Thursday, June 18, 2009

"16 and Pregnant:" Farrah's story

Meet Farrah and Sophia. Farrah's a little spoiled but it looks as if she's going to be a good mom. Farrah's mom, however, looks as if she was a horrible mother and will be a horrible grandma. Photo by

It's official. I'm addicted to this show. It's a sad situation, young girls getting pregnant and not knowing what to do. I'm a little skeeved out about watching these girls have their lives taped and I wonder what benefit they are getting from allowing this to happen. Is it they don't want others to wind up pregnant? Or is it their 15 of fame? I dunno, but whatever it is, it keeps me watching.

This week, we meet Farrah who's pregnant by a guy she describes as "jealous and immature," and yet he's the babydaddy?? These girls are choosing real gems for daddies as witnessed by Maci and Ryan from last week's episode.

What I find fascinating, is that the baby's daddy only has is voice heard and never appears in the episode. I'm sure if you knew Farrah, you knew who it was but I wonder what he's doing now? I'm sure he probably was sitting at home when this episode aired tonight and his phone was probably blowing up from people calling him. Like him or not, he contributed half of the DNA and has some rights to the baby. Let's pray he doesn't use Sophia as a pawn to get Farrah back.

What's shocking about these girls too is that how shocked THEY are by others' reaction about their situation. Farrah was ticked that people were talking about her being pregnant. Like DUH!!! These are high school kids. Of COURSE they are going to talk about how this popular girl got pregnant.

Farrah also had a hard time at home too. Her Dad seems cool but it's her control freak mom that's an issue. It's clear that Farrah was looking for love and wound up getting pregnant but her mom and her icy glance of death probably didn't help matters any. She tried to control Farrah and look what happened.

The only humanity she showed was when she stayed with Farrah during Sophia's birth. Otherwise, she was a ice queen throughout the whole episode.

I'm hoping that Farrah can get a job and get the heck away from this woman otherwise, she might wind up like the grandmother from this book.


shelliibabii228 said...

but how does Farrah do her hair like in the show?

DanaVikes said...

I know Farrah and the babies daddy, or should I say knew the babies daddy. He died in a tragic car accident in December before Sophia was born, but MTV didn't show you that because they wanted to portray Farrah as the "single mom" when in reality after the father found out the baby was his he tried to get involved in the process. The only problem was Farrahs mother and Farrah herself did not give him the chance to be involved.

TRU said...

We are quick to judge and in so many ways even through TV we are still unable to see the truth. Reality of the matter is that Sophia is here now and all we can do is wish Farrah and her family the best! Teen pregnancy is not a shocker any more this has been going on for years and will continue to as long as we don't educate ourselves and try to help others do so as well. That is what the show is about so what if he did try to be apart of the babies life and who cares that her mom was being a total BI throughout the show! That's her teenage daughter whom is in for a rude awakening if she thinks for one minute that she will get a pass due to the fact of her having a baby. Growing up is a part of life some of us do and some don't! She should be grateful that her mom didn't put her out when she told her she was prego and as far as dude goes.......don't know him can't judge him, but a word from the wise never push the father of your child out of there life for one day they may rebel against you for something only you had control over! Be blessed stay Tru first to self and then to others!! ;)

mari09 said...

farrah is doin a great job im 19 an i had m son at 18 my sister at 16 an it was hard but when you have family an friends to help you its easy an when you see your baby face when they laugh or smile it beautiful an you feel great that you had your child

The Beeeeaaattch said...

is it REALLY true that the father died? Regardless of his age or problems of abuse, he should be mentioned... that's his daughter. and it takes two.
if he did pass away, i hope his family gets to spend time with sophia.
why wouldn't MTV at least pay their respects in the credits?

rach12321 said...

This is what happened to the father or Sophia... so maybe some of you will have some sympothy for how strong Farrah had to be during this time...

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- Family and friends are mourning two teenagers killed after a car skidded out of control and crashed into a pole Sunday morning in Council Bluffs.

Derek Underwood and Zachary Mendoza, both 18 years old, died in the crash.

Witnesses told police Dustin Congdon, 19, was hurt, but his injuries are not considered life threatening.

The three teenagers were good friends who met through various sports at Thomas Jefferson High School.

According to family, they'd hang out almost every day -- almost every night, which is what they were doing Sunday morning.

