Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm Wilhemina Slater and I don't get wet: "Ugly Betty"

His milkshake still brings Betty to the yard. Photo by

I love "Ugly Betty" so much that I want to run away and make babies with it. OK, that was so dramatic but you get the point.
This episode, Betty was bored with Henry and wanted some excitement. Gio swooped back into the picture and caught Betty's attention much to Henry's dismay. But Hilda, who knows a good thing when she sees it, decided to give Gio a try.

Betty White guest starred and stole the show. She's put a kink in Willie's plan to open "Slater" magazine. Meanwhile, Daniel and Alexis fought for control of Meade publication during a paintball fight.

Henry, meanwhile, unveiled a fantastic body (who knew???) during an evening of dancing. And Hilda realized that Gio has it bad for Betty. (poor HIlda).

And Daniel asked Alexis if they could run Meade together but she took the shot and won the competition. Gio asked HIlda out but she realized that he likes Betty.

Meanwhile, the other Betty has the best line of the night: I'm going on TV with whore eyes. And Betty took this opportunity to milk the feud for more publicity.

And Willie pulled out one last trick to help stay in Meade: Bradford's baby. EWWWW

Episode grade: A+++++++++++

Oops. I have to deduct a plus because of the SHAMELESS promotion of THIS movie.