Monday, October 01, 2007

Heroes: The recap

After a ho-hum last episode this episode picked up a little steam. I'm not ready to do backflips just yet but I'm more excited than last year.

Here's were we are: Peter is slowly getting his powers back and looks as if he's falling in love with a lovely Irish lass. HIro is still stuck in the past and learns that Tenze has powers too (like Claire's). Could he be her ancestor???

Claire has decided that she's going to test her powers by CUTTING.OFF. HER. LITTLE. TOE!! EWWW gross! (Do NOT try this at home!) Unfortunately, creepy/stalker Wes saw her do it and promptly flew away. I'm calling it: Wes is secretly EVIL!!!

The not so Wonder Twins display their powers: Maya apparently can kill people when she gets too panicked while Alejandro apparently is the cure to her blackness. (GAWD, is this like the dumbest power yet?) I don't give a flying fig about them.

Over at 3M (Mohinder, Matt and Molly's) the actress known as Molly gets the easiest paycheck ever as she sleeps, Matt is exhausted after protecting Mama Petrelli from the evil that is stalking the old heroes. And Mohinder helps the Haitian reunite with Noah.

My question: When's Kristen Bell coming? What's going on with DL. Nikki/Jessica and Micah?

Episode Grade: B

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