Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Jen!

Oh Jen. You were SUCH a hater. Hate kills. Especially on "The Amazing Race!" Photo by

YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! Nate and Jen were FINALLY shown the door tonight. Best of all, they got eliminated ON HER BIRTHDAY! Oh, how sweet it is!

If there's any justice these two are NOT together anymore. Not Pete and Sarah has two people on this show clearly NOT been meant for each other.

And now it's on: The Final Three: Ron and Chris, Nicholas and Don and TK and Rachel.

It's clearly going to be a battle between Ron and Chris and TK and Rachel. But Don and Nick might surprise us.

Episode grade: A+

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Mrs. Wong said...

Final 3 teams look good; going to be tough. All teams have been working together so well. Yes, Nick and Don are full of surprises; glad Christina and Ronald can build a good father-daughter relationship; and TK-Rachel, they are just easy-going. JEN should take lessons from them!!