Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gone too soon!!!!!!

King of Pop Michael Jackson died unexpectedly on Thursday. This cover story in Ebony Magazine was one of his last indepth interviews. Photo by

There have been very few times that I've been speechless, the death of Michael Jackson leaves me with no words. I'm in shock and very saddened by his sudden passing. I'm betting most of you learned about the death of MJ from the Internet while a good portion learned via TV.

I was watching CNN and they were airing stories about this 70s icon death.. And then, it happened. Wolf Blitzer was told that MJ was rushed to the hospital and then suddenly Farrah's story became yesterday's news and MJ was front and center. MJ died around 12:30 PDT, it became a nonstop Michael Jackson fest on many of the major channels.

Videos for songs such as "Liberian Girl" and "Earth Song" were rediscovered by me. And even t hough the news stations have played "Thriller" into the ground I still stop and watch.

CNN has been covering the story nonstop while MTV wisely turned their programming over to MJ videos. While I'm sad, I think it's great that a new generation gets to rediscover the music. LA Reid said on the "Today" show on Friday that "It's time people turned up the music and turned down the chatter" and I think that quote summed up everything I was feeling.

I love Michael Jackson's music. I can listen to "Thriller" all day and not get tired of it. And while his life took some strange and dark turns, the music is still what matters.

I hope that when people look back, that's what they'll remember: music and maybe dancing.

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