Thursday, September 28, 2006

America's Next Top Model and Project Runway

Wednesday night has been dubbed the "big, bad, night of fashion" at my house. With "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway" we love both shows.

Last night, (sorry for the delay) both had some of the best episodes EVER. On ATNM, we learn that Monique is a true bitch because she lost a challenge. We also see that Anchal is ghetto fabulous and basically shows Monique that if she doesn't start any "sh", there won't be any "it."

We also see that haircuts and dye jobs can be traumatic for many people apparently. Jada loses it as her precious locks are cut. She gets this super cute Halle Berry style cut but doesn't see it. Monique cries because no one has ever seen her without her weave. (Another Web site has deemed her Menique, but I'm going to call her the Bitchiest of Then All and call it a day.)

In the end, we learn that Megan can't cut it when a bunch of weave that moves (not kidding here) and gets "lost" in photos. It's sad too because she had such a compelling story about her mom saving her during a plane crash. I also love how they tossed in that she was a lesbian, much like Kim was two seasons ago.
What I totally hated was: The twins being in the same name card. They are TWO people, people, let them have separate ones. And I really, really hate the new opening with Tyra. ICK!

Project Runway

Michael Knight is my secret TV boyfriend. Last night, I was worried about my secret TV boyfriend. This week's challenge was having the designers create their own design for the opening of Elle magazine. This freaked everyone out because each of the designers took a different approach.

But first, let's boo Uli for STEALING Nazri from Michael!!!! They had perfect chemistry and she took it. And apparently some mojo wore off since she won the challenge. She did the same print dress as usual, but this time she made it short. YAWN!

Laura did what she does (YAWN). And Jeffery did something different but it didn't work. And Michael's design sucked. I think Nina truly saved his ass.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Obscessed with Oprah and Veronica

I have a confession. I absolutely love, love Oprah. My DVR is set to tape the show daily. I know I watch a lot of trash but I know that every show I come away learning something from it.

Right now, I'm getting a kick out of watching a road trip with her and her best friend Gayle King. Gayle crackes me the hell up. She reminds me of me. She likes to sing in the car. She knows a LOT of musci and TV. If I weren't gay, I'd probably be the perfect man for her.

Veronica Mars IS smarter than me.
It's ONE week until the Veronica Mars premiere and I cannot wait until my show is back on full time!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006


I had the pleasure seeing the pilot during Comic-Con in July. Tonight, I rewatched and got goosebumps again.

The cast so far: Claire the cheerleader who appears to be indestructible.
Nikki the stripper who's power is a bit hazy right now.
Hiro who can teleport and bend time
The brothers, whose names I forget, appears to share the power of flight.
And Isaac, the drug addicted artist who paints pictures of the future.

I'm hoping this show will find an audience. It's really that good!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

NBC has brought their A game back this fall

With so much to watch, I finally got around to watching "Kidnapped" and "Studio 60."

I've added both to my MUST WATCH column of my TV list. Of the two, I like "Kidnapped" because it's going to make me think and pay attention. Jeremy Sisto plays Jack Bauer-lite who an ex-FBI agent who's trying to rescue a teenager. Although, it's only the first episode, they left me wanting more.

"Studio 60" is pretty smart but my only complaint is the dialogue moves too fast and I had to rewind to catch several lines.

Tomorrow, "Heroes" debuts and I hope that viewers will embrace it like I did.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I can now stop watching Celebrity Duets.....

because the artist I was waiting on sang first tonight.

Patti LaBelle proves why she's had a long career as she practically blew Jai Rodriguez off the stage. Much like she did with Christina Aguilera and Mya a few years ago when they sang Lady marmalade. Although, I didn't like that little purple number she had on.
Lucy Tuneless must be sleeping with one or all of the judges because she sounded HORRIBLE and they praised her like she had a voice of an angel. Little Richard is hysterical!

Hal Sparks lucked up with Dee Snider from Twisted Sister and gave an OK performance and is YELLING. AT. DAVID. FOSTER. that alone should get him booted this week.

