Friday, January 11, 2008

Will we find America's next top model on this show? Probably not

Meet Cory Bautista. He's supposed to be the great and powerful Oz in fashion. Me, I kinda doubt it but that's what Nikki Taylor and Tyson says, so oh well. But hey, he can't be too bad because he introduced me to the new terms "model cute" and "boyfriend cute" Photo by

Last night, the "Make Me a Supermodel" premiered on Bravo and because I'm old and can't stay up to 10 p.m. every freaking single night of the week, I opted to let the power of the DVR work for me and viola: today's recap.

Before I begin, I'm going to say I'm suspicious of the time element of this show. Supposedly we start on Jan. 4 but I could swear I saw photos of Tyson online BEFORE this with this episode wearing the same clothes and this was at least THREE weeks ago. The difference between this show and Tyra's is that we, the viewers, will select who stays and who goes. Again, I'm suspicious. Let's remember the same thing happens on this other talent show (cough, cough "Idol") and we all see how THAT works out. Yes Jessica Sierra, I'm looking at you.

It's cold as you know what on the day of filming because these kids are so cold I can see their thoughts freezing up whild Nikki and Tyson are so warm and snuggly in their coats. Its also funny to see them in coats and seeing people walking by them on the street while they're on a raised stage.

Of course we get the blah, blah, blah of "nerves" and "intimidation" etc. What's also funny is to hear NIkki Taylor speak. She has one poor flat monotone. Tyson also known as "Fine" does a much better job.

A flaw with this show already: We don't know who's who yet. We seriously need names on the screen during photo shoots. Besides Ben and Ronnie (My Ex was a porn star but I didn't know it) and Holly and Jacki I can't tell who's who with the girls.

And I had to giggle while looking at Ronnie's profile where it says Times at the Bottom: 0 (Yeah, right)

What I liked was that Tyson helped with the photos by coaching and giving much needed direction. But was anyone else impressed with the photos? Nope.

I'm also a bit ticked that Cory who's clearly fat himself are telling skinny people to lose weight or that their body isn't worthy of being a model.

But onto the best part of the show: Tyson in a red swimsuit. Is it hot in here or is it just HIM! Seriously, his body on his WORST day is like 10 times better than any guy on this show.

Episode grade: B
Tyson in swimsuit: A++++++++++++++
Models in swimsuits: C-

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