Sunday, August 17, 2008

War is hell...

Thank you Kathy Griffin for lifting the spirits of our brave men and women in the military. Photo by

This week, "My Life on the D-List" took a serous turn as Kathy took time out of her quest for the A-list to bring a little joy to our injured men and women.

Think what you will about Kathy, at least she took the time to care. That's more than a lot of celebrities do living their lives. I was shocked to learn, however, the length of time the men and women have to spend at the hospital. Can you imagine having a body part blown off and having to spend days, weeks and even months in the hospital while the rest of America is at Starbucks having a latte?

I'm not a flag waver but I am so proud of America and how these people put themselves on the line so I don't have to worry about being bombed at Ralphs or having to wake up to screams as my village is being decimated by enemy soldiers.

I know a few people in the military including Mr. Wong and I have to say the next time I see him, I'm just going to hug him and thank him for all he's done for me and for our country.

But back to "MLOTDL," Kathy spend the day at Walter Reed Hospital and while the hospital has had it's share of problems the side we saw were people being well care for and being nurtured back to health.

My heart broke when one guy who had both of his lower limbs blown off after decades in the military said he had a bad day the day before the visit and didn't sleep well because he had phantom pains in his limbs.

You could tell that Kathy was barely keeping to together and finally broke down out of sight of the guys. I think it's at this moment we've seen her at her most human. Most people see KG as this shrill attention starved harpy but for me, I saw her fighting to give the residents of Walter Reed at least one good day.

It's Bravo so "MLOTDL" will repeat so catch this one if you can.