Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Logo a letdown?

Almost two years ago, a new channel debuted on cable that was designed for GLBT community. It was to be called Logo and a lot of hope spread throughout the land.

Now, the only thing that exists is a bunch of disappointment. I've watched of and on for a while and was glad when they had original programming such as "Noah's Arc" and "Open Bar." But now, the ship has sailed for "Noah" (supposedly they are going to do a direct to theater movie and maybe a special or two).

We are subjected to endless showings of "Trick," "Tales of the City" and other bad or old gay movies.

I'm saddened by this because Logo is owned by CBS who has a TON of money to produce shows like "CSI" and they can't spare a few thou to invest in Logo?

Tonight I tried to watch for an hour and other than an interesting half hour about gays and lesbians and investment, there wasn't anything worth watching.

I would love if we had original stuff like made for TV movies or more documentaries about what it means to be gay and lesbian in the world in 2007. One could argue that something is better than nothing but when that something doesn't add up to much, then nothing IS better.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm sorry to tell've been eliminated

I'm going to come clean on a secret. I HATE to travel. When I go on trips, I cannot wait to return home to my couch, my bed, my belongings.

With "The Amazing Race" I get to to travel without leaving the comfort of my home.

On tonight's episode the Racers spent time in Africa and I was spellbound at the wonder and beauty of the land. From the majestic mountains to the wonders of the plains, Africa spoke to me.

But back to the show, Uchenna and Joyce were marked for elimination and I have to say, I was worried for them. I shouldn't have been because of the wonders of the Race, they were safe with time to spare.

My friends and I have one nit with this show. TOO MUCH BUNCHING. What that means is that a team could have a massive lead (on tonight's show, some teams were ahead by 12 hours) and if a plane doesn't leave or a place not open, then they have to wait and usually the other teams can catch up.

Teri and Ian got elimated due to this. They were hit with a BUNCH of bad luck and they and Team Guido just couldn't catch up.

Next week, it'll be TWO whole hours. Thank goodness "Desperate Housewives" is in reruns so I can watch in peace!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm in love with "Dateline"

I've been bitching the last few weeks about how there's nothing to watch on Friday and Saturday nights. But a friend of mine pointed out to me that I forgot about "Dateline."

I freely admit it. 8 p.m. on Saturdays, I have a TV menage a trois with Ann Curry and Stone Phillips. I know "Dateline" has gone overboard with its "To Catch a Predator" series. (Haven't missed a one BTW).

But on Saturday nights, it's different. Usually it's a murder mystery and it's been fascinating. Tonight, we saw a case of two Mississippi teens killed another. The story was pretty twisted but it was fascinating.

Last week, we saw how a woman believed her own husband was innocent after her own niece fingered him in a horrible crime. But what's most amazing, is that Stone and Ann intro the story and then they are done!

After that, the evening goes downhill. I'm amazed that "Cops" and "America's Most Wanted" are still on TV.
I swear cops was on when I was in college back in the dark days of the 1980s. I wonder who is watching that show? But I guess those people can ask the same of me since I watch "Top Model."

Cruising through the channels, I see that NBC is trotting out those "Law & Order" reruns. Whoo-pie... (note sarcasm).

And then, finally I stumble on something good. "The Boondocks!!!!" OK, this show hasn't been on in almost a year, but who cares! The reruns beat almost anything on TV at 11:30.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Why is Friday night such a wasteland on TV?

So it's Friday night and because I'm kinda broke these days, I opted NOT to have a fabulous night out. I turned on the tube hoping to find something, anything to watch.

The best I could do is "Identity" where we saw Mary Lou Retton, one of the Boyz II Men, Billy Blanks and Craig from Craigslist. And VH1's "Top 40 Internet Stars." (yep, it was that sad!)

I posted previously about why I think programmers have given up on Saturday nights but is there really a reason why Friday is so bad?

It was just a few years ago when "Law & Order: SVU" was Friday night appointment TV. I didn't go out until I saw "Dick Wolf" on the credits. Now there's nothing. NO-THING.

I'm wondering if it's the Netflix factor where people rent movies or go out to movies and so the networks have given up.

I'm sure if there were fresh and original programming folks *might* stay home and tune in. Shows like "Lost" might work on this night. It's no secret that folks are bailing on this show because the lateness of the hour and the frustration but imagine if it aired at 8 p.m. Bars might hold "Get Lost" happy hours if a drinking game could be established (PSA here, drink responsibly).

Heck, it's worth a shot!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A coming out story....

"Ugly Betty" is one of the best shows on TV. Tonight it proved it. I laughed, I cried, I even did a happy dance.