Cheech Marin got Al Jarreau sounded like a dog and a cat got into a fight and neither one won. Little Richard cracks me the heck up.

Alfonzo Ribero got Chaka Khan!!!!! Patti, Chaka on the same show??? I've died and gone to heaven....

And Patti got to sing again but unfortunatley, Wayne Brady sang with her. Give me a break....from heaven to hell in just a few seconds....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

America's Next Top Model

My God I LOVE this show!!!! The gang is back! Tyra and her chic/ghetto fabulousness. Miss Jay and her diva/wackiness and Mr. Jay who I know his hair is going to fall out because he bleaches it sooo much.

The new girls are going to be the ultimate drama queens. I was sad that my homegirl from Columbia, S.C. was kicked off the show. I know she was better than that old, ass Melrose girl.

I am sick of all the black women being edited to look like byotches though. I loved Jade last season but sense a bloody bitch battle going to happen between Eugenia/Monique really soon.

I love Anchal the Indian woman and Becky the blond. The twins annoy me because they don't act like individuals. I pray it isn't a battle of the twins at the end.

I think my new favorite phrase this season is going to be "work it out" because Tyra says it all the time!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Oprah factor

So I've just got finished watching the second day of the Premiere week of Oprah Winfrey's 21st season.

Oprah has in two days took me through a lot of emotions, she made me laugh and then took me to anger. She had me beaming with pride and then had me wondering what the heck was she doing.

The first day was Oprah and Gail's roadtrip across the country. It was hysterical. Oprah has fully embraced the whole celebrity thing to the T. She went to Las Vegas and was treated like a "normal" person who had the troubles of checking and getting lost and stuck in traffic. She snapped at Gail alot because Gail made the unreasonable request of listening to music while driving.

It appears Oprah is a diva in her own mind and she likes things HER way or no way at all.

On the second day, Oprah had me beaming with pride because she questioned former Governor Jim McGreevy about his whole coming out process and she left no stone unturned ranging from how he told his wife, to why did he marry the woman in the first place.

It's moments like this where she shines as a journalist. (Some may argue that she's morphed into television personality status but she DOES display those interviewing/journalism skills when needed.

Deal or No Deal

I admit I am hooked on this show. It's like one of the most simple shows ever, but I so enjoy it. For those who are not familiar, basically you pick a suitcase and pray you have the top amount. Then you pick other suitcases to eliminate other amounts off this board. Then there's the Banker. He tries to buy back your case for a lesser amount to get you out the game.

So far this week, folks have won $675,000 and $701,000. Me, I'm wondering where do I sign up?

The 10 p.m. hour

Is it me, or are there too many good shows on at 10 p.m.??? Tonight, I'm faced with watching "Law & Order:SVU" and "Nip/Tuck". Luckily, I have the power of the DVR but some folks don't so choices will have to be made. I also have to decide which do I watch "live" and what do I watch the next day.

"Nip/Tuck" is so magically delicious, so I'm all about it. SVU might have to wait a day. In fact, now that I think about it, 10 p.m. is going to be busy every night: Mondays : Studio 60, Tuesday SVU and Nip/Tuck, Wednesday Project Runway, Thursday: Six Degrees, Friday, Law & Order, Sunday: Brothers & Sisters. (You'll note, I left Saturday off because Saturdays is now a wasteland. If I were some network, I'd take a risk and put some really good family programming that night, but that's just me.)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Amazing Race: What a twist!

There's a reason "The Amazing Race" has won so many Emmys. It's just that good.
Sure they've stumbled in the past (Family Edition) anyone and early in its run, it was almost cancelled a few times, but I think it's gotten better.

This season, we have some interesting teams: The Muslims, the models, the Alabama women, the Beauty Queens, the folks from Kentucky, the triathletes, the Cheerleaders, dad and daughter, the gay guys, married couple and the Indian married couple, the Asian brothers.

