Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Meet from left, DeShawn, NeNe, Lisa, Kim and Sheree, the fierce new housewives of Atlanta. Photo by

A few weeks ago while at at dinner, my two divas, Dana and Donyale, turned me on to a show that was set to debut on Bravo. It was part of the "Real Housewives..." series and at first I wasn't interested. I didn't watch the Orange Co. crew and could care less about the N.Y.C. women.

But, my friends countered, this is different. These women are crazy. After much hemming and hawing, I relented and agreed to watch. Now, all I've got to say is "THANK YOU." If you're into trainwrecks, then this is the trainwrecky-est as they come.

If you haven't watched, let's meet the housewives.

My favorite is NeNe. She's loud. She wears age-inappropriate tops (the girls look like they are going to escape at any second) and she's a hoot. One minute she's "axing you a question.." and the next she's your best friend. Out of them all, she's the most real and isn't afraid to tell it like it T-I-S...

Then there's Sheree who's NeNe's archnemisis. She's a bit more classy but also very conniving and very underhanded. She's also in the middle of a bitter divorce and thinks very highly of herself and looks down on people.

Lisa seems to be the most grounded of all of them. She's married to an Atlanta Falcon, Ed Hartwell, and has like 10 jobs ranging from a Realtor to a jewelry designer.

DeShawn is the country girl. This woman is the one who needed a nanny and a governess and a ton of staff to help her manage two kids (!) She's also butchers the English language and says words like "jewry" and "axes a lot of questions."

Kim is raising a lot of ire on message boards because of her horrible parenting and her lifestyle. She's got a celeb boyfriend "Big Poppa" who pays for everything. Many think he's married others think she's setting a bad example for her kids by spending her money on material things. In the premiere episode, she asked Big Poppa for an Escalade and she got to ride off in a fully-loaded one that day. She decided that she wanted to be a country singer and poof here's Dallas Austin .

We're three episodes in, but you can still jump on. TRHOA airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on Bravo.