Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live blogging LOST!

Oh NO! Jack you may have doomed them all. Photo by

Yay: Here we go:

9:05: OMG: We discover that six people get off the Island and they are part of the Oceanic Six. We know Kate and Jack are one and two, and it looks like Hurley is No. 3! We discover this after he leads police on a high speed chase through L.A. and crashes.

9:08: Ick! An Ana-Lucia reference. The cop interviewing Hurley says Ana-Lucia was his partner before he made detective.

9:10 Hurley is having visions and they aren't good ones.

9:14: Hurley does a cannonball but before we're subjected to a slo-mo run and see his manboobs jiggle.

9:19: Jack sends everyone back to the beach. Naomi's is bleeding and they are looking for her body. Kate and Jack hug as Ben looks on waiting for an opportunity. At the beach, Sawyer, Jin, Desmond and Sayeid all are worried about what Charley's message says about these people not being Penny.

9:21: Flash foward: Hurley meets an attorney for Oceanic airlines while in the asylum. They offer him an upgrade to a better facility. He freaks out when he asks "Are THEY still alive?" (Oh god, who is THEY????!!! DAY-UM these people with the questions!!)

9:24: Sawyer shows compassion to Hurley and asks if he wants to talk about Charley. (AWWW)

9:25 Hurley gets lost and it's not looking good. The Island gets pissed with al lthe yelling and he wanders to a shack where he hears voices.

9:29: Jack, Ben and The French Lady are in the middle of the jungle and Jack realizes that he's been had. Kate takes the phone and finds the real blood trail and gets a call from the boat. She then ends the call and then is attacked by Naomi. She calls for someone named George. And we see that she's been hurt pretty badly and then dies after she tells George to tell her sister that she loved her. (Bye Naomi)

9:33: Hurley sees Jacob in the rocking chair and promptly freaks out. He then runs again and sees the cabin again. And then he sees Locke and it's commercial time! (AAAACK!!! Come back NOOOOOOWWWW!!!)

9:37: ABC is trying to shove "Eli Stone" down my throat and I'm not trying to buy (CRAP) Just saw a tease for Oceanic Airlines and guess what: It's going to air during "Eli freaking Stone." (Heck, I'll wait and let someone tell me about it, I'm old and need my rest)


9:40: Hurley and Locke talk and share water. Hurley and Locke make some sort of alliance and it creeps me out. Hurley catches up at 9:40. Hurley gives this quote "Sorry, I got lost..."

9:41: The Lost tribe arrives back at the meeting point. Lots of random people I've never seen also arrive looking remarkably fresh. Claire looks around for Charlie (And we see that during the hiatus girlfriend got some new highlights). Hurley tells Claire that Charlie didn't make it and cries and cries.

9:43: Flash forward. Mental patient tells Hurley that the ghost of Charlie is back and staring at him. Hurley reveals that it was Charlie was what caused him to freak out at the store. Hurley is hit by Charlie and he begins to believe that Charlie has something to tell him. (Hmm, I'm wondering if this is a manifestation of guilt here...)

9:45: Charlie tells Hurley that he has something to tell him and he says "They need you, you know they need you."

9:45: Claire wants to know what happened and how Charlie died.

9:46: Jack punches the $hit out of Locke and holds a gun to his head. Juliet stops him from killing Locke. Jack fires at Locke and realizes that the gun isn't loaded. And damn ANOTHER commerical break!

9:51: I get it. "Eli Stone" is NEXT!!!!!!

9:51: Jack is still beating the crap out of Locke who's amazingly able to take some punches.

9:51: Locke and Jack fight. Kate emerges from the jungle and says Naomi saved them. Locke says he's going to the barracks. Locke tells people to go with him. Hurley says he's going with Locke. And gives us some amazing acting.

9:54: Team Jack and Team Locke form. Team Locke" Claire, Ben, Hurley and Sawyer. Team Jack: Jack, Kate, Rose, Bernard and Juliet.

9:56: Team viewer confused: Me, me and ME.

9:57: Flashforward: Hurley and Jack reunite. Hurley is in a bathrobe and Jack is looking like Dapper Dan.

