Monday, November 10, 2008

Continuity shenanigans

Elle was shoehorned in the origin story of Sylar. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Photo by

Color me disappointed.
Tonight, "Heroes" tried to fill in the gaps in their story by having Hiro go on a spirit journey to discover what when on to bring them to the present day.

Unfortunately, they told a half-ass story and used some old footage to try to fool fans.

Tonight's story focused on the Petrelli clan and how Arthur wound up in that coma and how he fooled his family into thinking he was dead. It turns out that he had used his power on Angela and scarred her mind and forced his thoughts on her. (Mind rape?) Only when Linderman "healed" her she enacted a plan to take him down.

Meanwhile, we discovered that Meredith and Mr. Blue Flame (sorry, he's so minor to me, his name hasn't stuck with me yet) are brother and sister. Of course, this makes him Claire's uncle. (How many family connections are we having on this show?)
We discover that she was a bad girl and then was made an agent and then freed her brother and was caught.

She was set free once HRG's boss decided took pity on her when she told him how The Company "killed" Claire. Of course this takes place at a train wreck she caused and where Claire illustrated her powers of near invulnerability.

The main story was how Elle tricked Sylar into killing someone so that they could study how his power worked. Of course, this contradicted the WHOLE FIRST SEASON where they were looking for Sylar and how no one knew what he looked like and where he was. But of course, excuse me for continuity.

The episode ends with Daddy Petrelli getting the drop on Hiro and apparently absorbing his powers....

Episode Grade: D for DUMB.