They all got off to a good start but Phil Keogan dropped a bombshell early. He said that this game would be different and it was.

At the end of the first leg, the Muslim team was eliminated! Everyone was shocked beyond measure, and if this is the way the game is going to go, then we have another exciting season ahead.

My favorites so far appear to be the Indian married couple because they look to be having a good time. I'm liking the cheerleaders too. The dad and daughter couple appear to be interesteing. You can tell he still has issues with her being a lesbian. I'm digging the couple from Kentucky as well. People are going to underestimate them. The women from Alabama are getting on my nerves. They bitch and moan a little too much for me.

I don't like the fighting couple they will be on my nerves really quick. The gay couple appears to be a bit snotty. But we'll see...

So long WB....

This afternoon, the WB will be rerunning some of the shows that put them on the map. I will miss the station because for a while, it was a huge part of my life. "Buffy, ""Felicity," "Angel,""Charmed" and even "Dawson's Creek" were all a part of my regular TV viewing. I stuck with Buffy, Felicty and the women of "Charmed" until the bitter end.

We had some good times. Buffy in particular was MY show. I remember watching it from the first episode and only missed ONE episode in the entire run. I always wished I could be part of the Scoobies but then realized I was by being a loyal viewer.

Felicity captured my attention because of the whole exploring college and finding yourself. While the last season was not so good, the first three years rocked.

Charmed was great in the beginning, then jumped the shark when Shannen was fired. It then picked up steam and really lost it. Last season, should have been the LAST season.

Angel held my interest but I came and went with that show. When it was good, it was awesome. Dawson was my secret TV boyfriend for a while but then when they moved to college, I left them alone. And the last episode was a huge disappointment.

With that, let's hope the CW can build shows that have such fond memories like these.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Celebrity Duets: It's like crack....

I'm beginning to think that twice a week isn't enough. I need my fix and luckily, it's on.

The big mystery? Where did Little Richard go? To the psycho ward? To rehab? To an assistance center? I dunno.

Tonight's show was bad, bad, bad. I don't know where to begin, OH, let's just start with Wayne Brady's Green plaid vest, purple shirt or black pants. It's like color has exploded. Plus, he didn't have the body to pull off the vest. I'm no size two, but still, I know not to squuuueezzeeee myself into something that's inappropriate.

The group singing needs to stop. It was awkward and just awful. Plus they need to choose song that some people's voices can actually handle.

If this gets a second season, I'd like for them to actually have people who can really sing or at least carry a tune. My partner keeps pointing out that Jai sounds like a "background" singer and not a real singer. But, I gotta say, it takes a LOT of guts to put yourself out there for the world to see.

Jesse McCartney hasn't had a hit in like, what, three years? But he still got people screaming for him. And did you see the girls bum rushing the stage??? It was nice of Wayne to plug Jesse's album as well.

Alfonso and Denice sang well but I couldn't concentrate because of the unfortunate gold number that Denice was wearing. It looked like she was headed toward Studio 54 and got lost. But it was upercute that Alfonso and Denise color coordinated though. Wayne also reminded everyone that the Carlton Dance would be done if Alfonso made it. That alone makes me want to pick up my phone to see him do it.

Dionne Warwick, pulled out one of her old outfits from her days as host of "Solid Gold." and she and Lucy Tuneless also color coordinated. Lucy looks flawless but the voice is flawFUL. And Lucy, please, please, find a song you CAN sing! Wayne says they got a standing ovation, but I swear I only saw five people stand up.

Poor Hal Sparks got stuck with "Mr. Roboto" which I was glad to hear because I think I was like in eighth grade last time I heard this song. And get this, Hal was singing the robotic part at first, I was thinking it wasn't fair, but luckily, he came out to sing some. He's still YELLING AT ME!! Stop. YELLING! HAL!

OH, and I see they used some of the budget to get the stage to move. Marie looks like she smelled something at the end of Hal's performance.

