Sunday, January 11, 2009

"24" 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Welcome back Jack!!! Photo by

We start out with a bang and I mean literally.

An annoying teen is texting on a cell phone in Washington, D.C., and is being admonished by her dad who's driving her to I guess school.

Then BAM! he's hit by three cars. He's taken from the car by masked men firing guns (one is Tony Alameida, I'd recognize THAT voice anywhere). And the daughter is left screaming in the back seat. I'm amazed neither was hurt because it looks as if the girl got head side-on.

Two minutes, in, we see Jack Bauer, it's 8:02. Jack is testifying in front of a Senate committee and is all bad-ass. He's being asked about torture and prisoners. Jack sees through the B.S. and calls the lead Senator out. Jack says he did what he needed to do and the Senator can just suck it. Jack tells the Senator that he will complete his mission at all costs. Case closed. I heart Jack.

Then the lead Senator gets a whisper in the ear and some chick comes in and asks to take Jack immediately. He's handed a file and then Jack and this woman goes off to begin their day. It's only 8:06. The Senator says they're not done and they'll convene tomorrow at the same time (Meaning, last episode, we'll see jack back in the chair and that's how the day will end.)

The woman ID's herself as Special AGent Walker. Janeane Garofolo is talking to Agent Walker and then Janeane doing her best Chloe impression barks orders at a guy name Sean. (ooh, is this the CTU 2.0?)

A briefing is held in what appears to be held at NOT CTU and they already know about the abduction. The kidnapped guy is ID as a guy named Latham and apparently he can build something that's pretty bad.

Latham is fixing something that appears to be dealing with airplanes. He's been beaten pretty badly and he's in a room with a bunch of guys. We then flash to an airplane and some pilots appear to get bad information.

We find that Not CTU is actually the FBI and it's the field office. It's 8:11.

Agent Walker (first name Renee) is alone with Jack in a room. NotChloe walks up and kisses up the the lead agent at Not CTU about what's going on. They want Jack to help track down the guy behind the threat. It's TONY! And he's alive! And Tony's bad... bad to the bone.

She shows Tony's photo to Jack and Jack is in shock. He claims Tony is dead and they reveal the loophole about how Tony was rushed away and she tells him that Tony wasn't dead, his body was exhumed and it wasn't him in the grave. So this makes what, SIX times, Tony has cheated death? Does this mean Michelle might be alive too????

In the room full of guys, Tony steps out of the shadows looking fantastic. AT the airport, the plane takes off and Tony and his guys are shocked that the device that Lathan "fixed" doesn't appear to have worked. Tony asked him what he did and Lathan is shocked and bloodied.

Tony tells him to fix it now or else he's going to rub him out. It's 8:16 and we're off to commericial break!

At 8:21, at the White House, president Allison Taylor is watching the devastation of Sengala and the man behind it General Juma. (For more details see: "24: Redemption".)

President Taylor and one of her advisors talk and she reveals that the First Husband is sad because they lost their son. (What happened to him?? What he killed because of the sheningans of his pill-popping friend?)

President Taylor talks to the Joint Chiefs and says she's ready to take the country to war. At the dark dungeon, Tony watches Latham fix the device and is suspicious. The device appears to work now and the device looks at the planes across the country. At the Air Traffic Control, a black guy who looks is the brother of Vanessa Williams.

At Not CTU, they hear about the power surge they had and the plane that we saw taking off hits some bad air. (Anyone else thinks it's going to crash).

Jack and an analyist name Sean work together to see which flights took off. At the Joint Chiefs, President Taylor is meeting some static. She's taken out of the meeting to be told that all airflights are in danger. Homeland Security asks her if they can quietly decrease traffic while they investigate some leads, and it's 8:33 a.m. Who knew there were 3,000 flights in the air at 8:30 a.m.???

So let's recap: Tony appears to be eeevil. There's unrest in Africa. And terrorism in the air. We together? Good.

It's 8:39 and we see two men talking about the problems in Sengala. They are questioning her action. We discover, one is a reporter and the other appears to be the First Husband. Who knew the White House Press Corps had one on ones with White House leaders.

