Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscars!

So I'm like two hours into the Oscars and I have issues.

1) WTF: Eddie Murphy got robbed.
2) Ellen isn't as funny as I had hoped.
3) SOFUD (Save us from ugly dresses)!!!!!!
4) Countries have risen and fallen in the time the show has gone on!

I had taped all this Oscar stuff in the hopes of giving you this brilliant blog about how wonderful this show was going to be but it's really, really dull and I'm debating on whether or not I should flip over to "The Amazing Race."

Yep, it's THAT boring.

And now, the week in review:

I've decided I'm going to invest in sleeping pills. Why? Because I get too worked up about "Heroes," "Prison Break" and "24." Last week, I was up until 2 a.m. wondering what's going to happen to Jack now? Will Linc and Michael finally get to Panama? And OH. MY. GOD! Simone was killed!! (Yay!!)

We're getting close to solving the mystery of "Who killed Dean O'Dell?" And this seemed to be the WEEK OF SHOCKING DEATHS!! Because Poor Sheriff Lamb bit the dust. How I'll miss seeing him in the credits each week! And that sucked that he got bumped up to a series regular only to be killed. Now, I'm worried about Wallace and Weevil because he got more screen time than they did.

"Lost" you've lost me. That is all. I don't want to see another Jack flashback and now I won't have to because I'm giving it ONE more week and then I'm done. For real.

"Surivor" is getting bor-ing. I thought it might be exciting this season but unless something dramatic happens I might have to read online recaps or something.

Sadly, there was no "Ugly Betty," and no Justin. =-(

And now, I've got to go to bed BECAUSE I'm GOING TO SEE OPRAH!!!!!!!!

Look for a blog ALL about it later on this week!