marks on his wrists.

The next day in a freakish rainstorm the two girls make up but based on the metaphor of the rain, we can tell stormy days are ahead.

Episode grade: B

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ugly is the new pretty: Ugly Betty the recap

"Girl I am black and you are Mexican. Let's not talk around it like a bunch of dull white people." Wilhemina Slater.

This show just keeps getting better and better. From Papa Suarez deciding to go across the border to Justin finally showing some sadness about his dad's unexpected death we went through all layers and back.

I'm sooo glad that Christina FINALLY told Henry the truth about Charlie and the baby! I was rolling on the couch when Amanda decided to dump the dog but I'm glad she came to her senses. And how much did we like Alexis with out makeup.

And of course, my heart broke for poor Justin when he saw where his dad died. And how awesome was Vanessa Williams this episode? Now on to the Betty goodness!

We start out with Betty causing chaos at a meeting at Mode. In Betty's clumsy fashion she reached out for food and bagels and everything were flying everywhere. Marc then points out that "Don't worry, no one really noticed." We then have the awkward reunion of Betty and Henry.

Amanda's looking for money and the only thing she gets from the late Fey Summer's estate is a mangy dog.

Justin has started his intern at Mode and surprise! He takes to it like a duck to water. Marc is thrilled because he now has a real life understudy. Daniel and Papa Mede are trying to take care of Alexis and they decide by telling her little white lies and "rewriting" history.

Meanwhile, Willie's having an afternoon delight with a big, bad bodyguard (Played by her real life ex husband Rick Fox). Unfotunately Betty and Christina are stuck under her bed while this is going on because Betty decides to steal the Book so that Daniel could sign off on it.

After Willie discovers that Betty knows her secret she makes her a deal: Keep your mouth shut and your dad comes home. Tell and you're screwed.

Betty decides to keep quiet and feels extremely guilty, especially after Daniel tells her that she's the only person he can trust.

We end the episode with Papa Suarez getting kidnapped and Betty and a drunk on wine coolers Henry deciding whether or not they want to be together.

Episode grade A+

Girlfight: The America's Next Top Model Recap

Oh Tyra. You are my crack and I'm your addict. Every season I tell myself that I'm not going to watch and then you have a contestant that I hate to love. This season it's Bianca. Girfriend is sooo ghetto-fab it's not funny. Who else would admit to a $25 weave? Who else would be responsible for this quote: "Check yo thighs in the mirra..."

She takes horrible photos but has an attitude to spare that I want her to stay on my TV screen as long as possible and then crushed at the end when the big dream eludes her.

So far Bianca has argued with most of sistas in the house and she's targeted Lisa the former stripper (oops: I mean she totally had a bikini on but only did lap dances) and Saleisha who may walk away with this thing.

Tyra and crew seem to be high on Heather who takes amazing photos but because she has a form of autism is having problems relating to the other girls.

Last night the girls had to walk in a straight jacket for Miss Jay and oddly enough some said they felt right at home doing it. (Let's not go there) and then they had the girls do a runway show of some designer I had never heard of but the clothes were in a word: UGLY.

Saleisha won the challenge much to Bianca's dismay. And then she gives us the second quote of the evening: "Don't let the red hair fool ya, I know HIGH fashion." Really Bianca????? Really???This week's photo challenge had the girls wearing the couture gowns and hanging from a rock wall. Jenah totally walked away with this one. Although I liked Lisa's photo a lot too. But girl needs to be more model-y and less stripper-y.

Unfortunately poor what'shername from Florida was booted.

Next week: Someone gets her hair chopped off> Based on the long hair girls I pray it's Ebony because her bad weave bothers me.

Episode grade: B+

She's running out of steam: The "Bionic" recap

A lot of my friends and I were split on the pilot for "Bionic Woman," I saw the potential, they saw crap. I'm beginning to think they were right. I have no qualms admitting I was wrong.

Last night, we saw Episode 2 and it this is the direction the train is going, then I'm jumping off after the next episode.

"Bionic Woman": The recap
We catch up with Jamie and her little bratty sister (I still can't remember that girl's name, that's how little she's impacted me so far) at Will's funeral. Poor Jamie, first she loses her baby, then she been upgraded to Jamie 2.0 and now Will is dead. (Of course, last week, it looked like he just had a shoulder wound but that's just me). Miguel Ferrer (aka Not Oscar Goldman) shows up to remind Jaime that she's porting $50,000,000 worth of his hardware and that she needs to come do some good in the world.

His good in the world and hers are vastly different because fast forward two scenes later and she's slamming some random dude in the men's room in a bar. NOG shows up and reminds her that she's wasting time. I fear so are we....

And then we go into the lovely opening sequence which in a word sucks. I miss the old slo-mo with hair flowing in the wind and cool sound effects. This is just angry rock music, a woman silhoutted against a white glass in a black room. It's like angst art with out the angst and the um, art.