Tonight, Mark, one of the minor characters had his mother visit town and he jumped through a LOT of hoops to try to convince this woman he was straight. He even pretended that Betty was his girlfriend so that he could make his mother happy.

But this being TV, lots of stuff came out, such as Ignacio being an illegal immigrant and Hilda being a single mom. The only person who WAS himself was little gay Justin who didn't give a damn about what this strange white lady thought of himself.

It was hysterical about how he went on and on about the "Dreamgirls" loss etc. Finally, Mark's mom went off about how tacky Betty's family was and how Justin disgusted her. Mark told her that she didn't have the right to talk about anyone especially Justin and then came out to her. She left and it broke Mark's heart but Betty being the saint she is reminded him that family really is the people you choose for yourself.

I cried, and cried because it reminded me of my coming out story. I remember blurting it out to one family member to hurt him, and then I told another one because at the time we were close. Finally, I told another and the another. Oddly enough, one of the ones I worried about the most has turned out to be the coolest ones about it. And those who I THOUGHT were going to be cool basically freaked out about it.

But I'm OK, because it's best to surround yourself with people who love and accept you NO MATTER WHAT.

I'm really glad that "Betty" has three gay characters on (Alexis the transexual, Mark and Justin) and that America has embraced this show.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Survivor: Is the like the worst season ever?

So tonight is Wednesday and "Survivor" is on. (Actually, I taped it) and they threw in another twist where they re-choose tribes. I'm yawning as I write this because for the first time while watching this show, I really don't care who wins.

I should care, but I don't. I don't know if it's the people or the game itself but I'm bored. One tribe consists sole of men. And they aren't cute either. I'm involved in a pool so I'm rooting for one guy who happens to be the old college roommate of a co-worker of mine. The all guy tribe is in the skany camp while the camp that has the sofa (I'm not kidding) and other cushy stuff gets populated by the folks who could use a few days of good food and rest.

BUT, because I was playing Nancy Drew over the weekend I stumbled across a bunch of spoilers. If the spoilers hold true, it's going to be REALLY interesting AFTER the merge.

American Idol.
I'm calling shenanigans on this show. What is up with the bad singers getting second and third chances while the good singers are slowly being shown the door. Stephanie and Sabrina deserve to still be in the contest while Sanjayuck and Hoochiefied Haley need to be loooong gone.

America's Next Top Model
Oh Tyra. I am truly our byotch because even though I know you are eeeeevvillll I am still seduced by your charms. Your stylist needs to be fired because he/she is totally seeing looks from Rhoda Morgenstern. Some of the girls are crazy (Jael, Renee) while some are just sweet (Whitney/ Britney) and others are just bitchy (Diana, Renee). That being said, I'm actually rooting for Jaslene.

Final thoughts: Yay! Prison Break is being renewed!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yes, this is a makeover

I was kinda bored so I changed the look of the blog. Enjoy!

Yo dawg, you're kinda pitchy...

Pitchy. Screechy. Yo factor. If these words don't make sense, then you haven't been watching "American Idol" this season.

I have no idea what the hell Randy Jackson says half the time. No one I know knows either and I know folks from all walks of life.

Clearly this season is going to be a battle between LaKisha and Melinda (that is if America doesn't screw it up) and then there's the Sanjaya factor.

Sanjaya clearly is gay and I want to root for him but the boy cannot sing. AT all. Seriously. He can't sing. He's cute but he's a baaad singer. The thing is, his hair is rocking. Pantene should call right now and book him before it's too late.

Besides Kisha and Melindy Doo, I am falling in love with Jordin. The girl has star potential all over her. It wouldn't surprise me if she wins this thing. She has everything, the looks, the youth and the voice. As the signs of tonight's show says, she sparkles. She may not be a size 2 but that's OK. I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

And WTF is up with the girl who kept crying??????!!! What IS her deal????!! Look for her on YouTube or VH1's Best Week Ever. They totally are going to be all over this. Trust me. For real. And that's who been voting for him.

The Amazing Race
I'm worried about Uchenna and Joyce. They really did a rookie move this week and they came in dead last. Luckily it was a NEL thank goodness. I like Charla and Myrna but Myrna annoys me when she keeps referring to Charla's height.

And Charla clearly is the engine that keeps this team going. And Team Guido aka the OGGs (Old Gay Guys) revealed this week that they wore thongs. It's bad that one of them either has a bad toupee or a bad die job but also they wear thongs! At 58 years old, they are walking around wearing thongs???!! GAG (Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little).

The YGGs (young gay guys) Danny and Oswald are my favorites and not because Oswald was wearing a T-shirt that said Hamme(red). But because they were so cute chasing Phil around the Pitstop after they hauled a load of coal.

