Sunday, October 21, 2007

She's a big girl now!: Gossip Girl: The recap

Photo by The CW

I've been a little behind in blogging this show. While I'm trying to give the "Bionic Woman" every possible chance to get better, the truth is, is that it isn't.

That being said, I think my Wednesday nights will belong to the CW. The truth is, I can't WAIT days later to see and blog the show. That being said, here's the recap.

This week was all about Jenny and her quest to get into Blair's good graces during a sleepover. Meanwhile Serena and Dan finally have their first date.

Jenny learns the hard way that the even though the grass appears to be greener that it was not so bad where she was. Blair drags the gang to rescue Eric who's been forced to stay at the Ostroff center and then they go clubbing. Blair makes out with an older man and then steals his phone and Jenny calls the man's fiance to let him know that he's making out with underaged girls.

Serena and Dan have a pretty pitiful date until Serena pipes up that she wanted to date Dan and not the date that Dan thinks she should have. Back at the slumber party, Blair gets Jenny in trouble with police but Jenny manages to wiggle out of it.

And Serena and Dan finally KISS! Yay!

Episode grade: A