Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look closely, can you name these people..

Washed up Teen Idols are now part of a reality show on VH1. Oddly enough, I find this appealing...Photo by

As we all know, there's nothing on TV. And there won't be until February/March when sweeps return. So usually the networks trot out bad reality shows (Remember Battle of the Choirs from last year?)

This year, Vh1 has "Confessions of a Teen Idol" where washed up TV stars try to get their fame back. The show includes Adrian Zmed and Billy Hufsey. I'm also looking forward to seeing what happened to Jamie Walters.

The show premiers on Jan. 4

Friday, December 19, 2008


Thank you for bringing "He-Man" back to me! Video by

It's the holiday season and we TV addicts know what that means: Yep. Bad TV specials, bad reality shows and of course really bad reruns.

Thankfully, we won't have to sit through reruns this year because of It was just named Web site of the year by the folks of the Associated Press. It's well deserved.

I know some people hate Hulu because of it's inconsistent nature and the commercials, but when it's on, it's on. This week, I squealed when "He-Man" and "Fat Albert" were unveiled. I grinned from ear to ear for a good 10 minutes.

If you don't know the story of "He-Man" here it is: Prince of a far away world discovers that a sword given to him has magic powers and transforms him to the muscle bound He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. His pet talking cat is transformed and adventures ensue. Sounds corny but I LOVED it. Each show had some sort of moral and He-Man or one of the cast always explained what the moral was in case you were too dense to get it.

"Fat Albert" was about black teen-ager who was fat but had a heart of gold. He always did the right thing and hung out with a group of kids: Bill, the normal one, Russell, Bill's younger brother, Bucky, a teen with bucked teeth, Weird Harold, self explanatory, Mushmouth, a teen who spoke gibberish and Rudy, the cool cat with the bad hat. Together, they were the Cosby kids. It aired late Saturday mornings and I loved it because there were black kids like me on TV. I never understood how we could have pink panthers but not black kids on TV.

So while you're watching the dreadful "Momma's Boys," I'll be enjoying my

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yes, "Claire" I'm confused too. But I'm glad this chapter is over. Photo by

Craptacular. That's the way I describe this chapter of "Heroes." After such a promising start this chapter just meandered and lost it's way. Tonight's finale started out strong but logic flew out the window at the 30 minute mark.

Sylar terrorized the folks at The Company with HRG, Claire, Merdith and Angela trapped inside. HRG set the prisoners free (the Puppet Master, Iron Fist and the real Black Canary so Sylar could hunt them down bit by bit.

He injected Merdith with adrenaline and she couldn't control her ability.

Matt, Daphne and Ando all worked together to rescue Hiro. Ando got the ability to supercharge other people's abilities. So now he's the one with the power and Hiro is the one without a power.

Angela revealed that she knew who Gabriel's real parents were. And Claire got him with a piece of glass in the back of his head. Merdith would up burning down the company because she lost control of her abilities.

Nathan revealed himself to be a villan now and Tracy and Mohinder would up driving out into the dark together. Hiro destroyed the formula and Matt and Daphne would up together.

And now chapter four: Fugitives

It looks promising. Nathan flipped the script and agreed to turn the other heroes in, including Micah! So it'll be interesting to see how this place out.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So long Gabon....

Bob fought back and made his way into the finals. Photo by

Well say what you will about "Survivor: Gabon," it finally got interesting and STAYED that way.

The show started with the "Surivors" discussing the ousting of Crystal. I knew that in 29 minutes, that Kenny would be the next to go and lo and behold, Kenny got the boot.

Then, I knew that Susie would be the next to go but surprise, surprise, she won the final immunity challenge! Then I knew Bob would go but Sugar flipped the script and made him and Matty compete and Bob managed to stay in. During the challenge, you could see Susie cringe because she KNEW Sugar was giving away her shot at the million bucks. The jury's reaction was hysterical especially Corinne's because you could see the HATE she had for Sugar.

Sugar knew that jury wouldn't vote for her and Bob knew that he thought he had it in the bag, and I'm sure most of America did too.

I was rooting for Sugar. At four key times, she flipped the script and orchestrated the ousting of Marcus, Randy, Ace and Kenny thereby changing the course of the game.

Charlie asked why Susie and Sugar they should get the big bucks. Crystal was next and called Susie out on coattailing, She then said Sugar controlled Bob. And then asked why he voted Crystal out and Sugar told her the truth that she was a bully. Ken was next, and then asked why she deserved the money. Kenny then asked Sugar why he backstabbed him. Sugar cried and cried and thought he was a bigger threat. Ken said he didn't believe her. Ken then kept harping on their "deal." Ken said that isn't what he wanted to hear. Corrine was next. She asked Susie if she could have her vocal cord removed. Corrine wanted to see "Nasty Bob." He didn't do it, Corrine unleashed on Sugar and then gave her the bird. Those two won't ever speak again. Marcus was next and wanted Susie to be a positive role model. Sugar wanted to give money to lung cancer. Marcus wanted to know about responsibility about Bob and Bob said the opportuntity didn't come up.

