Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gone too soon!!!!!!

King of Pop Michael Jackson died unexpectedly on Thursday. This cover story in Ebony Magazine was one of his last indepth interviews. Photo by

There have been very few times that I've been speechless, the death of Michael Jackson leaves me with no words. I'm in shock and very saddened by his sudden passing. I'm betting most of you learned about the death of MJ from the Internet while a good portion learned via TV.

I was watching CNN and they were airing stories about this 70s icon death.. And then, it happened. Wolf Blitzer was told that MJ was rushed to the hospital and then suddenly Farrah's story became yesterday's news and MJ was front and center. MJ died around 12:30 PDT, it became a nonstop Michael Jackson fest on many of the major channels.

Videos for songs such as "Liberian Girl" and "Earth Song" were rediscovered by me. And even t hough the news stations have played "Thriller" into the ground I still stop and watch.

CNN has been covering the story nonstop while MTV wisely turned their programming over to MJ videos. While I'm sad, I think it's great that a new generation gets to rediscover the music. LA Reid said on the "Today" show on Friday that "It's time people turned up the music and turned down the chatter" and I think that quote summed up everything I was feeling.

I love Michael Jackson's music. I can listen to "Thriller" all day and not get tired of it. And while his life took some strange and dark turns, the music is still what matters.

I hope that when people look back, that's what they'll remember: music and maybe dancing.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"16 and Pregnant:" Farrah's story

Meet Farrah and Sophia. Farrah's a little spoiled but it looks as if she's going to be a good mom. Farrah's mom, however, looks as if she was a horrible mother and will be a horrible grandma. Photo by

It's official. I'm addicted to this show. It's a sad situation, young girls getting pregnant and not knowing what to do. I'm a little skeeved out about watching these girls have their lives taped and I wonder what benefit they are getting from allowing this to happen. Is it they don't want others to wind up pregnant? Or is it their 15 of fame? I dunno, but whatever it is, it keeps me watching.

This week, we meet Farrah who's pregnant by a guy she describes as "jealous and immature," and yet he's the babydaddy?? These girls are choosing real gems for daddies as witnessed by Maci and Ryan from last week's episode.

What I find fascinating, is that the baby's daddy only has is voice heard and never appears in the episode. I'm sure if you knew Farrah, you knew who it was but I wonder what he's doing now? I'm sure he probably was sitting at home when this episode aired tonight and his phone was probably blowing up from people calling him. Like him or not, he contributed half of the DNA and has some rights to the baby. Let's pray he doesn't use Sophia as a pawn to get Farrah back.

What's shocking about these girls too is that how shocked THEY are by others' reaction about their situation. Farrah was ticked that people were talking about her being pregnant. Like DUH!!! These are high school kids. Of COURSE they are going to talk about how this popular girl got pregnant.

Farrah also had a hard time at home too. Her Dad seems cool but it's her control freak mom that's an issue. It's clear that Farrah was looking for love and wound up getting pregnant but her mom and her icy glance of death probably didn't help matters any. She tried to control Farrah and look what happened.

The only humanity she showed was when she stayed with Farrah during Sophia's birth. Otherwise, she was a ice queen throughout the whole episode.

I'm hoping that Farrah can get a job and get the heck away from this woman otherwise, she might wind up like the grandmother from this book.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"16 and pregnant" the premiere

Meet Ryan and Bentley. Ryan, left, is a big baby. Maci is the mom and she has to take care of two babies. Her fiance and her son. Photo by

Confession: I used to be addicted to MTV. When the station first debuted, it was tons of music videos and VJs and fun. Now, until recently, I can't remember the last time I watched MTV. That may change because MTV actually has a GOOD reality show on called "16 and Pregnant." Unlike the sporadically airing "True Life" this show takes one subject and follows it: Teen pregnancy.

The show traces the last few months of the teen's pregnancy and how it affects her and her family. And then they follow the teen after the baby is here and shows how hard it is to be a parent.

The premiere episode featured 16-year-old Maci and her fiance Ryan ( who may be in the 19-21 year age range). At first, it's all smiles and giggles as the two set up a household for themselves and the baby but then as the due date draws closer, things change and it's not for the better.

Folks, Ryan is a douche. I hate to use that language but that's just the truth. He basically leaves all the caregiving to Maci and goes out to work, to workout and to hang out with his friends. Meanwhile, Laci and the baby sit at home or they are at her mom's house.

Maci will ask Ryan to change diapers or hold the baby and it's like THE. WORST. THING. EVER. for Ryan because he can't be bothered. Yet, he runs out and gets a HUGE tattoo of the baby's name Bentley Cadence on his body. I think Ryan likes the idea of being a dad but doesn't want to do the work that comes with it.