Hal Sparks was in the bottom three!! The voting is rigged. There is NO way that Lucy Tuneless got the most votes out of everyone! Unless they have one heckuva sound system on the East Coast.

Carly announced that she's going to be seeking a musical career. Let's hope tonight's performance when she sees it will dissuade her of that.

BTW: America agreed because she got her booty bounced!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dateline, Primetime and those other news shows...

I have a confession. I'm addicted to the "news" shows.
Last night, I ate up the latest "Dateline's: To Catch a Predator." While these shows claim they are doing a public service, let's not be fooled. It's ALL about the ratings.

I don't know what amazes me more: That these sick men keep showing up to molest children, or that reporter Chris Hanson hasn't been shot yet. I keep waiting for some guy to pull out a guy and blow him away.

NBC keeps churning out these shows as a "public service" but notice they NEVER come out during non sweeps months or months were they need a boost. At first, the shows were informative, but now they keep milking them for everything they are worth. It's shocking to see what type of men show up, some of these men look like everyday ordinary people and it's scary to see that they show up to molest these kids.

Tonight, I'm watching "Primetime" and they are "exposing" that girls can be mean. Wow. Sho-cking. Girls can be mean? Duh.

It's also kinda sad that this is so important that this takes up a whole hour.

Celebrity Duets: Or when bad actors sing....

This week, we're scraping the bottom of the pop barrel so far.

Lucy Lawless was paired up with Dionne Warwick. They both sounded dreadful. Like two cats were scratching their vocal chords trying to claw their way free.

Alfonso Ribeiro was paired up with Denice Williams and both sounded great! Carley Patterson sang with one-hit wonder Jesse McCartney and both managed to warble out the song. Hal Sparks seemed to enjoy his tune with a singer from Styx.

Cheech Marin, if there's a God, the public will finally vote you out tomorrow. He sang "Ain't No Sunshine" with Aaron Neville. Aaron Neville was squeezed so tightly into the ugliest suit ever. It's amazing his voice could come out. I'm an Aaron Neville fan, so I'll pretend this performance didn't exist. Maybe AT&T will disable his line so he can finally get out of his competition.

Jai Rodriguez sings with Taylor Dane and it sounds like bad karoke. Jai hits more than a few bad notes, and Taylor sounds bad, bad, bad. What's scary, some of these "professional" singers are actually on tour at casinos and stuff, so at least this show will save you the $40 you might pay for their shows.

Marie Osmond decided to take her "I'm a bitch pills" today because she raked everyone over the coals. Marie, honey, you haven't had a hit this century so you really, really might need to be a little more constructive and a little less um, bitchy.

Poor Little Richard is crying out for help but no one is listening. The man is senile. Or drugged so heavily, he thinks he's reliving his glory days. David Foster looks bored. And if he's not bored, he's sneaking into Marie's "I'm a bitch pills."

Wayne Brady needs to be fired pronto. He's a clown and adds nothing to this show. But the real entertainment are the F-list celebrities they are totally paying to be seen in the audience. This week we were treated to Kristy Swanson and John Walsh who's so totally NOT America's Most Wanted. Nope, I lied. When Marie Osmond and Wayne Brady was singing. David Foster was directing the crowd and Little Richard looked dazed and confused. And his bad wig needed help.

Can someone adjust Richard's medicine? Please? Please? I predict this is Carley or Cheech's last night.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Project Runway twist!

Tonight proved why "Project Runway" is the best reality show on TV. The twist of bringing Vincent and Angela back was inspired and shocking! And, it's not what we've seen on this show before. I thought nothing could top Santino last season, but this season, every single show has been better than the last. I still think Allison should be on but it just goes to show you that one bad challenge and you're gone.

Vincent and Angela should have never have made it this far in the competition and even with a second chance, I don't think they'll cut it.

As a designer, I think you should have a personal style. Angela keeps wearing these bad bubble skirts and Vincent looks as if the just rolled out of bed.