And finally it was Randy's chance. Randy was mean to Susie. Sugar was next. And called Randy a jerk. Randy was ticked off at Bob and said he might be forced to vote for Susie because she didn't laugh. Matty was next and he asked why she deserved the money. Matty wanted to reveal what she did what was evil and said Kenny. And he asked Bob why they were more deserving and he said "I don't think they are."

And he was right. He barely eeked out against Susie. Sugar got no votes which was kind of shocking to me because I think she played a really good game.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who's gonna win Survivor?

Sugar, if you play your cards right, you might win this season's "Survivor." Photo by

I thought this season of "Survivor" would be boring after watching the first few episodes. I was wrong.

The last six episodes have been on point and each tribal council has been better than the last. Last episode, Kenny got fooled by Bob and Corrine and his strategy was blown out of the water. Unfortunately, Corrine was a casualty, but at least she forced the rest of the group to see Kenny as the power player that he is.

Kenny scrambled and almost had Bob in his alliance but then after Crystal got mad at Matty and yelled, her fate was sealed.

Sugar finally played her hidden immunity idol, when she gave it to Matty so he could be saved. It was the most boneheaded and brilliant at the same time. It might win her favor with the jury and it might get her Matty's vote if she outlasts him.

The final five are Matty, Bob, Sugar, Susie and Kenny. The finale is Sunday. I hope Bob wins because he's a good guy and that I think is what is going to cause him to be ousted next. He'll be followed by Matty which leaves a Kenny/Susie/Sugar final three.

Susie will NOT win this because many will feel she didn't deserve it. That leaves Kenny/Sugar. Kenny has some friends on the jury but he enginnered the ousting of many of them so he might now win. Corinne HATES Sugar and now Crystal and Randy so they will NOT vote for her. However, the others might so I'm predicting Sugar for the win.

We'll see on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is this the dumbest man in America? YES

Ed threw the weigh in challenge to give wife Heba a shot at the final three in "The Biggest Loser. Photo by

I have a confession.
I broke up with "The Biggest Loser" this year and thought I had left it behind. But then about three weeks ago, for some reason, I got sucked by in.
I love the show. I love the fact that we get to see these people transform before our eyes. But in reality, these people could NOT lose this weight so quickly.
And, these people are basically sequestered in fat camp for about three months, they have no CHOICE but to lose the weight because almost every moment is spent exercising and eating right.
It was that fact that kinda turned me off the show. However, since I'm now fighting the battle of the bulge myself, it's best to pick up tips whenever I can.
We're down to the final four, Vicky, Heba, Michelle and Ed.
Vicky is EEEEVIL. Like the original "Mean Girl," and her understudy Heba engineered several people being booted from the show.
Ed was kicked off but managed to get back on when they brought the booted contestants back to compete to get back on the show. Since then, the two of them have been somewhat sickening.
Last night, we discovered that Ed GAINED two pounds during a weigh in to try to give Heba a shot at the final three. Instead, America has to chose between him and Heba to see who gets the third spot. That being said, Ed's dumb, but I think he should win this game. He's a great guy.
If not him, then Michelle should get the prize because she's worked her butt off and is just an all around great woman. I hope Heboppotumus falls face first in a cheesecake because she's AWFUL!

The Secret Millionaire

Miles and Cynthia Kovacs are just one of the few couples who participated in giving away lots of money in "The Secret Millionaire." Photo by

Fox Broadcasting hasn't been known for really good reality TV shows. Remember "Joe Millionaire"? Or "Married by America"? Well, they are at it again with "The Secret Millionaire."

The premise of the show: Wealthy people live undercover with the poor AS poor people. At the end of the week, they give away at least $100,000 of their own money to "deserving" people. The cameras are explained as a documentary about poverty. At the end of the week both rich and poor have their lives changed - for the better.

But this being Fox, shenanigans are afoot.

I watched last week and am watching tonight and I have to say, the show is entertaining, and that's how I'm treating this, as entertainment. However, there's a part of me that's saddened to see how people are living in the U.S.

After last week's show, you can bet I'll NEVER set foot in Imperial Beach ever. I've lived in San Diego and have been to I.B. maybe twice and after seeing the portrayal on this show, it looked like a disgusting mess. However, after asking around, I found that this show apparently showed only the WORST side of the area.

I also worry about Fox broadcasting that certain people in poor neighborhoods are suddenly the recipients of $100,000. It seems dangerous to me, but we'll see how this limited run show goes.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Does anyone care about "Heroes?"

