Monday, October 01, 2007

Chuck: The recap

The premise: Nerd Herd-er Chuck accidentally downloads the government's secrets and two agents are sent to protect him.
Chaos ensues and it makes us viewers very, very happy.

Tonight: Chuck learns a lesson in trust. Trusting Sarah: Good. Trusting Casey: Bad, very bad. While this episode wasn't as great as the first episode it still was pretty darn good.

We learn that a government doctor might be able to extract the secrets the Chuck holds in his brain. We know he won't be successful because it would end the show would it not? And it'd make us all very, very unhappy.

Chuck clearly is in love with Sarah and she's falling for him but Casey keeps putting these not so trusting thoughts in his head and that's bad, very bad.

Meanwhile Ellie is ticked because Chuck's nerdy, slacker friend has met Sarah and she hasn't. (Note to the hairstylist: please do something about Sarah Lancaster's bangs because they are sooo not attractive)

I'm hoping that this show can continue with this mix of action, comedy and drama because it could be one of the shining stars of the season.

Episode grade: B

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Mrs. Wong said...

YES! The bangs annoyed me too. Chuck has become our family's show. We clicked over from the Padres-Rockies tiebreaker game to watch Chuck. Heart-breaking baseball game, but Chuck has won us over. (We get a kick out of the Type-A Asian co-worker who wants to be Assistant Manager too.)