I felt bad for both of them. It was quite obvious that the other designers felt it was unfair they returned to the challenge. To be honest, I don't blame them but it's a nice touch that the producers keep us guessing. No one wants to see the same show over and over.

Another Web site refers to Kanye as Kanye of Many Colors and it's nice that Michael has gotten close to Kanye but Kanye needs to really hold back and not throw everything into the design.

Laura complained a bit too much for me, but I'll cut her some slack with her having five and soon to be six kids all.

I'm blogging live while watching this and Tim Gunn just looked at Kanye's dress and said "OH, JESUS" that can't be good.....

And now we're back. The one nit I have about the show is the product placement. I keep waiting for them to say "This segment sponsored by Macy's!!"

I get that Tressme, Macy's and L'oreal are supporters of this show, but dang, let's dial it back a bit people.

I love Michael's dress!! Although, Tim doesn't seem to like it. GAWD, Angela dress looks like some design shop exploded. Laura looks a bit broken down, I think the pregancy is getting to her. Oh, no!!! Laura is crying!! The ice princess shows some emotion! I didn't expect that.

Uli is holding up another print. I think she'd be lost if she had to make a regular solid dress.
OH goody, Laura is holding a Sprint Samsung phone. I'm sure they appreciate the free advertising. EEEK, shirtless Kanye!!!! We've seen him in his underwear and now shirtless for the second week in a row.

Vincent's model has had some sort of accident. He seems really concerned apparently. Kanye's dress looks really hookerish as Michael said. SHUT UP JEFFERY!!

Laura's dress looks super cute. Vincent's dress looks not too bad. And now we're back to Vincent trying to salvage his dress. Everybody has seemed to make a bag. Angela had a original idea! She's using her scraps to get her bag volume! Yay Angela!!

Now we're getting tips from L'oreal. Too bad it's the same tips we've gotten for three weeks in a ROW!!

Um, Heidi, can we fire your stylist immediately? You're much too beautiful to be looking like you do. I haven't forgotten that Swiss Miss number you had a few weeks ago. And now you look like the younger sister of Miss Jane Hathaway.

Time for the runway! Angela's dress, ick! The collar. Kanye's dress, not too bad but it looks like he didn't follow the directions. Laura's dress, cute, cute, cute!

Michael's dress, hmm, goreous as usual. Liked the color of white instead of the black that everyone else used. Jeffery's dress in a word: disapppointing. Uli's dress looks like it's reject from a '70s party. Vincent's dress, not bad. But not great. His model looks too muscular.

I'm worried for Michael. Nina likes Michael. Yay, looks like Michael is safe!

Now we have Vincent is getting slammed by Nina. The judges fixed Vincent's design, but you can tell he's gone.

Uli is explaining what her print dress is. Michael Kors isn't buying it.

Nina is slamming Uli. Uli might be in trouble.

Suddenly my eyes hurt but then I realize that i'm just looking at Angela's dress. The challenge had the designers use black and white fabric and Angela had her model use a RED bag. The woman has no sense of style.

Jeffery is getting slammed by the judges too! Nina wants Jeffery to do something else. Now it's Laura's turn. I really think Laura has done an excellent job. Michael compliments Laura. Yay, Laura looks safe. Kanye's turn. Heidi is concerned. I think Kanye might be on the chopping block.

Michael Kors calls Angela's dress a "vampire" look. Vincent is getting slammed. Michael Kors wants Jeffery to stretch. Nina doesn't like Uli's dress.

Michael Kors seems to be wanting Kanye to go. Laura looks like she might have won her first challenge. But, first we're subjected to a gazillion commericials.

YAY!!!!! Laura won a challenge!! It's about time. Michael shows class by congratuating her.

My partner and I look at each other and said that Kayne's leaving. Angela gets booted again with no kiss from Heidi. Vincent gets booted again. And he doesn't get a "we believe in your talent" speech.