Derek Underwood's sisters said that he was a good athlete and was about to be a father.

"He would always cook for us, and all his friends, whenever they came to the house, he loved to cook, he was going to go to culinary school," said Kassy Underwood.

"Definitely lived on the edge, but he was responsible, he went to work, came home," said Alissa Underwood.

Thomas Davis said Zach Mendoza lived with his family through junior high and high school, but had been friends since kindergarten.

"Zach was like a brother to me. Dustin and Derek were really close too --just going to miss going fishing with him and stuff like that, and the little games we used to play," said Davis.

Underwood's family said police told them Derek, who was the driver, may have tried to pass someone illegally on the road before hitting a patch of black ice.

The family also said that they believe the three teenagers were drinking Saturday night.

"Just to know that you're never going to see them again, it hurts," said Davis.

Funeral services are pending.

Underwood's family said the Iowa state medical examiner has scheduled an autopsy for Derek since he was the driver.

Police have not confirmed if the teenagers were drinking, wearing their seat belts, or how fast they were going when they crashed.

Crisis counselors will be on hand at Thomas Jefferson High School on Monday.

Casey said...

He was dead when the show aired. he dies in Dec of 08 so his phone wasnt ringing.

drxt9 said...

to whoever posted the news article about how Derek died, you're a joke. Go read the article for yourself n All of the article is true except for the part where his sisters say he was an athlete and about to be a father. So nice try moron./

luvmylilboy821 said...

I love farrah's mom! she tells it like it is! she gives that tough love! and only wants whats best for farrah...once ur a parent u will understand that!

Kirst :P said...

Actually, if you go read the article about the car crash on the actual news website of the does say he was about to be a father and there are pictures of them online together. I'm not sure WHY she would go through all of this not to even mention the fact that her daughter's father is deceased. I really think that would've made her somewhat more genuine during the show to audiences. Nevertheless, her strength is amazing.

christy said...

DRXT9....What Rach12321 posted was an actual NEWS article. His sisters did say that. You have no right to call people Morons. How old are you?..Let me guess your atleast in your early 20's? Cause you act very immature.

Lil'MissMama said...

When I first started watchin 16 and pregnant I can clearly remember Farrah receiving a text from Derek. She told him no she wasnt pregnant a few days later got her phone number changed due to her mom and herself being selfish and not allowing Derek to know the truth. He was intitlted to that truth to know he was going to be a father. She is selfish and i hope that someone steps in and takes that baby girl away. Due to what i have seen on tv farrah shouldnt be allowed to have custody of a goldfish let alone a potted plant. I am to a single mother and i started at a young age yet i knew better enough to pay attention to my son and not leaving him in water alone or on a bed or my personal favorite this "mom" did leave her child in the hall way while she set up her apartment. My hope is someone takes that baby away before the baby ends up like her daddy. No not trying to be mean just being realistic

TyMarie said...

@Lil'MissMama who are you to judge Farrah? And I hope you realize that what they show isn't necessarily every thing that happened. They edit it to make it fit the timetable. And also, she's a teenager. She most likely didn't really know how to take care of the baby when she first had her. And also she had to deal with the death of Sophia's father before Sophia was even born. And if you watch the later shows you'd realize that she did want Derek in hers and Sophia's life.

swim_chick_95 said...

I can't believe that it seems as if no one had considered the possibility that somethig had happened to Derek, considering they never mention his name, and he's only mentioned once or twice. Also, as someone before me said, what's shown on tv isn't exactly everything that happens. That's why it's not fair to judge someone on a tv show like this, where it's the first time you're seeing them. Also, if you've been watching Teen Mom now that it's playing, it easy to see that Farrah is a great mom, and some of the anger and attitude during herb16 and Pregnant episode was probably from her dealing with the death of not only her ex, but her baby Sofia's daddy. I think that some of you judgmental people out there, really need to start thinking before you open your mouth to say something rude and hurtful.

Luxor said...

How about instead of sitting on your ass watching and judging other people's lives, you go the fuck outside and get one of your own?! That's what I say to the lot of you.

BlackCat2266 said...

Lol Luxor

rocco28 said...

My cousin thinks Farrah's a skank but I think she's nice.

rocco28 said...

My cousin thinks Farrah's a skank but I think she's nice.