The First Husband is having his son's death investigated and it looks as if the girlfriend had money deposited in her account and that the first son had committed "suicide." We discover that the girlfriend works at a brokerage firm and his Secret Service Agent assigned to the FH says he thinks he's being taken advantage of. (My guess, FH will be captured or killed oh in say hour 10 but we'll see how it all shakes out...)

NotChloe is talking to Renee aka NotMichelle about the problem with the planes. NotMichelle is telling her to get a grip.

Sean and Jack find a break in the case and see that there's a guy who can forge documents needed to get tech. Jack tells NotCTU that they need to bust in and get the guy. Jack's past thrown in his face and tells the rookies that it's not his job anymore. NotMichelle takes the lead guy aka NotBill and tells him she's taking Jack with her. It's now 8:45.

at 8:49, Jack and NotMichelle had toward the bad guy's office. Jack gives San Diego a quick shoutout and we learn the background about the badguy. Apparently they got info from a guy that he and Tony delt with back in 1999. NotMichelle says that Tony's dirty and Jack says he believes that Tony is alive and that he's doing something dangerous and they need to find him. Various NotCTU agents arrive and NotMichelle and Jack heads in.

At the White House, aka, office of hope, President Taylor is getting information about the invasion of Sengala and then apologizes to the Secretary of State. (She dressed him down in front of the joint chiefs earlier).

Jack and NotMichelle arrives and Jack warns her and NotMichelle gives Jack orders (I'm laughing hysterically at this point) and Jack and NotMichelle asks to speak to the bad guy.

NotMichelle says that she's responsible for Jack and we see that the bad guy has some scarring on his face almost Joker like. He taunts Jack and about CTU being dismantled. The bad guy pretends not to know that Tony is alive. He has a fake Irish accent and NotMichelle flexes her muscle (BWAAAAHHHHH!!!) and falls flat on her face.

The bouncer gets his ass handed to him by NotMichelle and then Jack threatens him with a guy. NotMichelle tells Jack to do "Whatever it takes" and Jack threats to take his eye out with a pen!! The guy is then gunned down by a sniper and the bouncer is killed too. Jack gets a phone call and it's Tony!! He knows Jack is there and we are left hanging for hour 1!

And then uh-oh! The flight that we saw earlier gets bum information and we see Vanessa's brother and he's lost contact with the plane! We see Tony giving them bad information and OMG... it's 8:58!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS PLANE????

Thankfully we only have a few moments to wait for hour 2!

At 9:02, we get a "Previously on 24" but who in the world would have forgotten what happened in two minutes??? We do learn the name of the FH and it's Henry. We learn that Roger Taylor
may have committed suicide but we just don't know what is going on.

It's now 9 a.m. and the plane is still up in the air and headed toward JFK. The FAA is trying to contact the plane. They hear Tony's voice and we learn that the FAA just figured out that they're being impersonated.

The pilot of the plane is suscipious and is worried. At the bad guy's place NotMichelle and Jack are looking for the shooter of the bad guy. NotMichelle tells NotBill that they have the guy surrounded. Jack points out that there's a leak in NotCTU and asks her how they knew he was there. It sets up that there's a bad agent. NotMichelle won't listen. Jack's been asked to surrender his gun and he;s being put in a vehicle, like a sitting duck. It's taking SWAT a long time to arrive. Meanwhile the shooter is stuck in the building trying to figure out a way out. The NOTCTU agents are in the lobby chilling. NotChloe is concerned about NotMichelle and NotBill tells NotChloe she's OK.

At the FAA, they are trying to figure out how to contact the plane. At FAA, they find their screens are locked. (Hopefully this won't happen in real life).

We then discover that two planes are now on a collision course. Tony calls the FAA and tells them two planes are on a collision course!!! Tony tells the plane to pull up and they barely miss each other. (The special effects look really cool ....) Thankfully, Tony isn't bad just yet.

Tony calls back to tell them that was a warning shot....It's 9:10 on the show.. but my DVR is saying 9:12? Hmm....