9:57: Jack says he might grow a beard and Hurley asks the real reason Jack is there. Apparently there's something to tell and Jack's worried about "the secret." Hurley apologize for going with Locke and says he should have stayed with Jack. (WHA?? HUH???). I think it wants us to go back. (What's IT???? HUH????? WHA????) Hurley then says :"Never say never dude."

10:00: Jack and Kate seek refuge from the storm near some plane wreckage and then hear a helicopter! The run through the woods and then see a guy who landed on the island!!

OMG: that explosion you've just heard is my mind being blown!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They are back: "Lost" returns

Jack and the crew are back. Let's hope the magic is back with them.

I had given up on this show. It was boring. The formula was tired and I was ready to give up. Then I tuned in to the season finale and was blown. A-WAY!

Kate and Jack get off the island! More people follow! Jack's a mess and Kate actually looks good with makeup! This alone makes me want more. Tonight we get the "enhanced" version of the finale with the premiere of Season 4 tomorrow.

I'll be watching: for now.

Is it time for Hollywood week yet?

Lordy, Why do we keeping hearing one sad song after another? This one is a single-mom who wants to do better.

Last night "AI" viewers were in Omaha and tonight we were in Miami. Me, I was in hell.

One bad audition after another filled my screen. I cannot wait until some of this deadweight gets dropped. All of this screeching needs to STOP. NOW!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

When "Supermodels" get raunchy!

Perry rocked out the photoshoot this week with Casey and even won the challenge. Photo by

This week the models learned abour sexual chemistry and some had it more than others on camera and some off the photoshoot.

The manlove drama of Ben and Ronnie continued this week as Ben was spared elimination (Thanks America!). Ronnie is beside himself with joy and even said that Ben said something might happen if he had a few drinks in him. The BAD thing about this quote is that Ben IS married to a woman and is a prison guard. This combo equals all shades of wrong.

At the photoshoot, models paired off and Holly and Frankie had no chemistry whatsoever.

Holly apparently is saving herself for marriage and felt so uncomfortable about some random dude feeling her up. Frankie was ticked and tried to paint Holly as a drunk since she drank at the photoshoot. I'm guessing if you're not having sex with your fiance, you're probably not a drunk at a photoshoot.

Aryn and Jay both had problems too. She's resting on pretty and he cannot model.

Inevitiably Holly, Jay and Aryn were in the bottom three. If there was any justice, Frankie should be too because besides the hair, he really isn't that hot himself.

Episode grade: B

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Betty' is gone...for now

Amanda was on fire tonight and she finally found her daddy : Gene Simmons. Photo by

The last new episode of "Ugly Betty" had some thrills, some chills and a bunch of comedy. We start with HIlda trying to pretty up Betty for a night out on the town. It looks really tragic and Justin in one of this two scenes on the whole episode tells Betty "No!"

We then head over to Henry's band the IRS (Interal Rhythm Service) playing a gig at a local nightclub. Daniel shows up to lend support and runs into a mysterious woman name Rene (Gabrielle Union) who wants him to dance with her to make her boyfriend jealous. When Daniel busts her by saying her "boyfriend" is making out with another guy, she realizes the jig is up. The two flirt and then go back to Daniel's place and to his dark bedroom where Daniel accidentally grabs his mom's breast (Don't ask).

The main story is Daniel trying to convince Betty to write an article on a sexist pig and Gio and Henry competing to see who's the bigger stud. The B plot is Daniel and Rene trying to decide if they want to see each other despite Willie's objections. The C Amanda's quest to find her daddy. And the D plot is Daniel and Alexis trying to find something for their mom to do.

How cute was Betty and Henry tonight singing this song. And what a great image to leave us with.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol: The San Diego and Charleston auditions

Bad fashions, a bad attitude and bad singing made for an awful edition of "American Idol." Photo by

There are no words as to how bad this was. We saw one performance after another. Very few good performances. And there were a couple of people who were good who didn't make it. Lord, why?? And what was up with them showing very few people from San Diego.

And as a native South Carolinian, I was embarrassed for Charleston. One tacky person after another. And this one dude with the red pants was just hor-ri-ble and tacky.

Check back on Sunday afternoons....