And before I forget, I'm kinda watching "Dancing With the Stars" but only to see if we can see Heather Mills and her fake leg come off!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Deal or No Deal

So I'm sitting here on the couch watching "Deal or No Deal" and they just did a crawl saying they were going to do a casting for the game show in my area in a few weeks. Wait, this just in, I'm now watching a commerical for it. I'm debating on whether or not I should go to try out: AGAIN.

Confession: I've tried out for this show and it's cousin "Identity." I know they are looking for crazy and whacked out people based on what I see on the show, but heck, it's nothing but time right?

You'll notice the posting is a little light right now because a lot of the good shows are in repeats or on hiatus.

The big news is whether or not "Veronica Mars" is cancelled. Today I watched the pilot and the Paris Hilton episode. Good times.

I keep going back and forth on whether I want the show back or not. I think the CW really, really did this show an injustice by meddling. Imagine how different the season would have been if the rape mystery had been THE mystery of the season. And of course LoVe took up waaay too much time.

I'd be curious to see Special Agent Mars but as long as Wallace, Weevil and Keith could come along. I like Mac a LOT but I could lose her if it meant more Wallace time.

Keep your fingers crossed on May 17 because that's when the "official" announcement will be made. Various Web sites are posting various plans to send to the CW chief to keep the show on the air. I think the thing that would speak volumes besides viewers is to get folks to buy the DVDs. If enough folks would do that, I think people there would take notice.

Looking at TWOP message boards folks are livvid. And looking at E!online's page, people are up in arms. And I can't say I blame this, the network too a smart, funny show and turned it into a pale imitation of itself.

Now I hope, to continue my charge to get this show saved.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Is "Veronica" really gone?

Today at work, a colleague came up to me and offered her condolences. I was like "What for?" and she said, "I know you're a fan of that show "Veronica" something and I just read that it got cancelled.

I almost wet my pants right then and there. I think I owe my employer a few dollars because for the next 20 minutes, I was all over the Internet trying to find a definitive answer about what was going on.

USA Today's "Pop Candy" blog was saying it wasn't a done deal. "Entertainment Weekly" didn't have a peep about it. Then I checked E!'s Kristin Veitch and she was all over it. She reported that the show would spring forward a few years and have Veronica coming out of the FBI Academy. (In my real life, a good friend of mine literally is a few weeks from completing her time over at Quantico so I'm going to be curious of how accurate they will be). I e-mailed my friend Jump the Snark and let him know the news along with a few other folks who follow the Neptune gang.

The rest of my day was just horrible because my thoughts kept drifting back to Veronica. Will they keep Wallace? Keith? Logan? Mac? Backup??? Why is the CW doing this to us??? And then I realized, that Veronica isn't as much see TV as it used to be, but it was my comfort, my joy, my hope on Tuesday nights.

Not since "Buffy" have I been so addicted to a show. And I remember at the Comic-Con this summer, it was a wait to get into the room. Folks adore this show and my lord, does the CW actually have anything worth replacing it? Yes, folks did watch "The Pussycat Dolls," but can they substain THAT show for years?

I don't want to cut and run and will watch the show to the last frame, but I blame the CW for this. Evertime I turn on that danged station, they are hawking "America's Next Top Model" (a disclaimer, I watch that show too) or "The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll" but I don't see VM commericals.

I knew we were headed down the wrong path when the network demanded shorter mysteries instead of a season long mystery. I knew when they took the show off on "hiatus" that it was a bad sign. And when we saw the last episode, it felt very "series" finale, instead of mystery finale.

I pray that if they do officially cancel the show, that at least we'll get some resolution. I'd like to see Veronica finally MOVE THE HECK ON from Logan and they become friends. I'd like to see Wallace and Veronica spend more time together. To me, they were the core of the show. Two outsiders who become friends and strive to do and be the right thing. As I type this, the episode "Betty and Veronica" springs to mind. In that episode, Veronica goes undercover to find a missing school mascot and it's revealed that she secretly has been baking cookied and slipping them in Wallace's locker to support him as a jock. When he confronts her about it and says she's not into the whole "school spirit" thing, she says, to him that he is and that's what's important. Later in the episode, she actually goes to a game to support him. Another tender moment is later in the season, Veronica FINALLY comes clean about her rape and she goes straight to Wallace's house when she needed to talk about it.

I pray this isn't the end of the Neptune gang but I'd rather them end it on a high note than drag it down.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is this the end for Veronica?

Yep, you read right. Today I've come across articles in Variety and USA Today both saying that Veronica is once again "On the Bubble." While this hasn't been the BEST season of the show, that would be Season 1, I feel like it deserves another season.

