Friday, February 08, 2008

In search of the Black Canary: Smallville

Yeah, I feel like screaming too after watching this horrid version of one of my favorite DC Comics heroines. Photo by

My good friend Mrs. Wong still watches "Smallville" after all these years. I check it when superheroes from the DC Comics universe show up. Last night, I DVR'd "Smallville" while I watched "Survivor" and then I had to watch "Lost" and then I zipped through "Smallville." It was the right choice for me.

My apologies Mrs. Wong, but here's what I didn't like:
I haven't watched this show in forever and everyone looks very old. Tom Welling will be 31 years old in April and he looks every bit of it. He's supposed to be playing I would guess now early 20s. While it worked in the early days of this show, now, it doesn't.

Allison Mack as Chloe is still as cute as ever and she's 25 but if these kids don't graduate soon, she's going to start looking her age too.

And Lana, poor Lana (Kristin Kruek). She is 25 but is looking more like 30 plus. Her storyline is just ridiculous and she's less than convincing as the ex-wife of Lex Luthor.

But what I'm really miffed at is the show's attempt to do Black Canary. The story behind Black Canary is that she's a florist by day and a crime fighter by night. She is one of the most skilled fighters within the DC Universe (some say she can fight the Batman to a standstill). But her biggest weapon is her "Canary Cry" which is a hypersonic (not SUBsonic) cry that can shatter class and even punch a hole through steel. See for yourself here.

What we saw last night was a lady in bad leather with knives and no acting ability whatsoever.

But the one thing I DO want to see is a Justice League spinoff because it looks like it'll be hellacool. Get on it CW!