Sunday, December 14, 2008

So long Gabon....

Bob fought back and made his way into the finals. Photo by

Well say what you will about "Survivor: Gabon," it finally got interesting and STAYED that way.

The show started with the "Surivors" discussing the ousting of Crystal. I knew that in 29 minutes, that Kenny would be the next to go and lo and behold, Kenny got the boot.

Then, I knew that Susie would be the next to go but surprise, surprise, she won the final immunity challenge! Then I knew Bob would go but Sugar flipped the script and made him and Matty compete and Bob managed to stay in. During the challenge, you could see Susie cringe because she KNEW Sugar was giving away her shot at the million bucks. The jury's reaction was hysterical especially Corinne's because you could see the HATE she had for Sugar.

Sugar knew that jury wouldn't vote for her and Bob knew that he thought he had it in the bag, and I'm sure most of America did too.

I was rooting for Sugar. At four key times, she flipped the script and orchestrated the ousting of Marcus, Randy, Ace and Kenny thereby changing the course of the game.

Charlie asked why Susie and Sugar they should get the big bucks. Crystal was next and called Susie out on coattailing, She then said Sugar controlled Bob. And then asked why he voted Crystal out and Sugar told her the truth that she was a bully. Ken was next, and then asked why she deserved the money. Kenny then asked Sugar why he backstabbed him. Sugar cried and cried and thought he was a bigger threat. Ken said he didn't believe her. Ken then kept harping on their "deal." Ken said that isn't what he wanted to hear. Corrine was next. She asked Susie if she could have her vocal cord removed. Corrine wanted to see "Nasty Bob." He didn't do it, Corrine unleashed on Sugar and then gave her the bird. Those two won't ever speak again. Marcus was next and wanted Susie to be a positive role model. Sugar wanted to give money to lung cancer. Marcus wanted to know about responsibility about Bob and Bob said the opportuntity didn't come up.

And finally it was Randy's chance. Randy was mean to Susie. Sugar was next. And called Randy a jerk. Randy was ticked off at Bob and said he might be forced to vote for Susie because she didn't laugh. Matty was next and he asked why she deserved the money. Matty wanted to reveal what she did what was evil and said Kenny. And he asked Bob why they were more deserving and he said "I don't think they are."

And he was right. He barely eeked out against Susie. Sugar got no votes which was kind of shocking to me because I think she played a really good game.

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