Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is this the dumbest man in America? YES

Ed threw the weigh in challenge to give wife Heba a shot at the final three in "The Biggest Loser. Photo by

I have a confession.
I broke up with "The Biggest Loser" this year and thought I had left it behind. But then about three weeks ago, for some reason, I got sucked by in.
I love the show. I love the fact that we get to see these people transform before our eyes. But in reality, these people could NOT lose this weight so quickly.
And, these people are basically sequestered in fat camp for about three months, they have no CHOICE but to lose the weight because almost every moment is spent exercising and eating right.
It was that fact that kinda turned me off the show. However, since I'm now fighting the battle of the bulge myself, it's best to pick up tips whenever I can.
We're down to the final four, Vicky, Heba, Michelle and Ed.
Vicky is EEEEVIL. Like the original "Mean Girl," and her understudy Heba engineered several people being booted from the show.
Ed was kicked off but managed to get back on when they brought the booted contestants back to compete to get back on the show. Since then, the two of them have been somewhat sickening.
Last night, we discovered that Ed GAINED two pounds during a weigh in to try to give Heba a shot at the final three. Instead, America has to chose between him and Heba to see who gets the third spot. That being said, Ed's dumb, but I think he should win this game. He's a great guy.
If not him, then Michelle should get the prize because she's worked her butt off and is just an all around great woman. I hope Heboppotumus falls face first in a cheesecake because she's AWFUL!

The Secret Millionaire

Miles and Cynthia Kovacs are just one of the few couples who participated in giving away lots of money in "The Secret Millionaire." Photo by

Fox Broadcasting hasn't been known for really good reality TV shows. Remember "Joe Millionaire"? Or "Married by America"? Well, they are at it again with "The Secret Millionaire."

The premise of the show: Wealthy people live undercover with the poor AS poor people. At the end of the week, they give away at least $100,000 of their own money to "deserving" people. The cameras are explained as a documentary about poverty. At the end of the week both rich and poor have their lives changed - for the better.

But this being Fox, shenanigans are afoot.

I watched last week and am watching tonight and I have to say, the show is entertaining, and that's how I'm treating this, as entertainment. However, there's a part of me that's saddened to see how people are living in the U.S.

After last week's show, you can bet I'll NEVER set foot in Imperial Beach ever. I've lived in San Diego and have been to I.B. maybe twice and after seeing the portrayal on this show, it looked like a disgusting mess. However, after asking around, I found that this show apparently showed only the WORST side of the area.

I also worry about Fox broadcasting that certain people in poor neighborhoods are suddenly the recipients of $100,000. It seems dangerous to me, but we'll see how this limited run show goes.