Thursday, November 08, 2007

Beat it, Mama's weave can't get sweaty on her big day: "Ugly Betty" the recap

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Dear Emmy people:
Forget the rest. This show is the winner. Seriously. Forget Grey's. Skip whatever else is out there because "Ugly" is where it's at.

Can this show continue to get better? The answer: yes!

Sooo much to love. From Henry and Betty snuggling: She in her sunflower T-shirt and he in his New York baseball shirt. It's nerd love and it's AWESOME!

I didn't get the magic of Posh Spice but lordy, I do know because she stopped by and stole the show. (loved the cameo from the real Vera Wang. How DO they get these folks to appear on this show???)

Daniel was having jealousy issues as Alexis was busy trying to save the magazine. And Willie said it best that Danny and the tranny the dynamic duo was still trying to save this rag.
Daniel discovered that Willie and the bodyguard were having an affair.

Amanda and Mark were adorable/funny/bitchy/funny/bitchy/sad/bitchy as usual. And of course I loved Amanda's "Transfatty" comment. Followed by Mark saying "Beauty is pain."

Of course Henry was also just soo wonderful when he put Betty's needs in front of his and demanding that she goes to her father's citizenship ceremony. It was soo emotional when the two locked eyes. Loved Mark breaking up with Cliff at the wedding and Amanda giving him the shimmy. It was great when they got back together too.

And Christina got some loving from her ex and appears to be falling back in love. And he's looking for $100,000 for an experiemental treatment. (Hmmmm...)

And you knew they were going to play "Ebony and Ivory." and it was hysterical. And you knew Betty was going to bust into the wedding. And you knew that Willie was going to put Posh away somewhere.

And the ending: to die for!

Episode grade: A+


According to Entertainment Weekly the bible of all things entertainment, the writers strike had caused a delay in "24."

So if you're going to be jonesing for Jack in January, you are SOL.

Pray that the writers get what they want so we can get what WE want and that's great TV.