Sunday, January 06, 2008

R.I.P. Ida Greenberg: "Desperate Housewives" the recap

Poor Ida Greenberg, she died saving the Scavo kids from a tornado that hit Wisteria Lane. She told the kids to go under the stairs while she died in a corner alone. Photo by Wikipedia.

Tonight on "Desperate Housewives," we found out that Tom and the Scavo kids made it through the storm while Ida didn't. Poor Gaby learned that she really WAS poor since Victor left her nothing and she couldn't get the form to get the money from the off-shore account that Carlos had.

Bree had to pimp Andrew out to get the roof fixed while Susan and Julie were thrilled that Bree loves to cook and clean. Lynette felt extremely guilty so she wanted to honored Ida's last wish. Kathyrn's secret came dangerously close to being revealed.

Lee and Bob also took a moment to explain gay math to Bree.

And Andrew realized that he was being pimped out for a new roof and "windows" as Bree gleefully says. And the two of them negotiated for surround sound. Susan tried to throw a monkey wrench into the plan with this quote:

"Oh? This is a fix-up? It never would occurred me with the vast age difference? But what the hell, life is short. Especially for Walter."

And Orson counters with :"He's got a mesh tank top that would bring your ex to tears."
Episode grade A+

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