Monday, October 27, 2008

Do you want to pull your hair out over "Heroes"?

Claire (Hayden Panettiere) grabs Elle (Kristen Bell) by the hair. Meanwhile, I was at home ripping mine out. Photo by

Warning: This blog contains spoilers for the latest episode of "Heroes" read at your own risk.

This week the entertainment bible declared "Heroes" needs fixing.

After watching tonight's episode, I'm inclined to agree. This "Villains" storyline is a great big yawn. It started out with such promise but now, it's just getting long and boring. I'm ready for it to be over.

I'm not going to abandon the show but seriously, it needs to get its act together quickly. A quick recap: Daddy Petrelli's back and he wants power. After stealing stuPeter's power last episode he chains him and and asks him to join his quest. How stuPeter is going to do this powerless is beyond me.

Daphne Quick is assigned to go recruit Boring Man the mind reader and refuses. Boring Man's dad tells Daddy Petrelli that he should leave Boring Man alone and he gets his neck snapped. I guess we wouldn't like Daddy Petrelli when he's angry.

This spooks Daphne Quick and she and she agrees to kill Boring Man. After Mr. Fear arrives on the scene and appears to kill them both, it's revealed that Boring Man used his mind mojo to create realistic illusions.

Meanwhile, at Mohinder-man's lair, the Ice Queen and the Mr. America try to reason with him.

Mohinder-man grabs Maya and heads straight to Papa Petrelli who then takes Maya's ability and leaves her powerless. She's then sent away to live a normal life. But more imporantly she is off the show!!!!! YAY! HRG and Fire arrives and Fire warns Ice to watch Mr. America.

Mama Petrelli reaches out of her coma and gets Sylar to go rescue stuPeter. He does but along the way gets a beating from Mohinder-man and switches sides (or does he?)

At Wolverette's house, Spark arrives and she's lost control of her powers. Wolverette's family takes Spark down and she and Wolverette agrees to go to see if they can get their abilities fixed. Along the way, the two almost brings down a plane full of people when Spark's powers go haywire.

At Papa Petrelli's, Sylar sends stuPeter flying out of a window and Spark and Wolverette sees him. Wolverette grabs stuPeter and makes a break for it, while Spark heads straight in to get her powers removed.

Wolverette calls Mr. America and he and the Ice Queen arrive. They agree that Papa Petrelli needs to be stopped. In African, Dream Man, Hiro and Ando try to figure out a way to stop the shenanigans. The episode ends with Hiro going on a spirit quest and that's it.

I found myself very bored most of the time and looking at my watch, which is sad because I normally like this show.

My suggestions on how to fix this show?

1) Kill Peter. Yes, I said it. KILL PETER. He's pretty but dumb and while that may work with one-night stands, it's kinda dumb with superheroes.

2) More personal stories. I've been enjoying Claire's arc this season but she needs another power. Healing is cool and now feeling no pain adds to that. She's a vulnerable invulnerable person. I'd like to see her have superstrength or something to add to the mix.

3) Keep Mohinder doing the voice-overs but keep him out of the action. He's useless and worthless.

4) Pick one story and stick to it. NO more time jumping. I'd rather see how these people struggle to fit into society with these powers.

5) If you don't kill Peter, then keep Sylar as the bad guy and have them go at it every few episodes. If Peter is Superman, then let Sylar be Bizarro.

We get a two-week reprieve and hopefully the next arc: "Fugitives" will take the show in a different direction.