Angela and Arthur are the best and worst thing that happened to "Heroes" this season. Photo by

Another week, another blah week of "Heroes." Thankfully, this tragically LONG storyline will be over and "Fugitives" can begin. Unfortunately, I may not be there to watch it.

The good this week: Bad ass Sylar is back. The bad: Elle is dead and burned. Goodbye Kristen Bell.
The good: Hiro reunites with his mom. It turns out she was the Catalyst. She passes it on to him. The bad: Arthur Petrelli steals it like two minutes later and takes Hiro's powers as well. And he tosses him over the side of the building and he's lost in time. (Maybe he'll meet up with Peter's squeeze from last season and rescue her.)
The good: Arthur Petrelli appears to be dead. The bad; We're not sure. We saw a lot of lights and blood but that doesn't mean jack on this show.
The good: Ando, Daphne and Matt all work together to get the last issue of "9th Wonders." The bad: Seriously???
The good: Nathan is a bad ass. The bad: A gayish looking Marine was injected with the formula with the Catalyst in tow and gets all Hulky without the green skin and unsightly muscles.

I'll call this section: burning questions.....
1) Why do they need this formula? Apparently they can already GIVE people powers. Meet exhibit a) Nathan and exhibit b) Tracy.
2) Who created this formula? And how is this tied to the big bad eclipse?
3) Shouldn't this back and forth in time cause some sort of ripple or time paradox that someone, somewhere will have to fix?
4) Why didn't daddy Petrillie take Claire's powers?
5) Why was the human lie detector on Elle's phone? And why did Sylar get it?
6) How many abilities can one person hold?
7) Now that Daddy Petrelli has taken people's powers and is now "dead" do the people get their abilities back?

My head hurts just thinking about it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I hope they win!! (not)

Nick and Starr have dominated "The Amazing Race." I hope they "win" tonight. Photo by

Tonight is the finale for "The Amazing Race," and I have to say I'm glad this season is over. While I love the show, there's no one team I have a burning desire to see win.

Nick and Starr (pictured) have won half of the legs of the race but they just aren't nice people. Ken and Tina have bickered about everything and I want them OFF my TV set. That leaves the Frat boys Dan and Andrew who keep screwing up. They only made the final three because of a huge screw up of a stronger team, but I guess in the end, if you're in the finals, you're in the finals. I have a tendency to jinx teams so I'm throwing my support behind Nick and Starr and hope I stat true to form. Go team!

The show will return in February, and I hope they have a much better cast.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Flat screen or not flatscreen, now that is a question....

See this TV, yep, it's not mine. But maybe someday.....

So my friends JumptheSnark and Lekili and my friend Steve all have something I envy. It's purdy new TV sets.

I have a old TV. Like 1994 old. Like if it were a child, it would be a teenager.

It's still runs OK but when someone is wearing bright red we sometimes can't tell if they've been murdered because the red is bleeding so much. I'd like a new one, but I wonder if spending this money is worth it.
This might come back to bite me in the butt, but I don't think spending $1,000 or less will put us out in the poor house.

Then I began to think of the shows I'd really like to see in high def. This is the list I could come up with.

"24" Jump was kind enough to invite me to his house (We should do this again SOON) when he first got his TV and I had a blast! It was good to see Jack in high def and see things go down in CTU.

"America's Next Top Model". I'm inviting myself over to Lekili's house and to see Tyra in all her flat, high-def glory.

"Survivor". My friend Steve, his girlfriend Chris and I are avid "Survivor" fans. They invite me over to see the premiere and I buy them pizza from their favorite pizza joint. It's great to see the show and the backstabbing live and in great color.

Other than that, this is it.

So the question is: Is it worth it?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

An ode to Kristen Bell

Elle (Kristen Bell) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) have one last moment before he KILLS her. UGH. Photo by

This season of "Heroes" has made me pull my hair out on more than one occassion. After a strong start, it petered out. But one good thing was the extraordinary acting of Kristen Bell. Y'all know how much I adore this young lady and her acting and from her days on "Veronica Mars."

She can act rings around most of the cast (Daphne I'm looking at you). And now because of a stupid plot twist, she's gone.

Poor Kristen, you're too good for this show and let's hope a movie career awaits you.

Last night during the LONGEST ECLIPSE EVER we learned that people got their powers back. I'm wondering if this was a reset for Peter? Mohinder almost reunited with Maya luckily we only saw her for a few seconds.

They keep trying to force Matt and Daphne on us but I'm resisting with all my might, this it totally not working for me so I wish they'd stop.

Hiro finally used his powers in a GOOD way so I was glad about that and he got to spend some time in a cool comic book store. I just want this storyline to be over.