Saturday, December 06, 2008

Flat screen or not flatscreen, now that is a question....

See this TV, yep, it's not mine. But maybe someday.....

So my friends JumptheSnark and Lekili and my friend Steve all have something I envy. It's purdy new TV sets.

I have a old TV. Like 1994 old. Like if it were a child, it would be a teenager.

It's still runs OK but when someone is wearing bright red we sometimes can't tell if they've been murdered because the red is bleeding so much. I'd like a new one, but I wonder if spending this money is worth it.
This might come back to bite me in the butt, but I don't think spending $1,000 or less will put us out in the poor house.

Then I began to think of the shows I'd really like to see in high def. This is the list I could come up with.

"24" Jump was kind enough to invite me to his house (We should do this again SOON) when he first got his TV and I had a blast! It was good to see Jack in high def and see things go down in CTU.

"America's Next Top Model". I'm inviting myself over to Lekili's house and to see Tyra in all her flat, high-def glory.

"Survivor". My friend Steve, his girlfriend Chris and I are avid "Survivor" fans. They invite me over to see the premiere and I buy them pizza from their favorite pizza joint. It's great to see the show and the backstabbing live and in great color.

Other than that, this is it.

So the question is: Is it worth it?