Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who's gonna win Survivor?

Sugar, if you play your cards right, you might win this season's "Survivor." Photo by

I thought this season of "Survivor" would be boring after watching the first few episodes. I was wrong.

The last six episodes have been on point and each tribal council has been better than the last. Last episode, Kenny got fooled by Bob and Corrine and his strategy was blown out of the water. Unfortunately, Corrine was a casualty, but at least she forced the rest of the group to see Kenny as the power player that he is.

Kenny scrambled and almost had Bob in his alliance but then after Crystal got mad at Matty and yelled, her fate was sealed.

Sugar finally played her hidden immunity idol, when she gave it to Matty so he could be saved. It was the most boneheaded and brilliant at the same time. It might win her favor with the jury and it might get her Matty's vote if she outlasts him.

The final five are Matty, Bob, Sugar, Susie and Kenny. The finale is Sunday. I hope Bob wins because he's a good guy and that I think is what is going to cause him to be ousted next. He'll be followed by Matty which leaves a Kenny/Susie/Sugar final three.

Susie will NOT win this because many will feel she didn't deserve it. That leaves Kenny/Sugar. Kenny has some friends on the jury but he enginnered the ousting of many of them so he might now win. Corinne HATES Sugar and now Crystal and Randy so they will NOT vote for her. However, the others might so I'm predicting Sugar for the win.

We'll see on Sunday.