Hey everyone
You'll notice that the ol' blog has slowed down tremendously. Part of that is due to the old writers' strike and part of this is because I've been incredibly busy imparting knowledge to the next generation of young writers.

That being said, I've become remiss in my old TV blog duties. So I'm still blogging but not every day anymore and I'm moving back to Sunday afternoons where I'll give you my recaps of the week in TV viewing.

I thank you in advance for your patience in this and know that even though I'm not writing, I am watching!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm changing my mind about "Make Me a Supermodel"

Ronnie is my new TV boyfriend. Photo by Bravo TV.

"Make Me a Supermodel" is actually not bad! The second episode was much better than the first and unfortunately some girl who I barely remember was kicked off. I was about to give up on this show but there's some manlove going on between Ronnie and Ben and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Ronnie might wind up in the top three and it looks like Ben might be on his way out because he's in the bottom three along with Dominic the D.J and some other girl who's barely made an impression.

And the winner is......

Yay to TK and Rachel for winning "The Amazing Race". Photo by

It came down to a complicated challenge that allowed them to pull out ahead of the powerhouse known as Ron and Christina. It made me sooo sad but I knew I would be OK with whoever won.

Bring on TAR 13!

Friday, January 18, 2008

They're baaack! Meet the women of "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 10

I haven't seen a show, but Claire's my pick to win this season. Of course, I haven't been right yet so who knows. Photo by The

I am counting down the DAYS until "America's Next Top Model" returns and based on the bios and scuttlebutt, this looks to be an interesting season.

Twiggy has been Auf'd (oops. wrong show) and some woman I've never heard of is in. At least we have Jay2 (squared) to add some comedy and drama to the mix.

That being said, you can read all about them and make YOUR early picks here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"American Idol" does Dallas

Could one of these people from the Dallas auditions be the next "American Idol"? Based on what we saw tonight, nope. Photo by

"Idol' stopped by Dallas tonight looking for talent and instead they found some of the worst singers in the land. It kept getting worse and worse and worse. To me, NO one stood out and they seemed to be carbon copies of past "Idol" singers. We'll see what happens in San Diego in Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Darn it I got sucked in!

Could someone from San Diego be the next "American Idol" ? We'll have to watch to find out. Photo by

Today was an awful day so I turned to "Idol" to lift my spirits. We kicked off this season in Philly in the city of Brotherly Love. Apparently, there's like 6 people who can sing in the whole city because everyone else was AWFUL, HORRIBLE with a dash of TERRIBLE.

Seriously bad. Like let's wipeout their bloodline bad. It's good to see Paula coherent and make decent comments. One girl broke my heart: Temptress. She was singing to help out her family and what broke my heart was that she was severely overweight and her mom was in a wheelchair and using oxygen. She too looked as if she weighed around 500 lbs. And the montage of folks singinging "I Love Rock and Roll" oy vey!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Jen!

Oh Jen. You were SUCH a hater. Hate kills. Especially on "The Amazing Race!" Photo by

YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! Nate and Jen were FINALLY shown the door tonight. Best of all, they got eliminated ON HER BIRTHDAY! Oh, how sweet it is!

If there's any justice these two are NOT together anymore. Not Pete and Sarah has two people on this show clearly NOT been meant for each other.

And now it's on: The Final Three: Ron and Chris, Nicholas and Don and TK and Rachel.

It's clearly going to be a battle between Ron and Chris and TK and Rachel. But Don and Nick might surprise us.

Episode grade: A+

Watching the "Golden Globes"


I mean it's a news conference but dang the sad little music isn't helping and the bad announcements aren't that great either. So far there are no surprises here. I think I'm going to save myself an hour and just read the list online tomorrow.

The guiltiest pleasure of all: Cheaters!

Since there's next to nothing on, I went back to the best show EVER: "Cheaters."

Last night, I was still ticked about the roof leaking and I stayed up waayyyy too late and wound up watching "Cheaters" which I haven't seen in a good few months.

If you don't know Cheaters (See season 5 episode 503 Ethan Roberts-Juan Cavala as the BEST EPISODE EVER!) the premise is this: Somone suspects someone of cheating and they hire the Cheaters crew to research. Here's a hint, if they are broadcasting the show, the person is cheating.