And I'm not alone because here are others who agree. The folks at are organizing a campaign to save the show. I find it shocking that EW and others haven't done articles to help the show. Heck, this week "Ugly Betty" managed to score a cover.

I'm also hoping that the PTB at the CW will recognize the cultural imporance of this show. It's like the younger and just as smart sister of "Buffy." BTW (Saturday, March 10 was the 10 year anniversary of Buffy." (GAWD, I'm getting old).

I'm going to launch my own personal campaign to get everyone I know to watch the show. Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ding dong! Rob and Ambuh are GONE!!!!

Readers, I wish you could have seen me five minutes ago. I was doing the happy dance. I would have done a backflip but I was scared that I would hurt myself.

I don't know how many of you are "Amazing Race" fans but the king and queen of nasty were eliminated tonight! Rob and Ambuh are gone, gone, GONE.

These folks lied and lied and lied and karma came back and bit them in the you know what! I cannot believe how happy I am. It's like I won the lottery but I'm still poor. But back to the story, it all came down to a the Racers sorting through a mailbag and looking for a letter addressed to them. Rob is NOT the best detail person as witnessed earlier in the episode with him misspelling Phillipines as Phillipeans. I laughed a good five minutes on that one.

Some of you may say the race will now be boring because these two dominated most of the legs, but I think it'll be more interesting. If I had to wager, I'd put money on Uchenna and Joyce and Danny and Oswald. I'd also wouldn't count the OGGs (Old gay guys) out.

I pray the Beauty Queens are the next to go though!

Tomorrow, I'm headed over to Jump the Snark's house to see what REAL TV is supposed to look like in HDTV.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why do we trust America to vote? Seriously.

I just got finished watching tonight's episode of "American Idol" and shock doesn't EVEN begin to describe what I'm feeling.

First a disclaimer, I haven't watched for the last two seasons because of what I considered bad voting and shenanigans of the producers of the show. But I was coerced back in and so I'm hooked for the season. Tonight two of the worst singers FINALLY got the boot!

But that's not the shocking part. Jared and Sabrina - who both CAN sing- got cut. I'm floored. Jared is a super hottie but unfortunately I fear was tooo cheezy for America. Sabrina was robbed. Plain and simple ROBBED. I think when Simon said out loud that he thought another contestant should go that it was the undoing of Sabrina because this girl (cough, cough Haley) was saved.

The tragedy of this is that the Top 12 singers get to go on tour when the season ends, gets paid and gets to build a fan base. I hope that Timbaland, Brian McKnight, Missy Elliot or SOMEBODY was watching so that her career can be saved.

What is AMERICA thinking????!!!!

Are you watching "America's Next Top Model?"
If not you are really missing some of the BEST hours on TV. For real tho. This week, we went back to school and were treated to Tyra's interpretation of Rhoda Morgenstern. Her stylist needs to be fired. Who wears headwraps in 2007? Seriously, she looks like she's ready to go work for "Have A Nice Day Cafe."

The right girl got cut this week, (So long Samantha) but I'm worried for the season. NONE of these girls seem to have that IT factor. And I like they have plus sized models but both of those girls need to step up their game.

My show is boring.
What's going on with "24?" This was the most boring episode of the season. I think the writing staff is taking a break and the interns have taken over. While it's OK, but to me it's not up the normal quality of the show. I guess after having bombs go off and folks tortured with drills, it's kinda hard to top that.

I miss Veronica
This week the search for the next Pussycat Doll aired. I admit, I watched for about 5 whole minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. Sadly, people stayed for the whole show because it scored like gangbusters. I fear for "Veronica" Plus today I read on the TV Guide website that Piz is being courted for the "Grey's"spinoff. Unless he's getting written off, it's NOT a great sign.

I (heart) Heroes.
IcannotbelievetheyaregoingtomakeuswaituntilAPRIL!!! (I know it's one word, but that was the sentiment that was expressed by me and my fellow Heroes watchers. "Lost" should really work to hire some of their writers because they have stolen the good juju from them. I watched "Lost" last night and was bored silly. I'm thisclose to giving up on that show for good.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Can you learn from reality TV?

The other day I was at work and someone mentioned that they were watching old episodes of "The Golden Girls" and I said I practically owned the whole series.

She said that she tried to watch something on TV but there was nothing but dumb reality shows. I was a *bit* peeved and told her about great shows like "The Amazing Race." She said she could watch that but not "Survivor" and "I Love New York."

I couldn't argue with her.

But I don't agree with her either. Let's face it, there is a LOT of trash out there, but there's some good too.
Here's what I've learned from reality TV.