It's 9:16 and Jack looks sad in the car and the sniper is looking for a way out.

Meanwhile in a ship yard three dudes get out of a dark car wearing dark suits. They contact Tony's crew and we discover that they his hideout is in a boat!

Tony slams Latham into a gate and tells his henchmen to clean him up. At 9:18, we see the dark suited dudes and they talk to Tony. Tony is prepared to give them the module and Tony and the dark-suited dude talk about Jack.

Tony says he'll take care of Jack and dark suited dude tells Tony that he's being kept in the dark about their mission for a reason. (Is Tony undercover???)

Back at the Office of Hope, the press secretary is going to meet the press. The Office of Hope adviser gives the PS some info and she answers questions.

Elswhere at the Office of Hope, President Taylor meets with the Sengala Prime Minister (Why do all people from Africa in Hollywood have thick accents?) and she tells him that they need to get rid of Juma. They shake on it (NOOO, remember the last time the president shook on something.)

In the van of solace, Jack is congratulate by a not CTU agent and Jack pontificates on torture. Inside, a NOTCTU agent is being set up to be killed. The sniper had called Tony earlier but the agent apparently is working with Tony. He gets the guy out the building. Jack gets out of the car and spots the shooter because he doesn't have the same shoes that everyone else has.

Jack spots the guy leaving and suggests he and NotMichelle follow the guy. NotMichelle and Jack follow the guy and it's 9:28.

At 9:34, NotCNN reports about the near miss of the two planes. Latham is taken to a new hideout and Juma's first agent is ready to talk to President Taylor. and he has the device. At the Office of Hope, we learn that we are screwed. That the infrastructure of the U.S. would be hosed if they shut things down.

The presidental adviser is told that the FH is on his way to confront the girlfriend. The agent spills the beans and says he's worried about the FH state of mind.

The president talks about raising the alert level. (Does anyone pay attention to this?)

NotChloe tells NotBill that NotMichelle is gone with Jack. It's 9:39 and the sniper realizes that he's being tailed. NotBill is told by NotMichelle that she's following a lead.

NotMichelle feels bad that she lied and Jack tells her to stay with the program. NotBill asks NotChloe to do a Chloe task. NotBill wants to know where NotMichelle is and Jack and NotMichelle are hot on the tail of the sniper.

NotMichelle asks Jack how far would he have gone and NotMichelle is shocked at Jack's methods. Jack tells NotMichelle to shut up and leave him alone to work. If not, he's done.

It's 9:42. Oddly enough, this hour is moving really slowly....

It's 9:48 and the first husband and his Man Friday go to the office of where the former first girlfriend works. The Ex-First Girlfriend is shocked to see and agent there and is escorted to the roof of a building. It's 9:49. He asks to speak to the former first girlfriend and she pretends that it's been difficult for her to go on.

He confronts her with the facts. The first girlfriend lies and says the money is her aunt's money and she says that she moved the money to protect her aunt. She claims she's telling the truth and the FH grabs her. He says he's going to find out and gives her the old "God help you!!" line.

At Tony's hideout, the sniper is headed in his direction and he arrives at the shipyard. Jack and NotMichelle arrive and they get out. Jack sees the car par and NotMichelle gives Jack a gun. She tells Jack to engage and that she'll back him up. The sniper gets suspicious and is nervous. Jack beats the sniper and Jack knocks the guy out.

Jack and NotMichelle sees cameras and Jack prepares to take the camera out. Tony sees the camera go out and sends a man to go check it out. Jack and the sniper head on the boat and the sniper is sot. Jack shoots a bunch of people and then goes onto the boat.

NotMichelle see a computer and is too late to stop the files from being deleted. Jack is jumped by Tony and chases him. Jack tells Tony to stop and then fights with Tony. (I'm laughing at the bad stuntmen...).

NotBill arrives on the scene (hmm) and they have Tony in custody. Tony gives Jack a snarl through his bloody nose.

And it's 9:59!!! We have NO answers and we have to watch tomorrow!!! But so far, not bad...