They show the audience the clips of the other person cheating and then they show the husband/wife who hired them. Then comes the "Confrontation" where the Cheaters cameras rush to the spot where the cheating spouse/partner is there with the other person and then the person who hired them usually cusses them out or fights. After five minutes of holding people apart, the host Joey Greco approaches the cheater and tries to get a reason why the cheating happened. He or she then usually drives off and they update the audience at the end of the show as to what happened next. And then they were on to the next person.

It's sad how low people will go to keep someone and it's sad to see how quickly people will cheat if given a chance.

That being said, I've learned a LOT from this show. Here are a few lessons:

1) NEVER kiss someone in public. You never know who'll be watching or who's recording you
2) Don't go to Applebee's. Even though this show is filmed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where the chain seems to be on every street corner, stay AWAY because it seems that's the first place Cheaters will look for you.
3) Inspect things in your house. If something is new or if something has been missing and suddenly turns up. you can bet there's a camera in it.
4) BE where you said you're going to be. If you're going to cheat then don't answer your phone and blame it on a bad signal or that you left your phone in the car and didn't get the message until late.
5) Whatever you do, please don't fight the other person. It's not their fault and most of the time they are a victim too.
6) If you see cameras coming; RUN!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's Saturday night: Do you know where good TV is?

Thank god Superman and Co. saved the evening after a crappy day. Photo by Wikipedia.

Today has been a crappy today. I went out and ran some errands today and came home to a leaky roof! I don't know how or why but my roof is leaking and it sucks. It's stopped (for now) and so I wanted to relax and unwind with some TV.

But unfortunately there's nothing on. Nada. Zip. Zero. So I did something I haven't done in a while and that's pull out old DVDs I own. The first one was "Justice League Unlimited" and so I had to watch my favorite episode "Grudge Match" which has Huntress, Black Canary, Hawkgirl and Vixen fighting Wonder Woman. Watch the clip, it's the meat of the episode.

So this then put me in the mood to watch Wonder Woman Season 1 and that reminded me of the AWFUL pilot that starred Arte Johnson and Cloris Leachman. It's soo hysterically bad it's good. Bad green screen, bad acting, a bad wonder spin And speaking of BAD WONDER SPINS (Seriously, this is sooo hysterically bad it's not even funny!) And then I had to watch my FAVORITE Wonder Woman episode ever! so this crappy day turned into a really good night!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Will we find America's next top model on this show? Probably not

Meet Cory Bautista. He's supposed to be the great and powerful Oz in fashion. Me, I kinda doubt it but that's what Nikki Taylor and Tyson says, so oh well. But hey, he can't be too bad because he introduced me to the new terms "model cute" and "boyfriend cute" Photo by

Last night, the "Make Me a Supermodel" premiered on Bravo and because I'm old and can't stay up to 10 p.m. every freaking single night of the week, I opted to let the power of the DVR work for me and viola: today's recap.

Before I begin, I'm going to say I'm suspicious of the time element of this show. Supposedly we start on Jan. 4 but I could swear I saw photos of Tyson online BEFORE this with this episode wearing the same clothes and this was at least THREE weeks ago. The difference between this show and Tyra's is that we, the viewers, will select who stays and who goes. Again, I'm suspicious. Let's remember the same thing happens on this other talent show (cough, cough "Idol") and we all see how THAT works out. Yes Jessica Sierra, I'm looking at you.

It's cold as you know what on the day of filming because these kids are so cold I can see their thoughts freezing up whild Nikki and Tyson are so warm and snuggly in their coats. Its also funny to see them in coats and seeing people walking by them on the street while they're on a raised stage.

Of course we get the blah, blah, blah of "nerves" and "intimidation" etc. What's also funny is to hear NIkki Taylor speak. She has one poor flat monotone. Tyson also known as "Fine" does a much better job.

A flaw with this show already: We don't know who's who yet. We seriously need names on the screen during photo shoots. Besides Ben and Ronnie (My Ex was a porn star but I didn't know it) and Holly and Jacki I can't tell who's who with the girls.

