Monday, June 08, 2009

Her life on the "D list"...

Tiffany, Kathy, Maggie and Tom will be so entertaining this season on the "D-List." Photo by TiVo.

Some people love her, others hate her but one thing Kathy Griffin can do, is get people to talking. This season, Kathy is already off on a roll as the premiere episode features the one and only Bette Midler. However, the show seemed to be an hour long promo for Bette's show in Vegas.. BTW, the chorographer is the woman who sings this song and another gay icon.

The show kicked off with Kathy's quest for winning a Grammy. (She didn't win although the album For Your Consideration is hysterical).

And I guess as a crossover artist she's now got her sights set on a book due out Sept. 29.

We learn in the first few minutes that fan favorite Jessica her personal assistant quit and that Kathy will be spending this season trying to get A-list tips from A-listers.

She landed a gig with Bette Midler and Bette folks was very prudish and cold. I'm betting that Bette will watch and be shocked at how cold she looked. The cool thing about the show is that Bette apparently has Stevie Nicks on speed dial and as a gay guy, I squealed like a girl when I saw Kathy, Bette and heard Stevie on the phone. Heck if we had Cher, Whitney and Janet I think I would have died instantly.

But there were two moments that were the best of the show. a) Bette went with Kathy to the Fremont Street area to eat a fried Oreo and b) Bette and Kathy sang to a drunk 21-year old. However, a crack-ish looking woman kept mugging in front of the cameras! Hysterical!

Next week Lily Tomlin will give Kathy some advice and I'll be tuning in.....

I'm not a celebrity, but get met out of here....

Oh Sanjaya, I never thought I'd say this, but I actually WANT you to win for a change. Photo by

Last week, I wrote about how I hate Spedi. I don't know if you've seen the drama.

So tonight I had to watch. It's 8:27 and Heidi is talking about being a missionary and started talking more and more about God and Jesus and it got old really quick. It also makes me think they are faking this new love for Jesus. Then Heidi started feeling ill and Spencer actually prayed over Heidi. It was hysterical! Along the way, Frances quit after Angela was booted. (How long did she last, one day?)

Are they crazy? Coco for Coco-Puffs? I dunno, but then we saw Spencer on a block hollaring for Jesus! And with that, I'm done.

Someone let me know how this ends....