After the break we find out that Bratty McBrat has been smoking pot in the girl's room. I know this is supposed to be San Francisco and all but this girl looks like she would need help buying a 7-Up and we're supposed to believe she scored some pot??? But I digress.

Fifteen-minutes into the show, someone remembers this is called the "Bionic" woman and not "Random boring chick" and we see her bionics in action. She saves a woman from jumping from a building. Um Yay! Plus, who jumps backward from a building? If you're going die, then just go for it. (Yes, I know I'm cruel, but my frustration is building).

Jaime decides after seeing her slacker friends actually get jobs and go on with their lives to go work for NOG and his crew. Along the way, she meets Isiah "He-who-hurls-the-"F"-word-around-but-got fired-and-now-this-is-the-best-he-could-do "Washington. They have a Yoda/Karate Kid/wise black person moment in a book store and she decides to pay NOG a visit. She lays down a laundry list of what she will and won't do. NOG agrees but should be reaching for the "OFF" or "MUTE" button because her demands are crazy!

Amazing how last week she ran for her life and this week she has a shiny new badge and can walk up and down the halls with no problem. Then it's time for the "training montage". See Jamie's body. See Jamie do one handed pull-ups. See Jaime run (but with NO sound effects booooo!!!). And then viola! She's ready for her first mission: Trying to figure out who killed an Idaho town with a weaponized bio-agent. It turns out NOG and his crew created it and enemy hands got a hold of it.

Meanwhile, Jae gets yellow roses from Sarah aka "Ta-dah" and they go off to have some Bionic lovin'. She tells him that she got hacked and that's why she went crazy. (Has he forgotten this woman killed NotMcDreamy?)

Jamie and the blond woman who wanted to "talk about their feelings" go into the town as the "Department of Agriculture" and find that there's some soliders trying to kill the only survivor of the plague.

A soldier hands Jaime's butt to her until she realizes that she's BIONIC and then fights back. (I guess all that training was for naught). Bratty McBrat calls and wants her Tenacious D T-shirt during this just to remind viewers she's on the show.

She and the blond are rescued by IW and crew (how they got their that fast is beyond me) and then terrorist cell is taken down.

Meanwhile Jamie and Bratty bond and make up. The end.

Episode grade: D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Only one show on Tuesday night for me?

I was shocked when I decided to dump the "Biggest Loser." Too much crying, too much whining for me so I decided to move on.

My friends at work keep raving about "Reaper" so tonight, I'm gonna give it a shot. We'll see what happens.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Chuck: The recap

The premise: Nerd Herd-er Chuck accidentally downloads the government's secrets and two agents are sent to protect him.
Chaos ensues and it makes us viewers very, very happy.

Tonight: Chuck learns a lesson in trust. Trusting Sarah: Good. Trusting Casey: Bad, very bad. While this episode wasn't as great as the first episode it still was pretty darn good.

We learn that a government doctor might be able to extract the secrets the Chuck holds in his brain. We know he won't be successful because it would end the show would it not? And it'd make us all very, very unhappy.

Chuck clearly is in love with Sarah and she's falling for him but Casey keeps putting these not so trusting thoughts in his head and that's bad, very bad.

Meanwhile Ellie is ticked because Chuck's nerdy, slacker friend has met Sarah and she hasn't. (Note to the hairstylist: please do something about Sarah Lancaster's bangs because they are sooo not attractive)

I'm hoping that this show can continue with this mix of action, comedy and drama because it could be one of the shining stars of the season.

Episode grade: B

Heroes: The recap

After a ho-hum last episode this episode picked up a little steam. I'm not ready to do backflips just yet but I'm more excited than last year.

Here's were we are: Peter is slowly getting his powers back and looks as if he's falling in love with a lovely Irish lass. HIro is still stuck in the past and learns that Tenze has powers too (like Claire's). Could he be her ancestor???

Claire has decided that she's going to test her powers by CUTTING.OFF. HER. LITTLE. TOE!! EWWW gross! (Do NOT try this at home!) Unfortunately, creepy/stalker Wes saw her do it and promptly flew away. I'm calling it: Wes is secretly EVIL!!!

The not so Wonder Twins display their powers: Maya apparently can kill people when she gets too panicked while Alejandro apparently is the cure to her blackness. (GAWD, is this like the dumbest power yet?) I don't give a flying fig about them.

Over at 3M (Mohinder, Matt and Molly's) the actress known as Molly gets the easiest paycheck ever as she sleeps, Matt is exhausted after protecting Mama Petrelli from the evil that is stalking the old heroes. And Mohinder helps the Haitian reunite with Noah.

My question: When's Kristen Bell coming? What's going on with DL. Nikki/Jessica and Micah?

Episode Grade: B