Cheaters: While I don't catch every episode, I've picked up a few clues from this show. The premise: somone suspects their spouse/partner of cheating. A detective crew is sicced on them and then they investigate. Nine times out of 10 they are cheating. They are then confronted and wacky high jinks ensue.

Here's what I learned, (Not that I have a cheating heart, I've been in a relationship for almost five years now!).
Inspect all new knicknacks that show up in your house. Their favorite things it to put hidden cameras in homes and these cheaters are stupid enough to bring their new lover home. And the camera is rolling as they start getting busy in full view.

Don't go to "Applebee's" for some reason, a LOT of these folks take their dates to this place.
Don't kiss in public. NO kissing at the door or at the car. Go inside the OTHER person's house and don't stay longer than 5-10 minutes.
Hotels are NOT your friend. The clerks can rat you out if they suspect you're cheating. (Seriously)

America's Next Top Model: Tyra, I am your TV slave. But here's what I've learned.
Know your angles. You never know WHEN or where you're going to be photographed so always be prepared.
Anything is possible, don't doubt yourself. YOU are your OWN biggest enemy.

I Love New York. Even ghetto girls need love too!

Survivor: It's the ultimate in office politics. The key to getting along is to NOT have too strong of a personality but being true to yourself. You also need the RIGHT people supporting you in your endeavors while NOT selling out. (I'm still mastering this little gem).

The Amazing Race: There are beautiful places in the world besides the good old USA. Also, in competition, the only person you should trust completely is your partner and sometimes you both have to take risks.

Well, that's it for this week, today is my honey's b-day and we're off to celebrate!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Do you know the news?

Yes! Two posts in one day. Don't get used to this but I digress.

I've stumbled across this "Frontline" documentary about an industry that's near and dear to my heart: journalism. is the link to the series but it goes into detail about how journalism isn't *quite * dead yet and how folks are using the Internet to get news. It also talks about blogs and how people mistake opinion for news.

Interesting stuff. You CAN watch the whole series online so check it out.

What is going ON with American Idol?

I normally post on Sundays but I HAD to post tonight.

I just sat through an excruciating hour of TV. Tonight, Nick, AJ, Aliana and Leslie were kicked out. While Sundance, Sanjaya and Antonella all lived ANOTHER freaking day.

I stopped watching this show a few years ago because the problem is, it's NOT a singing contest, it's a popularity contest. And that is the difference. Sundance, Sanjaya and Antonella have OK voices, but they are NOT great singers. Seriously.

Sanjaya who is a cutie is getting the teen-ager/grandma votes and that's what's keeping him alive. Antonella might be getting the Paris Hilton boost since lewd photos of her surfaced on the Internet. (Wanna bet that her friend who auditioned with her *might* have something to do with it, or someone who knows them both?)

Sundace is charming and depending on the song, he can sing. But does he deserve to stay? NO.

I wish I could bail but it's like a trainwreck, I've got to witness all of the casualities.

And since I'm blogging, here's the week in review so far.

I am in "Heroes" heaven. All hands on those who got teary-eyed at the last five minutes when Claire said goodbye to her Dad? I was a sobbing MESS! For real.
Hayden and Jack acted their asses off and they both deserve accolades for this.

Meanwhile over on "24," it's plodding along but it doesn't grab me as it used to. I'm still loyal to Jack but I have to say that unless stuff starts moving along, I'll be DVRing it and watching "Heroes" first.

Is the shark circling around "Veronica Mars." We found out that Tim the TA killed Dean O'Dell and the reason was to set Professor Landry because he didn't give him a recommendation. It was very anticlimatic and very boring. After the shocking death of Lamb, I expected more this week. But alas, no.

The problem with this show is that it is veering away from the characters we know and love. (Wallace and Weevil are basically extras with a few lines every few shows, Mac is lovely but we don't see her nearly enough. I still don't have a "feel" for Piz or Parker as people.) Another problem is the MOTW (Mystery of the Week) has gotten waaay too easy. It's almost "Murder, She Wrote" bad. And when the show returns on MAY 1!!!!! It'll be standalone mysteries. I fear this may be the last season we'll be visiting the folks over in Neptune. And if it continues to sink in quality, then I'd rather see it gone.

Because it's been a crazy week, I'm behind in my viewing on "Lost" and "Law & Order, SVU." I'll catch you all up in a few weeks.

One of my friends who's addicted to "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" points out there is a TON of male nudity or half-nekkid men on that show. I'm going to have to catch up during a marathon to see what I've been missing. Plus, the moved the show to Tuesday nights away from "Lost."