Maci, however, seemed to be going places. She was a cheerleader and was headed off to college and then she got pregnant. Now it's too late to do anything, but she seems to be embracing the mom role as she gets the baby ready and manages to go to school at the same time. However, I thought when she joined the dance team, that was a bit much because that was time she could have spent with the baby or working so that they wouldn't have to struggle financially.

The most telling scene of the episode was after a fight Ryan says to Maci "If it weren't for the baby, I wouldn't be here." The episode ends with her telling the audience that they were trying to work things out. Personally, I understand why she would because she wants the baby to have a father, but does it have to come at the expense of YOUR self esteem? I think that's too high of a price to pay.

The one thing that wasn't addressed is how she got pregnant. (I know the birds and the bees people so don't go there). Did birth control fail? Was this something they talked about and she went for it? Was it her not knowing she could get pregnant? I think that needs to be clearly stated. What's good about this show is that it gives an unflinching look at what it means to be a teen parent. I'm a 40-year-old man, and I can barely take care of myself. So taking care of a baby is out of the question for me, but I was amazed at how Maci managed to keep it together. However, I know I and practically every mom out there who watched was a little annoyed at how they let the baby cry for no good reason on occasion. I'm not a parent but it was horrible to hear Bentley sit there and cry and cry.

We also learned that daycare in Tennessee costs $650 a MONTH at the school that Maci attends. That's a LOT Of money and I'm glad they showed the financial aspect of why it costs so much to have a baby.

The show airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. and since there's NOTHING else on, you should give it a try. And I hope that this will make kids think twice before running out and having a baby.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Her life on the "D list"...

Tiffany, Kathy, Maggie and Tom will be so entertaining this season on the "D-List." Photo by TiVo.

Some people love her, others hate her but one thing Kathy Griffin can do, is get people to talking. This season, Kathy is already off on a roll as the premiere episode features the one and only Bette Midler. However, the show seemed to be an hour long promo for Bette's show in Vegas.. BTW, the chorographer is the woman who sings this song and another gay icon.

The show kicked off with Kathy's quest for winning a Grammy. (She didn't win although the album For Your Consideration is hysterical).

And I guess as a crossover artist she's now got her sights set on a book due out Sept. 29.

We learn in the first few minutes that fan favorite Jessica her personal assistant quit and that Kathy will be spending this season trying to get A-list tips from A-listers.

She landed a gig with Bette Midler and Bette folks was very prudish and cold. I'm betting that Bette will watch and be shocked at how cold she looked. The cool thing about the show is that Bette apparently has Stevie Nicks on speed dial and as a gay guy, I squealed like a girl when I saw Kathy, Bette and heard Stevie on the phone. Heck if we had Cher, Whitney and Janet I think I would have died instantly.

But there were two moments that were the best of the show. a) Bette went with Kathy to the Fremont Street area to eat a fried Oreo and b) Bette and Kathy sang to a drunk 21-year old. However, a crack-ish looking woman kept mugging in front of the cameras! Hysterical!

Next week Lily Tomlin will give Kathy some advice and I'll be tuning in.....

I'm not a celebrity, but get met out of here....

Oh Sanjaya, I never thought I'd say this, but I actually WANT you to win for a change. Photo by

Last week, I wrote about how I hate Spedi. I don't know if you've seen the drama.

So tonight I had to watch. It's 8:27 and Heidi is talking about being a missionary and started talking more and more about God and Jesus and it got old really quick. It also makes me think they are faking this new love for Jesus. Then Heidi started feeling ill and Spencer actually prayed over Heidi. It was hysterical! Along the way, Frances quit after Angela was booted. (How long did she last, one day?)

Are they crazy? Coco for Coco-Puffs? I dunno, but then we saw Spencer on a block hollaring for Jesus! And with that, I'm done.

Someone let me know how this ends....

Monday, June 01, 2009

"I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!"

It's official, Heidi and Spencer are total jerks. Photo by

I hate summer. Why? Because for a couch potato, there's NOTHING on to watch. For the past few weeks, NBC has been hyping, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!" and so tonight I bit.

OMG: Heidi and Spencer kills me. They are awful. They whined and complained from the moment go. She whined about bug bites and lack of hair products. And of course not being able to have sex with Spencer.

And Sanjaya is so adorable but I don't expect for him to be long for this game. Patti Blagojevich and Frangela are so random.

Now will I watch for the next three weeks? Not really but I gave it a shot...