Saturday, January 26, 2008

When "Supermodels" get raunchy!

Perry rocked out the photoshoot this week with Casey and even won the challenge. Photo by

This week the models learned abour sexual chemistry and some had it more than others on camera and some off the photoshoot.

The manlove drama of Ben and Ronnie continued this week as Ben was spared elimination (Thanks America!). Ronnie is beside himself with joy and even said that Ben said something might happen if he had a few drinks in him. The BAD thing about this quote is that Ben IS married to a woman and is a prison guard. This combo equals all shades of wrong.

At the photoshoot, models paired off and Holly and Frankie had no chemistry whatsoever.

Holly apparently is saving herself for marriage and felt so uncomfortable about some random dude feeling her up. Frankie was ticked and tried to paint Holly as a drunk since she drank at the photoshoot. I'm guessing if you're not having sex with your fiance, you're probably not a drunk at a photoshoot.

Aryn and Jay both had problems too. She's resting on pretty and he cannot model.

Inevitiably Holly, Jay and Aryn were in the bottom three. If there was any justice, Frankie should be too because besides the hair, he really isn't that hot himself.

Episode grade: B

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