Monday, December 15, 2008


Yes, "Claire" I'm confused too. But I'm glad this chapter is over. Photo by

Craptacular. That's the way I describe this chapter of "Heroes." After such a promising start this chapter just meandered and lost it's way. Tonight's finale started out strong but logic flew out the window at the 30 minute mark.

Sylar terrorized the folks at The Company with HRG, Claire, Merdith and Angela trapped inside. HRG set the prisoners free (the Puppet Master, Iron Fist and the real Black Canary so Sylar could hunt them down bit by bit.

He injected Merdith with adrenaline and she couldn't control her ability.

Matt, Daphne and Ando all worked together to rescue Hiro. Ando got the ability to supercharge other people's abilities. So now he's the one with the power and Hiro is the one without a power.

Angela revealed that she knew who Gabriel's real parents were. And Claire got him with a piece of glass in the back of his head. Merdith would up burning down the company because she lost control of her abilities.

Nathan revealed himself to be a villan now and Tracy and Mohinder would up driving out into the dark together. Hiro destroyed the formula and Matt and Daphne would up together.

And now chapter four: Fugitives

It looks promising. Nathan flipped the script and agreed to turn the other heroes in, including Micah! So it'll be interesting to see how this place out.

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