And I had to giggle while looking at Ronnie's profile where it says Times at the Bottom: 0 (Yeah, right)

What I liked was that Tyson helped with the photos by coaching and giving much needed direction. But was anyone else impressed with the photos? Nope.

I'm also a bit ticked that Cory who's clearly fat himself are telling skinny people to lose weight or that their body isn't worthy of being a model.

But onto the best part of the show: Tyson in a red swimsuit. Is it hot in here or is it just HIM! Seriously, his body on his WORST day is like 10 times better than any guy on this show.

Episode grade: B
Tyson in swimsuit: A++++++++++++++
Models in swimsuits: C-

"Ugly Betty" is back!

Oh Justin, please don't leave my TV. Your gift to pick out anyone's weight and accesorizing is a gift to the world. Photo by

Last night, I was flipping through the channels and my DVR suddenly clicked on. I was rewarded with a NEW episode of "UB" and I immediately fell to my knees to thank the TV gods because they ended my suffering!

This episode was on fire but before i go recap, I have to say this little girl is my new favorite actress. I have loved her since she guest starred on this show about a teen-age detective who brought justice to a little down of Neptune. and she was sooo adorable. I'm telling you, remember her name: Juliette Goglila because she's going to be a big star and you heard it here first.

Last night, Betty struck a blow for pleasingly pump women everywhere when she saw Justin and his class idolize super skinny models and dis "real sized" women. As the conscious of Mode it took a while but she got Daniel and Alexis on board with the plan to show real-sized women as models and not size zero.

I have to admit that I'm addicted to "America's Next Top Model," "Make Me a Supermodel" and "Project Runway" but I'm always shocked at how skinny the women are! Yet, I love to watch. So in a way I'm contributing to the zero worship that's going on in the world. Even though I HATE with a passion this girl I felt it was unfair for the media to attack her for being a size two and calling her fat.

But, back to "Betty". The show was on point and once again had me laughing and nearly crying both at the same time. Catty Amanda is still on a search for her father and the touching talk that she and Betty had in the "secret sex room" brought me to tears. It home to for me because I've lost both parents in the last five years and it's something you never get over.

Mark had me in side-splitting laughter with this quote: "I'd never thought I'd say this to a woman but turn around and bend over." As he gave Willie and her "hostile womb" a hormone injection. Unfortunately, they're going to drag poor Christina in to be a surrogate to carry Willie and Bradford's baby.

The lone weak spot in the show was Bow Wow and Omarion guest starring. You know folks in the Midwest probably looked at each other and said "Who the heck are these clowns."

Next week: Betty might be pregnant????

Episode Grade: A+++++

Sunday, January 06, 2008

R.I.P. Ida Greenberg: "Desperate Housewives" the recap

Poor Ida Greenberg, she died saving the Scavo kids from a tornado that hit Wisteria Lane. She told the kids to go under the stairs while she died in a corner alone. Photo by Wikipedia.

Tonight on "Desperate Housewives," we found out that Tom and the Scavo kids made it through the storm while Ida didn't. Poor Gaby learned that she really WAS poor since Victor left her nothing and she couldn't get the form to get the money from the off-shore account that Carlos had.

Bree had to pimp Andrew out to get the roof fixed while Susan and Julie were thrilled that Bree loves to cook and clean. Lynette felt extremely guilty so she wanted to honored Ida's last wish. Kathyrn's secret came dangerously close to being revealed.

Lee and Bob also took a moment to explain gay math to Bree.

And Andrew realized that he was being pimped out for a new roof and "windows" as Bree gleefully says. And the two of them negotiated for surround sound. Susan tried to throw a monkey wrench into the plan with this quote:

"Oh? This is a fix-up? It never would occurred me with the vast age difference? But what the hell, life is short. Especially for Walter."

