Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Project Runway twist!

Tonight proved why "Project Runway" is the best reality show on TV. The twist of bringing Vincent and Angela back was inspired and shocking! And, it's not what we've seen on this show before. I thought nothing could top Santino last season, but this season, every single show has been better than the last. I still think Allison should be on but it just goes to show you that one bad challenge and you're gone.

Vincent and Angela should have never have made it this far in the competition and even with a second chance, I don't think they'll cut it.

As a designer, I think you should have a personal style. Angela keeps wearing these bad bubble skirts and Vincent looks as if the just rolled out of bed.

I felt bad for both of them. It was quite obvious that the other designers felt it was unfair they returned to the challenge. To be honest, I don't blame them but it's a nice touch that the producers keep us guessing. No one wants to see the same show over and over.

Another Web site refers to Kanye as Kanye of Many Colors and it's nice that Michael has gotten close to Kanye but Kanye needs to really hold back and not throw everything into the design.

Laura complained a bit too much for me, but I'll cut her some slack with her having five and soon to be six kids all.

I'm blogging live while watching this and Tim Gunn just looked at Kanye's dress and said "OH, JESUS" that can't be good.....

And now we're back. The one nit I have about the show is the product placement. I keep waiting for them to say "This segment sponsored by Macy's!!"

I get that Tressme, Macy's and L'oreal are supporters of this show, but dang, let's dial it back a bit people.

I love Michael's dress!! Although, Tim doesn't seem to like it. GAWD, Angela dress looks like some design shop exploded. Laura looks a bit broken down, I think the pregancy is getting to her. Oh, no!!! Laura is crying!! The ice princess shows some emotion! I didn't expect that.

Uli is holding up another print. I think she'd be lost if she had to make a regular solid dress.
OH goody, Laura is holding a Sprint Samsung phone. I'm sure they appreciate the free advertising. EEEK, shirtless Kanye!!!! We've seen him in his underwear and now shirtless for the second week in a row.

Vincent's model has had some sort of accident. He seems really concerned apparently. Kanye's dress looks really hookerish as Michael said. SHUT UP JEFFERY!!

Laura's dress looks super cute. Vincent's dress looks not too bad. And now we're back to Vincent trying to salvage his dress. Everybody has seemed to make a bag. Angela had a original idea! She's using her scraps to get her bag volume! Yay Angela!!

Now we're getting tips from L'oreal. Too bad it's the same tips we've gotten for three weeks in a ROW!!

Um, Heidi, can we fire your stylist immediately? You're much too beautiful to be looking like you do. I haven't forgotten that Swiss Miss number you had a few weeks ago. And now you look like the younger sister of Miss Jane Hathaway.

Time for the runway! Angela's dress, ick! The collar. Kanye's dress, not too bad but it looks like he didn't follow the directions. Laura's dress, cute, cute, cute!

Michael's dress, hmm, goreous as usual. Liked the color of white instead of the black that everyone else used. Jeffery's dress in a word: disapppointing. Uli's dress looks like it's reject from a '70s party. Vincent's dress, not bad. But not great. His model looks too muscular.

I'm worried for Michael. Nina likes Michael. Yay, looks like Michael is safe!

Now we have Vincent is getting slammed by Nina. The judges fixed Vincent's design, but you can tell he's gone.

Uli is explaining what her print dress is. Michael Kors isn't buying it.

Nina is slamming Uli. Uli might be in trouble.

Suddenly my eyes hurt but then I realize that i'm just looking at Angela's dress. The challenge had the designers use black and white fabric and Angela had her model use a RED bag. The woman has no sense of style.

Jeffery is getting slammed by the judges too! Nina wants Jeffery to do something else. Now it's Laura's turn. I really think Laura has done an excellent job. Michael compliments Laura. Yay, Laura looks safe. Kanye's turn. Heidi is concerned. I think Kanye might be on the chopping block.

Michael Kors calls Angela's dress a "vampire" look. Vincent is getting slammed. Michael Kors wants Jeffery to stretch. Nina doesn't like Uli's dress.

Michael Kors seems to be wanting Kanye to go. Laura looks like she might have won her first challenge. But, first we're subjected to a gazillion commericials.

YAY!!!!! Laura won a challenge!! It's about time. Michael shows class by congratuating her.

My partner and I look at each other and said that Kayne's leaving. Angela gets booted again with no kiss from Heidi. Vincent gets booted again. And he doesn't get a "we believe in your talent" speech.

Yay!! Michael is in! Yay, Uli is in! It's now between Kanye and Jeffery. Kanye's hair looks like a mess. Wait! Heidi just said "We keep seeing the same thing from you" apparently they are not looking at Uli's clothes closely.

Kanye's gone. Poor Kanye....Nina doesn't look too broken up.

I'm not either....

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