Sunday, December 07, 2008

I hope they win!! (not)

Nick and Starr have dominated "The Amazing Race." I hope they "win" tonight. Photo by

Tonight is the finale for "The Amazing Race," and I have to say I'm glad this season is over. While I love the show, there's no one team I have a burning desire to see win.

Nick and Starr (pictured) have won half of the legs of the race but they just aren't nice people. Ken and Tina have bickered about everything and I want them OFF my TV set. That leaves the Frat boys Dan and Andrew who keep screwing up. They only made the final three because of a huge screw up of a stronger team, but I guess in the end, if you're in the finals, you're in the finals. I have a tendency to jinx teams so I'm throwing my support behind Nick and Starr and hope I stat true to form. Go team!

The show will return in February, and I hope they have a much better cast.

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