And Orson counters with :"He's got a mesh tank top that would bring your ex to tears."
Episode grade A+

What is WRONG with these people?: "Deal or No Deal"

Greed is killing a lot of people's dreams on "Deal or No Deal." Photo by

So tonight was another "stunt" episode of "Deal or No Deal," this time, the '70s and '80s. I'm SICK of the stunts and it's just plain tacky. That being said, the thing that really, gets my goat is that GREED is overwhelming rational behavior on this show. Over the last few weeks, people have left with .01, $5 and $100 all because they got greedy and didn't think about what's really on the board and their chances of walking away with some good money. Tonight's contestant during the '70s portion had an offer of $124,000 with a board of $750,000, $100,000, $50 and $50,0000 and he refused the offer. DUMB!! I couldn't stomach the last hour and instead turned over to "The Amazing Race."

We'll see if any stupid mistakes on this show raises my blood pressure.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Let me save you some time.....

Ben is one of the pretty people you'll see strutting his stuff on "Make Me a Supermodel". Photo by

"Make me a Supermodel" ain't "America's Next Top Model" but since there isn't a lot to watch, it might be worth watching.

Here's a few observations: There are some people who are cute, pretty and gorgeous in America and don't tell them because they KNOW it already. Practically everyone on this show knew it and some of them need to eat some humble pie.

But the show isn't a total lose because we have FINE Tyson Beckford on the show! Yay!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Yay, the "Housewives" are back. But for one episode. Photo by

Just saw a promo for Sunday's episode: We find out if Tom and the kids make it. I actually care and I'm shocked myself. Just when I thought I had given up, I find myself pining for this show. Dumb old writer's strike.

Survivor: Let's hope some people get it right this time

Oh James, now you're on the cast again, please WIN this time. Photo by

Entertainment Weekly unveiled the new cast for the upcoming season of "Survivor" to say I am pumped is an understatement.

Looking at the "old-school" Survivors there were a few surprises. Cirie is back! And so's Amie and Parvarti but Jonathan? Really??? I'm glad to see Yau and Ozzie return as well as James but did we REALLY need Amanda? And if I were James, I'd make sure SHE was the first one to go, the way she engineered my kick off, I'd be behind hers and say "Payback is a you-know-what ain't it?."

My hope is that the newbies get kicked off quickly so we can get back to the "All Star" edition again. And of course, they really, really need to watch Johnny Fairplay because he's diiiirrrty.

Friday night doldrums

Bob Saget is back on my TV on Friday nights again. Why is Bob Saget back on my TV on Friday nights? Photo by

Yeah, I know it's early in the day but looking ahead,there ain't a lot going on during prime-time these days. And it's looking like starting next week, some shows will be rolling out their SEASON (not a misprint) finales. Yeah, in January.

This is going to really, really hurt the networks because of all that lost ad revenue and because some people may NOT come back when the shows finally return. I've decided to drop "Heroes" for now because I was soo disappointed with Maya's black eyes of death and how it meant NOTHING to the main story and how NBC cancelled "Journeyman" just when it was picking up steam.

Of course we now have gems such as "Celebrity Apprentice" and "American Gladiators" YUCK. Fox is rolling out a show called "Moment of Truth" where people try to outwit a lie detector.

I'm telling you people, televised executions will be next if we're all not careful.

In a way, I'm kinda glad for the strike because I'm going to be working a part-time gig and I need the time to focus on that so these recaps may go back to once a week for a while for all four of you who actually read this thing.

Tonight, I'll be watching "1 vs. 100" and "Women's Murder Club" and possibly "Dateline" or "20/20" which says whoopie for TV viewing. I'm hoping NBC will reshow "Law & Order" because I missed it the other night. And Sunday will bring the Amazing Race gang again so YAY on that!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year: It's time for "The Biggest Loser"

It seems as if we just got finished with The Biggest Loser, oh, wait, we did! Meet Betty Sue and Ali, a mother/daughter team from Arizona. Photo by

I gotta hand it to "The Biggest Loser," they keep things interesting. As many of you know a bunch of folks across world made New Year's Resolutions (including me) to lose weight. So of course NBC decides to kick off the new season of TBL on this day to remind people to keep their promise to themselves. It's a stroke of genius. Plus, since there's nothing else to watch because of the danged writers' strike, they might have hit the jackpot. Also, it cracked me up with the number of weight loss commericials in tonight's show.

It's too early to find a favorite just yet, but it looks as though this bunch wants it more than the others past. If you want to know more about this season's gang, watch this video here.

Episode grade: B