Monday, December 08, 2008

Does anyone care about "Heroes?"

Angela and Arthur are the best and worst thing that happened to "Heroes" this season. Photo by

Another week, another blah week of "Heroes." Thankfully, this tragically LONG storyline will be over and "Fugitives" can begin. Unfortunately, I may not be there to watch it.

The good this week: Bad ass Sylar is back. The bad: Elle is dead and burned. Goodbye Kristen Bell.
The good: Hiro reunites with his mom. It turns out she was the Catalyst. She passes it on to him. The bad: Arthur Petrelli steals it like two minutes later and takes Hiro's powers as well. And he tosses him over the side of the building and he's lost in time. (Maybe he'll meet up with Peter's squeeze from last season and rescue her.)
The good: Arthur Petrelli appears to be dead. The bad; We're not sure. We saw a lot of lights and blood but that doesn't mean jack on this show.
The good: Ando, Daphne and Matt all work together to get the last issue of "9th Wonders." The bad: Seriously???
The good: Nathan is a bad ass. The bad: A gayish looking Marine was injected with the formula with the Catalyst in tow and gets all Hulky without the green skin and unsightly muscles.

I'll call this section: burning questions.....
1) Why do they need this formula? Apparently they can already GIVE people powers. Meet exhibit a) Nathan and exhibit b) Tracy.
2) Who created this formula? And how is this tied to the big bad eclipse?
3) Shouldn't this back and forth in time cause some sort of ripple or time paradox that someone, somewhere will have to fix?
4) Why didn't daddy Petrillie take Claire's powers?
5) Why was the human lie detector on Elle's phone? And why did Sylar get it?
6) How many abilities can one person hold?
7) Now that Daddy Petrelli has taken people's powers and is now "dead" do the people get their abilities back?

My head hurts just thinking about it.