Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Darn it I got sucked in!

Could someone from San Diego be the next "American Idol" ? We'll have to watch to find out. Photo by Fox.com

Today was an awful day so I turned to "Idol" to lift my spirits. We kicked off this season in Philly in the city of Brotherly Love. Apparently, there's like 6 people who can sing in the whole city because everyone else was AWFUL, HORRIBLE with a dash of TERRIBLE.

Seriously bad. Like let's wipeout their bloodline bad. It's good to see Paula coherent and make decent comments. One girl broke my heart: Temptress. She was singing to help out her family and what broke my heart was that she was severely overweight and her mom was in a wheelchair and using oxygen. She too looked as if she weighed around 500 lbs. And the montage of folks singinging "I Love Rock and Roll" oy vey!