Friday, January 11, 2008

"Ugly Betty" is back!

Oh Justin, please don't leave my TV. Your gift to pick out anyone's weight and accesorizing is a gift to the world. Photo by

Last night, I was flipping through the channels and my DVR suddenly clicked on. I was rewarded with a NEW episode of "UB" and I immediately fell to my knees to thank the TV gods because they ended my suffering!

This episode was on fire but before i go recap, I have to say this little girl is my new favorite actress. I have loved her since she guest starred on this show about a teen-age detective who brought justice to a little down of Neptune. and she was sooo adorable. I'm telling you, remember her name: Juliette Goglila because she's going to be a big star and you heard it here first.

Last night, Betty struck a blow for pleasingly pump women everywhere when she saw Justin and his class idolize super skinny models and dis "real sized" women. As the conscious of Mode it took a while but she got Daniel and Alexis on board with the plan to show real-sized women as models and not size zero.

I have to admit that I'm addicted to "America's Next Top Model," "Make Me a Supermodel" and "Project Runway" but I'm always shocked at how skinny the women are! Yet, I love to watch. So in a way I'm contributing to the zero worship that's going on in the world. Even though I HATE with a passion this girl I felt it was unfair for the media to attack her for being a size two and calling her fat.

But, back to "Betty". The show was on point and once again had me laughing and nearly crying both at the same time. Catty Amanda is still on a search for her father and the touching talk that she and Betty had in the "secret sex room" brought me to tears. It home to for me because I've lost both parents in the last five years and it's something you never get over.

Mark had me in side-splitting laughter with this quote: "I'd never thought I'd say this to a woman but turn around and bend over." As he gave Willie and her "hostile womb" a hormone injection. Unfortunately, they're going to drag poor Christina in to be a surrogate to carry Willie and Bradford's baby.

The lone weak spot in the show was Bow Wow and Omarion guest starring. You know folks in the Midwest probably looked at each other and said "Who the heck are these clowns."

Next week: Betty might be pregnant????

Episode Grade: A+++++

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