Friday, March 16, 2007

Is "Veronica" really gone?

Today at work, a colleague came up to me and offered her condolences. I was like "What for?" and she said, "I know you're a fan of that show "Veronica" something and I just read that it got cancelled.

I almost wet my pants right then and there. I think I owe my employer a few dollars because for the next 20 minutes, I was all over the Internet trying to find a definitive answer about what was going on.

USA Today's "Pop Candy" blog was saying it wasn't a done deal. "Entertainment Weekly" didn't have a peep about it. Then I checked E!'s Kristin Veitch and she was all over it. She reported that the show would spring forward a few years and have Veronica coming out of the FBI Academy. (In my real life, a good friend of mine literally is a few weeks from completing her time over at Quantico so I'm going to be curious of how accurate they will be). I e-mailed my friend Jump the Snark and let him know the news along with a few other folks who follow the Neptune gang.

The rest of my day was just horrible because my thoughts kept drifting back to Veronica. Will they keep Wallace? Keith? Logan? Mac? Backup??? Why is the CW doing this to us??? And then I realized, that Veronica isn't as much see TV as it used to be, but it was my comfort, my joy, my hope on Tuesday nights.

Not since "Buffy" have I been so addicted to a show. And I remember at the Comic-Con this summer, it was a wait to get into the room. Folks adore this show and my lord, does the CW actually have anything worth replacing it? Yes, folks did watch "The Pussycat Dolls," but can they substain THAT show for years?

I don't want to cut and run and will watch the show to the last frame, but I blame the CW for this. Evertime I turn on that danged station, they are hawking "America's Next Top Model" (a disclaimer, I watch that show too) or "The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll" but I don't see VM commericals.

I knew we were headed down the wrong path when the network demanded shorter mysteries instead of a season long mystery. I knew when they took the show off on "hiatus" that it was a bad sign. And when we saw the last episode, it felt very "series" finale, instead of mystery finale.

I pray that if they do officially cancel the show, that at least we'll get some resolution. I'd like to see Veronica finally MOVE THE HECK ON from Logan and they become friends. I'd like to see Wallace and Veronica spend more time together. To me, they were the core of the show. Two outsiders who become friends and strive to do and be the right thing. As I type this, the episode "Betty and Veronica" springs to mind. In that episode, Veronica goes undercover to find a missing school mascot and it's revealed that she secretly has been baking cookied and slipping them in Wallace's locker to support him as a jock. When he confronts her about it and says she's not into the whole "school spirit" thing, she says, to him that he is and that's what's important. Later in the episode, she actually goes to a game to support him. Another tender moment is later in the season, Veronica FINALLY comes clean about her rape and she goes straight to Wallace's house when she needed to talk about it.

I pray this isn't the end of the Neptune gang but I'd rather them end it on a high note than drag it down.

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