Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a month until the NEW TV season begins!

"Heroes" is one of the shows where I can't wait until it returns. Video by

Remember when summer used to be a time where you could catch up on those shows you missed? It hasn't been that way in years. Now it's just one bad reality show after another.

It's 8 p.m. on Thursday and let's look at the offerings: The CW has a repeat of "Smallville", Fox has "Don't Forget the Lyrics," NBC has "Last Comic Standing," CBS has "Big Brother 10" and ABC has "Ugly Betty." (However, it's a GOOD episode) and it features one of my favorite young actress: I've loved this girl since she appeared on "Veronica Mars" two years ago.

This episode was based on "Mean Girls" and had Betty getting fat models to do runway. Here's a sneak peek:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catching up with "Project Runway"

Some dresses just have winner all over them. For me this is not it but the judges from "Project Runway' disagree. Photo by

I've been way too busy the last two weeks so unfortunately, I've haven't had time to blog about "Project Runway" but now I'm all caught up.

Tonight's challenge was to be inspired by New York City and the winning designer turned in the dress above. It just screams old lady and Florida to me but I guess it's just me.

Some dresses have been stronger like this one from Episode 1.

Or this one from episode two.

The talent is pretty strong this season. Some stand outs are Kenley who dresses as if she's straight out of the '50s. Suede who refers to himself in third person and says he's bisexual. (In my house, we both agree, it's totally gay. Blayne is trying to be Christian last season but doesn't have the fierceness. I'm keeping my eye out on Daniel because he's got the talent and the class to win this thing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

NBC rocks

The day job has kept me pretty busy the last few days. But luckily not too busy to discover these little nuggets from Comic-Con.
Mrs. Wong, this is for you.

And if you like "Chuck"

NBC is wise for doing this. I hope other TV stations will follow suit. The only drag is that you didn't get to see the one hour season premier of "Heroes" like I did but trust me when I say it's good!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some sad news...

This is a bad photo but the cast of the "Golden Girls" will always be beautiful in my eyes. Photo by

Estelle Getty died today. If you don't know her, she was wise-cracking Sophia Petrillo on NBC's "The Golden Girls."

I own all the seasons and today I'm going to be watching a few episodes as tribute. I game to the GG party late though. My friend Leon is a HUGE fan. In fact, whenever I would visit him in Atlanta he and I would at some point during the visit find ourselves watching an episode or two. Some people don't get why folks were crazy about four old biddies living in a house in Florida but they had a lot of laughs and a lot of tears and some episodes were just so hysterical I still crack up just thinking about them. If YouTube lets this clip stay up, here's one of my favorites.

She shall be missed. Thank you for being a friend.

"Heroes" webisode

I gotta say, the folks from "Heroes" are raising their game.

Can I just say, I'm on a "Heroes" high? I've been re-watching the first season and it was so amazing, so wonderful that there are no words. Last season in a word: sucked. There were some good episodes but over all it just kinda fell flat.

Now with the upcoming season called "Villians" I can't wait for it to start. I'm going to dub it "Heroes: Legion of Doom."

I'm kinda digging these Webisodes to keep us watching until the main event. I hope the postal guy makes it onto the show because he's cool and I love his power.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Comic-Con week

If you know who or what this is, then you'll know why I'm a wee bit excited for the panel at Comic-Con. Photo by Wikipedia

Before I start the long overdue blog. A shout out goes to JumptheSnark who's like the best friend ever. Seriously. When my birthday rolled around last week, he gave me this gift that made it extra special.

I've been enjoying it ever since. And I'm going to really get my geek on Saturday when the entire cast will appear at Comic-Con.

There's a TON of stuff there this year. I'm excited about the "Heroes", "Lost" and "Chuck" panels.

And then there are some blasts from the past such as "The Greatest American Hero". Supposedly there's going to be a BIG announcement made at the Con. My guess, new show, different actors. Or heck, maybe a movie if we're lucky!

I'm going to be stuck in a big room called Hall H. If anyone sees this woman please, please, please take a photo!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At last: Birds of Prey

The music changed but the show is as hokey as I remember. Photo from

Today, I got my hands on a DVD set that I have been coveting for a long time. "Birds of Prey" was a TV show that was appointment TV for me. Every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in 2002 I would watch this show. At first, the show was all over the place but it had finally found its footing and then POOF it was gone.

The premise of the show is that Batman and Catwoman hooked up and had a daughter. (Although Batman didn't know it). After a fight with the Joker, Catwoman was killed and Batgirl was shot and paralyzed.

Add to the mix, Dinah, a metahuman with mind abilities and you've got a show that to me was worth watching. Some viewers disagreed the show was cancelled after 13 episodes.

I still love it. The only thing I HATE is that the music to the show changed. I loved this song but they changed in on the DVD.

New miniepisode of "Heroes"

First watch the video.

Are you you back? Was that amazing or what? It looks like The Company is back and badder than ever. The mailman looks as if he's channeling the powers of Black Canary. This Constrictor guy looks as if he's just plain evil.

So far, I'm liking what I'm seeing except for the obvious product placement by Sprint.

Mini-episode grade: A+