Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live blogging LOST!

Oh NO! Jack you may have doomed them all. Photo by

Yay: Here we go:

9:05: OMG: We discover that six people get off the Island and they are part of the Oceanic Six. We know Kate and Jack are one and two, and it looks like Hurley is No. 3! We discover this after he leads police on a high speed chase through L.A. and crashes.

9:08: Ick! An Ana-Lucia reference. The cop interviewing Hurley says Ana-Lucia was his partner before he made detective.

9:10 Hurley is having visions and they aren't good ones.

9:14: Hurley does a cannonball but before we're subjected to a slo-mo run and see his manboobs jiggle.

9:19: Jack sends everyone back to the beach. Naomi's is bleeding and they are looking for her body. Kate and Jack hug as Ben looks on waiting for an opportunity. At the beach, Sawyer, Jin, Desmond and Sayeid all are worried about what Charley's message says about these people not being Penny.

9:21: Flash foward: Hurley meets an attorney for Oceanic airlines while in the asylum. They offer him an upgrade to a better facility. He freaks out when he asks "Are THEY still alive?" (Oh god, who is THEY????!!! DAY-UM these people with the questions!!)

9:24: Sawyer shows compassion to Hurley and asks if he wants to talk about Charley. (AWWW)

9:25 Hurley gets lost and it's not looking good. The Island gets pissed with al lthe yelling and he wanders to a shack where he hears voices.

9:29: Jack, Ben and The French Lady are in the middle of the jungle and Jack realizes that he's been had. Kate takes the phone and finds the real blood trail and gets a call from the boat. She then ends the call and then is attacked by Naomi. She calls for someone named George. And we see that she's been hurt pretty badly and then dies after she tells George to tell her sister that she loved her. (Bye Naomi)

9:33: Hurley sees Jacob in the rocking chair and promptly freaks out. He then runs again and sees the cabin again. And then he sees Locke and it's commercial time! (AAAACK!!! Come back NOOOOOOWWWW!!!)

9:37: ABC is trying to shove "Eli Stone" down my throat and I'm not trying to buy (CRAP) Just saw a tease for Oceanic Airlines and guess what: It's going to air during "Eli freaking Stone." (Heck, I'll wait and let someone tell me about it, I'm old and need my rest)


9:40: Hurley and Locke talk and share water. Hurley and Locke make some sort of alliance and it creeps me out. Hurley catches up at 9:40. Hurley gives this quote "Sorry, I got lost..."

9:41: The Lost tribe arrives back at the meeting point. Lots of random people I've never seen also arrive looking remarkably fresh. Claire looks around for Charlie (And we see that during the hiatus girlfriend got some new highlights). Hurley tells Claire that Charlie didn't make it and cries and cries.

9:43: Flash forward. Mental patient tells Hurley that the ghost of Charlie is back and staring at him. Hurley reveals that it was Charlie was what caused him to freak out at the store. Hurley is hit by Charlie and he begins to believe that Charlie has something to tell him. (Hmm, I'm wondering if this is a manifestation of guilt here...)

9:45: Charlie tells Hurley that he has something to tell him and he says "They need you, you know they need you."

9:45: Claire wants to know what happened and how Charlie died.

9:46: Jack punches the $hit out of Locke and holds a gun to his head. Juliet stops him from killing Locke. Jack fires at Locke and realizes that the gun isn't loaded. And damn ANOTHER commerical break!

9:51: I get it. "Eli Stone" is NEXT!!!!!!

9:51: Jack is still beating the crap out of Locke who's amazingly able to take some punches.

9:51: Locke and Jack fight. Kate emerges from the jungle and says Naomi saved them. Locke says he's going to the barracks. Locke tells people to go with him. Hurley says he's going with Locke. And gives us some amazing acting.

9:54: Team Jack and Team Locke form. Team Locke" Claire, Ben, Hurley and Sawyer. Team Jack: Jack, Kate, Rose, Bernard and Juliet.

9:56: Team viewer confused: Me, me and ME.

9:57: Flashforward: Hurley and Jack reunite. Hurley is in a bathrobe and Jack is looking like Dapper Dan.

9:57: Jack says he might grow a beard and Hurley asks the real reason Jack is there. Apparently there's something to tell and Jack's worried about "the secret." Hurley apologize for going with Locke and says he should have stayed with Jack. (WHA?? HUH???). I think it wants us to go back. (What's IT???? HUH????? WHA????) Hurley then says :"Never say never dude."

10:00: Jack and Kate seek refuge from the storm near some plane wreckage and then hear a helicopter! The run through the woods and then see a guy who landed on the island!!

OMG: that explosion you've just heard is my mind being blown!