Yay!! Michael is in! Yay, Uli is in! It's now between Kanye and Jeffery. Kanye's hair looks like a mess. Wait! Heidi just said "We keep seeing the same thing from you" apparently they are not looking at Uli's clothes closely.

Kanye's gone. Poor Kanye....Nina doesn't look too broken up.

I'm not either....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why you should be watching "Veronica Mars."

Every so often, a show comes along that is just plain quality from the get-go. "Veronica Mars," is one of those shows.

I've heard comparisions of Veronica to Buffy and it's true. The show is smart, sassy, complex and intriguing all at once. It takes a very special type of viewer to watch a show like this.

Like Angela Chase and Buffy Summers, Veronica Mars is a young lady who doesn't quite fit in with the world around her. Veronica lives in the tony town of Neptune where you're a "have" or a "have not."

And she's struggling to fit in. Who among us feels like an insider? I know I don't.

But the reason you should be watching despite the appealing cast, is that it's a smart show. Things aren't spelled out and wrapped up in an hour. It's not as complex and maddening as that other show on ABC where those folks are lost on an island.

I think Veronica represents the best of what TV viewing should be. It's a fun and funny at the same time. It's smart and smartly written. And it's one of the shows I have on my appointment TV. Remember, TUESDAYS at 9 p.m on the CW.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The purpose....

Of this blog is to discuss what's going on TV and pop culture. I'll be sharing one guy's view from the couch and see what's on the minds of the few folks who happen to wander onto this site.

I hope I'll entertain and enlighten while I rant, rave, and reveal what I think about what's going on the boob tube. (I never liked that name, because now more than ever, there's a LOT of smart TV on the networks).

It's the most wonderful time of the year for those of us who are addicted to TV. My poor DVR is going to explode with all the choices this season. I've gone through my Entertainment Weekly and read every story I could get my hands on to help me choose what I'm going to watch this TV season.

I tried to check out "Vanished" but I was bored after a few minutes. So poof! I'm gone. I'm going to go on a limb and say this show will be one of the first few casualties of the season. But then again, the WB's "Twins" managed to stay on a long time despite the poor concept.

A TV show I know I shouldn't be watching is "Celebrity Duets." My God, that show is awful like a five-car train wreck but I CAN'T STOP WATCHING!

I keep waiting to see who's going to crack first. Marie Osmond or Little Richard. Marie talks waaay too much and Little Richard is on crack. I mean no one understands a word he's saying. I don't know if he's senile or what but he needs to be yanked off that show with a quickness. I'm rooting for Jai Rodriguez because at least he has a bit of a voice ad so does Alfonso Riberio but the rest are awful.

Carley Patterson needs to cartwheel her butt out of there and Cheech Marin is hor-ri-ble. I suspect he'll be the next to go. Lucy Lawless needs to work on her voice but she's got the look. Hal Sparks keeps yelling at the audience and yelling and singing isn't quite the same thing.

"Nip/Tuck" started last week and it's going to be awesome. Christian attracted to Sean? Christian might be gay? I know that'll get the gay audience in but at the same time, practically everyone I know who's gay is ALREADY watching so I don't quite know what purpose this serves.

I'm looking forward to the return of "Deal or No Deal." My partner and I stood in line for three hours to try out for that show when it was here in San Diego. After that, we got asked one question "What would you do with $1 million?" I fumbled an answer out so I know they weren't impressed because I've not heard from them since.

I cannot wait to see "Heroes." I saw a preview of the first episode at Comic-Con and can't wait to see the finished project. "Ugly Betty" looks interesting but it has Vanessa Williams and after her last show tanked, I hope that the cancellation stink/curse will be gone from her.

"Kidnapped" look as if it could be the next "24" because of the concept. Jeremy Sisto has some big shoes to fill in because no one can replace Jack Bauer!

I'm breaking up with "Lost," because last season was waay too frustrating. I'm iffy on "Desperate Housewives." I'm going to give it three episodes and that's it.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to lobby some support for a show you should be watching. Here's a hint: Tuesday nights at 9 and the new CW!