Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is this the end for Veronica?

Yep, you read right. Today I've come across articles in Variety and USA Today both saying that Veronica is once again "On the Bubble." While this hasn't been the BEST season of the show, that would be Season 1, I feel like it deserves another season.

And I'm not alone because here are others who agree. The folks at www.televisionwithoutpity.com are organizing a campaign to save the show. I find it shocking that EW and others haven't done articles to help the show. Heck, this week "Ugly Betty" managed to score a cover.

I'm also hoping that the PTB at the CW will recognize the cultural imporance of this show. It's like the younger and just as smart sister of "Buffy." BTW (Saturday, March 10 was the 10 year anniversary of Buffy." (GAWD, I'm getting old).

I'm going to launch my own personal campaign to get everyone I know to watch the show. Wish me luck.

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Jumpthesnark said...

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy: the folks at the CW changed Rob Thomas' vision of the show so much that it's sort of a Frankenstein version of what it should be. I'm surprised it's as good as it IS on a regular basis, considering all the restrictions they put on the show.

Bottom line is, the PTB have made the show something it shouldn't be, and now it doesn't have the ratings it should have, and they're upset so they're thinking of killing the show. Which is too bad -- if RT was allowed to do the show the way he wanted, I have a feeling it would be a lot better, and more successful.