Monday, November 12, 2007

R.I.P. DL: "Heroes" the recap

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That was it? That's how DL died? Really NBC?? That was so lame. And even lamer: the Wonder Twins. Bo-ring. That time could have been used to discover what happened with Sylar.

I love Kristen Bell. But Elle? Notsomuch. I want Veronica back.

So it looks like Nikki has a new personality: Gina the party girl. And I think tonight we discovered Mama Petrelli's power: The power of persuasion. That being said: Did she cause her husband to kill herself?

Now we know how Nathan got healed but does that mean he now has this power too? And that being said, will "Adam" be sacrified to save everyone else?

So many questions: no answers.

Episode grade: B